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Raven flinched at the bright light, squinting her eyes and putting up her hands. The light suddenly faded, and when she opened her eyes, she saw before her a breathtaking sight. The sky was a twilight glow of amber and coral, and light clouds flirted the horizon. She stood atop a hill, which sloped gently into a huge field. Long emerald grasses grew easily up to the knee, bending and rippling in the wind that blew with a gentle intensity. Raven's hair blew into her face, and she brushed it to the side with her fingers, taking in the scenery. What caught her attention the most was a gorgeous lake, the majority of which was hidden by a large aspen tree that blocked her view. She began to walk in its direction, hoping to get a better view. Her foot caught an unseen rock, and she let loose a cry as she tumbled down the hill, the grass whipping past her with faint whispers of surprise.

Near the bottom of the hill, she bumped into something hard, and looked up. Through the canopy of green blades, she saw a face grinning down at her. *Beast Boy *, she thought warmly. *Or, the next best thing*

" You alive down there?" came a voice, warm and almost sleepy in tone. Raven propped herself up on her elbow, accepting the hand that was offered her. As she stood to greet this new emotion, she tripped yet again, falling into his chest. She almost felt embarrassed… almost. The green teen grinned.
"Hello there."
"Hi." She looked into his face, trying to gauge what emotion he might be. A fresh breeze shifted the world around them, bringing with it a strange smell…
*Tofu? *

It was then that she heard another voice, this one sounding almost exactly like Beast Boy's.
" It's a stampede! Hahaa!"

From the tall grass sprang another emotion, this one carrying a huge butterfly net. As he swung it back and forth in the grass, up sprang several cubes of tofu, all of which bounced away with a skittering peep.
"Not so fast!"

He jumped again, planting his net over one of the cubes. Before he could emit a sound of victory, the cube began to drag him across the field, leaving a trail of flattened grass in their wake.

The first emotion laughed, placing a hand on Raven's shoulder. Oddly, she didn't mind.
" Humor! Get over here, we have a visitor!"

His head popped above the green foliage.
" Is she pretty?"

" Just get over here!"

"Gotcha, Connie!"

Raven's brow furrowed.
He smiled.
"Contentment. Nice to meet you face to face, Rae."

A slightly roughed up Humor piped up beside her.
"Me too! Man, you're pretty! I mean, hi!"

Raven smirked and shook his hand.

" Heard from Wiz that you were coming, an' I tried to catch some tofu… but it's harder than it looks."

" I think I've got a better idea." Contentment said. His hand slid down her arm, catching her hand and pulling slightly.

" Let me show you the lake, and give you a look into Beast Boy's mind… and his heart."

Beast Boy slammed the door to the upper bathroom with a cackle, looking at himself in the mirror and grinning mischievously at his own face. He finally sighed, sitting down on the counter tapping his legs and thinking of what fun he had had ruffling Robin's neat little feathers.

There suddenly came a knock on the door. Before Beat Boy could answer, he stumbled off the counter. The numbness then came again, pins and needles on his skin. With a cold shiver, he felt a thrill of energy surge in his fingertips, shooting through his body in a chilled rush. And just as soon as it came, it was gone. Beast Boy picked himself up from the ground, smirking slightly at the thought of how completely ridiculous he must have looked. He glanced at the mirror, and laughed aloud at himself. His face had a great red mark on it from striking the floor, and it made him look terrible.

Robin raised his brow at the sudden laughter. Then he raised a hand to knock again. The door opened.
" Oh Rob! Hey! You shoulda seen my face just now!"

" Beast Boy, we need to talk." Robin said cautiously. He had noticed the green teen's sudden mood changes all day, and he was beginning to worry about his team member.

"Yeah sure. Oh, hey, see this scuff on my face! Heh!"

Humor returned to his vegan goose chase, and Contentment pulled Raven gently towards the dark water of the lake, the surface of which was a light show of dancing orbs swimming under the ripples. Raven felt their warmth and smiled, a smile that Contentment returned. Reaching into the boughs of the broad and ancient aspen tree, he pulled out two long poles. Raven smirked.
"Fishing? I thought you were vegan, BB."
"You assume there will be fish." Contentment grinned, tossing a pole to her. He sat on the grassy shore, his legs dangling just above the incandescent ripples. He patted the spot next to him. Looking out at the water, Contentment whispered a word.

The wind went quiet, and the water became as still as glass, its surface a perfect reflection of the twilight sky. The orbs of light shone in every possible hue, from white and blue, to bright green and orange, and back again. They were ever-changing, a breathtaking dance beneath the water as they floated silently in the deep. The sight mesmerized Raven. Contentment gave her a soft smile. There came the distant sound of Humor's cries, a warm reminder of Beast Boy.

Contentment suddenly brought the sinker to his mouth, whispering another word quietly into it, a word that Raven could not hear. She watched as he cast it into the water.

The instant that it hit the water, the lights scattered across the water like so many fish. All but one. One orb remained floating near the bobber, rotating around it slowly. Its color faded into a faint yellow, and it finally bit, latching onto the sinker like a hook and hardly fighting against Contentment's guiding pulls. It flew up from the water, tossing water into their faces. It immediately dispersed into sparks of light, and Contentment's whisper traveled over the lake into Raven's ears.

The air shimmered like heat off of the water, and an image began to form just above its glassy surface. It was fuzzy at first, but quickly cleared with a coaxing wave of Contentment's hand.

It was the team, sitting at the local pizza parlor after a difficult mission. Beast Boy had just told a wonderful joke, for almost every face was alight in silent laughter, Cyborg pounding the table inaudibly and Robin trying to keep a straight face. Only Raven's face seemed to show no amusement, though she herself knew that a smile was barely hidden under the surface.

The scene faded slowly, leaving behind the savory scent of warm pepperoni and parmesan.

Raven sighed, turning to Contentment.

" That was wonderful." A smile was on her face.

" Gar has wanted for so long to see that." Contentment replied. His hand grazed her cheek momentarily. Then he pointed to her pole with a smirk.

" You going to try?"