Name: Daniel Harrison

Nickname: Chicken

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Ethnic: African American

Skin Color: Light Skinned

Hair Style: Bald

Criminal Record: One count Manslaughter

Daniel Harrison wearing a black and red hoodie walked out of his apartment in Northwood. Rain from the night sky pelted his head as he made his way to his Cavalcade. He got into the driver's seat turned on the ignition and started to drive. He had to get the shit from the stash house for Playboy, like he was a fucking gopher. He was pissed it shouldn't be his job to do that but what else was new he handled pretty much everything in the Hustlers while Playboy reaped all the rewards. In truth it wasn't all that bad; he had a banging car, as bitching apartment, and life was chill for him even if he was being the forced to be the errand boy.

Daniel stopped the car and left it running as he headed into the building that he had parked his SUV in front of. He was in there for only a matter of seconds before he came back outside carrying two duffle bags filled with H. He threw the bags into the passenger seat and he then started up the car.

Playboy had made the gang a rich success nothing of what Dwayne had done of could have done if some Slav or Pol hadn't wacked him, but Playboy had all right. The Pavanos brought them the shit and they sold it but this was their first time actually flipping it. Normally they would cut it and have the corner boys sell it, this was there first time just selling it pure or at least as pure as the Italians could get which was around 60%.

He parked the car in Northwood, got out of the car grabbed the shit and headed into the alley where the deal should be going down. Daniel was fucking surprised no one was there. He muttered to himself, "Where the fuck is Playboy." He dropped the bags pulled out his phone and called rang for a moment and then Playboy answered "What up Money?" Music could be heard on the other end along with slurping noises.

Daniel in a tone of anger said, "Where the fuck are you?"

Playboy said, "Chill money, I'm busy isn't like you can't deal with a couple of Koreans."

Daniel said, "Fuck" and hung up the phone. He could easily handle the deal but the point is Playboy was expected to be here and in his experience dealers didn't like plans to suddenly changed…he'd have to be smooth if he wanted this to go right.

A car pulled into the alley and two short Koreans in black suits stepped out. In broken English one said, "Where Playboy?"

Daniel said, "Busy, so do you want this shit or not?"

The Korean again in very bad English said, "How do I know you're not a cop? Get Playboy down here." The other Korean reached into his suit and started to finger his gun.

Daniel said, "I could ask you the same question and as I said he's busy. Now you already met me at the taste and if you want the H show me the cash otherwise get back in your car and find someone else with this amount of shit."

The Korean said, "Very well." He signaled to his lackey to show the cash. The other Korean reached into the car and pulled out a black suitcase as the lead Korean said, "You toss a bag here I check it, you get the cash and then I get the second bag."

Daniel said, "Aight" He tossed one of the bags and tapped his foot on the ground well the Korean checked it. When the inspection was over, Daniel was tossed the suitcase, he opened it and saw the quarter mill and said, "Niice." He tossed the other bag of H and said, "We good my Korean brother?" The Korean said, "Ya but one thing you ignorant fuck. How the hell did you and Playboy not know that I'm Chinese!"

Daniel's mouth dropped speechless as the Korean said, "We're fucking pissed that you're messing with our business, we run the H in this city!" They reached into their suits and pulled out their 9mms.

Daniel barely had time to react by diving behind a dumpster and leaving the money in the middle of the alley, as the bullets started flying. He pulled the 9mm from the back of his baggy pants, raised his hand over the dumpster and started to blind fire at the triads.

Bullets flew all over the alley hitting everything but the shooters. Daniel knew he needed to get out of there but no way was he going to leave that much green behind. He leaned to the side of the dumpster and got a quick shot off at one of the Triad members, who yelled in pain as the bullet tore through his leg.

Daniel popped upwards from behind the dumpster, placed a bullet in the lead triad's chest and then a bullet in the wounded assassin's left lung.

Daniel quickly grabbed the cash and the drugs before he bolted back to his car. He dove into the car and slammed his foot on the gas he had to get to Playboy's crib.

Authors notes: That's the end of the first chapter, I'll try to get started on the second asap.