It had been a week since the shootout in Playboy's crib and things had only gotten worse for the Hustlers. It had been on the news a day after the massacre at Playboy's crib that the cops were looking for Daniel and Gazz in relation to the killing of a cop and if it wasn't bad enough for the cops to come barging in every Hustler's apartment, the triads were killing any brother in black and red.

So far the cops had found half of their stash houses in their search of Daniel and twenty two hustlers were dead at the hands of the triads. Playboy had been going nuts in the past week. To Daniel, Playboy seemed to care more about how all of this would affect business with the Italians, instead of worrying about all of his crew that were either getting locked up or shot dead in the streets.

Daniel with several other hustlers sat in the living room of the safe house in East Holland. Playboy had gotten a call about twenty minutes ago and had gone into the bathroom for privacy. Daniel didn't think much of Playboy rushing off; he was too busy worrying if the cops were going to show up. They should be fine though, they had look outs for two blocks. They'd be long gone before the pigs even got out of their cars.

Gazz said, "So what do you think?"

Daniel shook his head and said, "What?" He had been thinking about how all of the dead hustlers where is fault. If he had killed that old man know one would have known that it was him who had killed the Lucky Mole.

Gazz said, "Get some bitches up here."

Another hustler who Daniel didn't have clue what is name was said, "Fuck ya, I'm fucking going nuts staying up in here."

Daniel was about speak when Playboy burst into the room and said, "Fuck fuck fuck!"

Daniel said, "What the fuck happened this time?"

Playboy said, "The Pavanos say they want their money and we can't fucking pay them! The fucking pigs raided our stash houses so we can't even give them their shit back!"

Daniel said, "Don't we have fucking more important matters than paying the fucking Italians? What about the fucking pigs! Or how about the fucking triads!"

Playboy said, "You don't fucking get it! We don't pay them! They fucking come down and kill us and we need someone one our side right now!"

Daniel stood up and said, "What do you want me to fucking do about it? It's sort of hard to get that kind of cash in a day!"

Playboy responded, "That's why you are going to bring them fucking H."

Daniel confused said, "Are you fucking high! Where am I supposed to get that shit?"

Playboy said, "My boy says that the triads have tons of their shit stashed in this building in Chinatown and since they're all after us it's ripe for the taking!"

Daniel said, "Damn that's some risky shit…you sure about this?"

Playboy said, "Fuck ya money, one guy two guys tops. You'll easily be able to handle this by yourself."

Daniel couldn't believe it Playboy was punking out again. Daniel said, "Fuck, you aren't' coming? You're the one fucking worried about the Italians! You should fucking help me roll on the triads!"

Playboy said, "I have to stay here and handle fucking business! If you haven't noticed, Money, that all of our shit is fucked up!"

Gazz set down a beer he was drinking and said, "What if me and a few of the boys went with Daniel?"

Playboy said, "You should go and make sure everything stays chill; but I need the crew here in case the triads fucking come after me again!"

Daniel rolled his eyes and said, "Let's go Gazz," as he headed for the door.

Gazz followed Daniel out and said, "Aight."

Once they were outside the cold night air hit Daniel as he made his way to Gazz's black Fortune. He opened the door to the passenger side as Gazz slid over the hood of his car and made his way to the driver's side door.

Gazz sat down in the driver's seat and as he started the car said, "This has been some fucking intense shit. "

Daniel leaned back in his seat and said, "Fuck ya, after we fucking do this, maybe the triad's will fucking back off."

Gazz starting to drive said, "Ya, but we still have the fucking pigs on our ass."

Daniel said, "I'll handle that too…I handle everything."

Gazz snapped, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Daniel said, "Chill, I meant Playboy."

Gazz said, "Aight…No shit, I haven't seen him roll up on any one for a fucking long time."

Daniel said, "That's because I'm always fucking doing it for him."

Gazz shook his head, smirked and said, "He's a pussy, a smart pussy, but still."

Daniel said, "Ya, None of this shit would have happened with Dwayne..he was always fucking down to do shit."

Gazz said, "Ya but we never had the kind of green we have now."

Daniel said, "Look at where that got us, hold up in an apartment like a bunch of fucking punks..Dwayne would have," Daniel sighed and added, "shit, he would have handled this himself instead of sending us."

Gazz said, "True dat." He parked the car a hundred feet from the building in Chinatown and said, "You ready."

Daniel getting out of the car said, "Fuck ya..should have brought some bigger heat just in case."

Gazz said, "I'm ahead of you, we got tec9s in the trunk." Gazz stepped out of the car and opened the trunk.

Daniel looked at all of the tec9s, shotguns, bullets, shells; it was a gangster's armory. Daniel grabbed the tec9 and said, "These are going to make this fucking easy."

Gazz said "Damn right," he grabbed the tec9 and they both headed to the building.

Daniel opened the door to the building and quickly raised his gun. He couldn't see shit as he slowly walked inside followed by Gazz. Daniel scanned the dark building trying to see any signs of drugs or triad's.

Gazz looked around the building but couldn't make anything out in the darkness except for a few old pieces of wood, and maybe a pipe.

Gazz was about to speak when suddenly the lights turned on. He raised his arm to cover his eyes from the blinding light.

Daniel said, "Fuck," as he became completely blind. He rapidly blinked his eyes as he tried to become adjusted to the light. All of a sudden he heard a whack from behind and managed to see Gazz fall to the ground before taking a blow to the head and passing out as he crashed to the floor.

Water from a pipe dripped on Daniel's head causing him to slowly come into conciseness. He groggily looked around the dimly lit room. He assumed that he was in a basement due to the pipes over his head. The walls were stained with a dark brownish substance which he thought must be blood. Gazz still unconscious was lying on the cement floor a few feet from him.

Daniel tried to move his arm but soon realized that they were tied behind the wooden chair he was sitting on. As he struggled to free himself Daniel said, "Gazz, wake the fuck up..Gazz! Wake up!"

Two Chinese men in dark black suits entered the room from a metal door about ten feet in front of Daniel. The one on the left had to be around fifty years old, was bald and had had a thin grey beard while the other was in his thirties, had dark black hair slicked back and a scar about an inch under his left eye.

The older triad rubbed his hand through his beard and said, "You were right Lee, Playboy came through."

Daniel couldn't believe from the sounds of it Playboy had set him up but he couldn't grasp why. Playboy needed him maybe it was some kind of fucking mind game.

The older triad stepped over Gazz's body, looked at Daniel with a cold star and said, "So you thought you could kill the Lucky Mole and nothing would happen?"

Daniel said, "Fuck you, just wait till the Hustlers show up."

A huge smile burst across the older triad's face as he laughed. The younger triad, Lee, stepped forwards and grinning said, "I must have hit you in the head harder than I thought? No, one is coming to help you least of all your crew."

Daniel said, "Go fuck yourself, you lying bastard!" He couldn't believe it, though to be accurate he didn't want to believe it but it did make sense to him. Playboy was all about business and could care less about what really mattered, his homies."

Daniel winced in pain when Lee brought his fist down upon his face. The old man with great force slammed his fist into Daniel's stomach, which caused Daniel to nearly vomit. The triad's dealt blow after blow across Daniel's body and this carried on for nearly twenty minutes before Gazz started to stir.

Lee looked at Gazz who was trying to stand up but was unable to do so since he was still dazed from his head wound. Lee slammed his foot into Gazz's left check making him groan in pain as he collapsed to the ground. Lee then said, "Should give this fucker the same treatment?"

The Old man pulled out a gun from under his suit's jacket and said, "I'll show him some mercy," as he put a bullet in Gazz's back."

Daniel's left eye was completely swollen shut, and he barely could see out his right, but as he saw the bullet go into Gazz's back, he spat out blood and tooth as he said, "Fucking bastards!" Lee landed a hook punch that broke Daniel's nose as he said, "Shut the fuck up!"

Lee looked at the old man and said, "Why don't we just kill him now?"

The old man putting his gun away said, "No, we're going to let the Lucky Mole's people handle it later." He then slammed his fist into Daniel's side breaking a couple of his rib's. The Older triad head for the door as he said, "Lee, let's go inform the Lucky Mole's people."

Lee hesitantly said, "I can stay here and guard him?"

The old man shook his head and said, "There are ten men here to do that now come."

Lee silently obeyed and both Triads exited the room, locking the metal door behind them.

Daniel couldn't breathe from his nose and was forced to breath from his mouth. Both of his ears were swollen and he felt sick to his stomach but what hurt most was seeing his best friend killed right in front of him. He was going to kill the bastards, and then Playboy if he could just get out of room but first he had to get out of the chair.

Daniel started to struggle against the rope binding his arms. He felt pressure on his shoulder as he tried to turn his wrist in the hopes of being able to untie the knot. After several minutes and almost dislocating his shoulder, Daniel managed to free himself from the rope as he heard two unknown voices on the other side of the door.

He heard on voice say, "Let's have some fun."

As, the door unlocked, the other voice said, "What about the bosses?"

A very short Chinese man of about 20 dressed in a blue suit said, "They won't ever know."

Daniel didn't wait to see what was going to happen before he summoned his strength and rushed at the Triad in the blue suit. He caught the triad off guard and was able to grab a hold of him and threw him to the ground before throwing a right hook that smashed into a chunky triad's jaw.

Daniel blocked the chunky triad's counter punch, stepped in close, slammed his elbow into the fat man's diaphragm, and then reached his hand into his suit and pulled out a gun. He quickly squeezed the trigger, shooting the triad in the shoulder and causing him to step back yelling in pain.

Daniel jumped back and fired three shots when the triad in the blue suit rushed at him. A bullet hit the triad's hip causing him to fall to the right as a bullet pierced his left should and caused him to spin around as the third bullet collided with the upper right side of his back before forcing him to fall face forwards on the concrete.

Daniel rushed out of the room and chased after the chubby triad who was fleeing up a flight of stairs. Bang, Bang..the triad fell face forwards and slid down the stairs leaving a trail of blood. Daniel leapt over his fat bloody corpse and bolted up the stairs. He was going to find the fucking triad that had killed, Gazz and then it was going to be Playboy's turn. Daniel didn't know that as he had left the room to chase the triad down, Gazz had tried to rise to his feet.

Gunfire filled the empty space of the main floor building as the triads unleashed a hail of bullets at Daniel who dove behind a pillar. Daniel no longer was feeling any pain; his heart was pumping so much adrenalin that he wasn't feeling anything. He didn't even wince when a bullet landed in his arm. Daniel took a deep breath and charge forwards unloading his gun as he went. Bullets flew at him, but he continued his charge even when a bullet hit his thigh barely missing his femoral artery. He slid to the ground to avoid a hail of bullets that whizzed over his head and returned fire shooting a triad in the chest and another in the right arm, causing him to drop a tec9 that he was preparing to fire. Daniel then unloaded in the triad's chest, then quickly grabbed the tec9 and dove behind another support beam as several dozen bullets completely missed him landing harmlessly in the wall. Daniel spun around the column released a burst from the tec9 that killed a microsmg wielding triad with a bullet to the chest. He then quickly took cover behind the support beam as bullets landed into the concrete column. Daniel charged out from behind the column and darted to another one as he fired the tec9 killing two triads with chest and stomach shot and wounding another with a bullet to the pelvis.

He barely managed to get behind a concrete pillar in time to avoid the bullets from a triad wielding two Uzis. He crouched down and started to fire blindly at the triads. One of his bullets flew and hit the triad who was wielding the two Uzis in the head, which caused him to fall backwards and send dozens of bullets into the ceiling causing dust from the ceiling to fall on a triad who took one of Daniel's bullets in his left lung.

Daniel rushed over to the dead triad, picked up both Uzis and began to fire like a madman at a couple of triads who emerged from a nearby room, as their bodies riddled with bullets dropped to the floor, Daniel spun around and sent a hail of bullets another group of triads killing one with a shot to the eye, another with a bullet to the left temple, and sent a bullet into another triad's left kidney and right lung.

When the shooting had ended blood was all over the room and bullet holes were in every wall. Daniel saw the wounded triad on the ground crawling towards the door. He walked over to the man, grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed on of the tec9's barrel under his chin and said, "Tell me where your bosses are and I'll let you fucking live!"

The triad hastily said, "Two buildings down, his office his on the second floor….Now p-p-please let me live."

Daniel pulled the trigger causing brain matter to spray all over his face. He wasn't in the mood to show mercy especially to scum like him; they had beaten him and even worse killed his best friend. His energy was starting to fade but he ignored it, he exited the building caring both Uzis and walked down the street.

He entered the building raised his Uzis and unloaded on the Triads in the first room. Their blood soaked into the brown carpet and stained the white wall paper. He looked at the bodies of the triads laid out on the floor and then Daniel forced himself up the stairs and entered the room at the top with guns blazing.

The old triad with a beard fell to the ground with his gun in his hand. Daniel was about to finish the old man when he heard a noise outside. With one of the Uzis pointed at the old man he looked out of the window and saw Lee getting into a car and as he fired a few rounds hitting the car's trunk, the car screeched out of the alley. Daniel muttered, "Fuck," as he turned around to the old man and said, "Your fucking dead, motherfucker!"

The old man spat blood onto the floor and said, "You'll be dead soon enough after killing two triad bosses."

Daniel replied, "We'll see fucker!" He then sent a burst from one of the tec9s which put several holes into the Triad's head.

Daniel dropped the tec9s figuring them to be empty or almost empty by now and picked up the old, bearded triad's 9mm and headed down the stairs.

He was still having trouble breathing due to his nose, blood was running down his leg, and he was beginning to feel the bullet in his arm. Once outside he could see a two cops getting out of the cop car and was surprised that the police had taken so long to show up. He figured they were all looking for him in Northwood. Daniel knew he had two choices, one run or two kill the cops and use their car to get to the hood faster. It was a stupid move and Daniel knew it but his desire to put a bullet into Playboy's back took over and he approached the cops. He raised the 9mm and before the cops knew what was happening they were falling onto the curb with bullets in their body. He jumped into their car, slammed the door shut and hit the gas. It took him a few tries to find the right button to turn on the sirens. With the sirens on he was able to drive at top speed, not even worrying about running a light or crashing into a car since they all got out of his way.

He turned the sirens off once he got to Northwood, got out of the car and started to walk to the safe house. Daniel knew that he wouldn't get within five hundred feet of the safe house without them knowing he was coming if he stayed in the cop car. He wasn't going to fuck up his chance to kill Playboy, not after what he had caused. He couldn't believe he had saved Playboy's life at the loft just for him to betray him a week later.

He entered the apartment building and headed into the safe house and opened the door with his key. A shocked Hustler jumped up from his seat and said, "Chicken, your back?" He started to reach for a gun, and Daniel quickly grabbed the Hustlers arm, jerked the gun from his grip and slammed his elbow into the gangster face knocking him to the ground. As two other Hustlers pulled their pieces, Daniel pulled the trigger and sent a bullet into one of his fellow gangster's chest and put a bullet in the other gangster's arm, and right below the collar bone. He could hear the Hustler slowly gasping for air, so he placed a bullet in the gangster's head to put his misery to a quick end.

Daniel scanned the apartment, even the bedrooms to see if Playboy was hiding like a punk but there was no sign that he was still there. Daniel walked up to the gangster he had knocked to the ground, pointed the gun at his head and said, "Where the fuck is Playboy?"

The hustler said, "Why the fuck should, I tell you? You're just going to kill me."

Daniel pressed the gun firmly into the Hustler's temple and said, "If he would fucking betray me, what do you think he would do for you? Is the fucker really worth your life?"

The hustler said, "Fine…he went to deal with the Pavanos at Middle Park."

Daniel was about to pull the trigger, but it was a lot different than killing the other Hustlers at least they had been armed. Instead of pulling the trigger he pulled his arm back and swung the gun across the Hustler's face knocking him out cold.

Daniel was in a hurry but he knew that he needed to patch himself up. He barely could breath and by now he had lost a lot of blood from his leg. He still couldn't see out of his left eye. He went to the bathroom scrounged around for a first aid kit. He quickly made a rough bandage for his thigh and one for his arm, not even taking the time to take out the bullet.

He then headed outside; he saw a car drive by, jumped in front of it and pointed his gun at the driver to make him stop the car. Daniel quickly ran to the driver's side and yelled, "Get the fuck out!"

The young woman got out of the Stallion and screamed, "Please don't hurt me!"

Daniel pushed her aside jumped in the car and hit the gas. Hopefully he would get to Middle park before Playboy was gone.

It didn't take him long to get to the park. He parked the car, and bolted into the park. He needed to find where the deal was going down. He couldn't wait to see Playboy's face when he saw that his plan had backfired in his face.

In the distance, Daniel could see a group of about six men talking. Instead of rushing in Daniel decided to sneak up on them. He crept into the bushes and slowly moved forwards until he was close enough to hear what they were saying.

One Italian who he assumed to be the leader said, "You sure this thing with the cops will be handled?"

Playboy replied, "It's cool money, we'll even have your green in a few days once every things cooled down."

As the Italian leader said, "You better." Daniel cocked his gun and took aim. Bang, Bang, he sent two bullets into the Italian leader's chest causing him to collapse forwards. The Pavano guards immediately drew their weapons and began to fire at Playboy and his two guards who began to return fire.

Daniel's plan had worked; he would easily be able to pick off the survivors from his spot in the bush. He watched as a Hustler fell to the ground and Playboy ran off into the park to try to escape the fighting.

Daniel saw a Pavano fall to the ground and started to ooz blood all over the sidewalk. Daniel pulled the trigger and fired at the other mobster who was now taking cover behind a tree and shooting at the remaining hustler who was taking cover behind a tree about twenty feet from the mobster. Daniel's gun clicked and he had no back up mags so he rushed from the bushes picked up one of the dead hustlers 9mms. Now in a perfect position where he could see both target, Daniel fired several rounds at the mobster. One of the bullets hit the mobster in the shoulder causing him to drop his gun and the other tore through his knee bringing him to the ground. Daniel then turned his attention to the hustler and began to fire at him. He knew that the Hustler wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in his head. The Hustler stumbled backwards as two bullets landed in his stomach and another flew through his heart leaving a hole that gushed blood as he fell to the earth.

Daniel started to head in the direction that Playboy had fled. He knew that the mobster near the tree was probably still alive but he didn't care, his target was Playboy. He was going to teach the fucking traitor to have some loyalty to his homies.

He moved deeper into the park and could make out Playboy hurrying behind a tree. Daniel yelled, "Playboy get your ass out here motherfucker!"

Daniel hit the ground, when Playboy popped out from behind a tree and fired several unaimed rounds and said, "How the fuck are you here!"

Daniel returned fire, which forced Playboy to take cover behind a tree. Daniel rolled himself behind a tree and as he stood up said, "You fucking pussy! Come face me like a man!"

Several bullets from Playboy's gun hit the tree that Daniel was taking cover behind before Playboy yelled, "Fuck Money," and ran from cover.

Daniel peaked around the edge of the tree and seeing Playboy running took aim and fired several shots. The first bullet flew a few inches from Playboy's head and landed in a tree. The second bullet hit Playboy in the back of the shoulder spinning him around and making him drop his gun as another bullet landed in his stomach, which forced him to the ground.

Daniel rushed over to Playboy who was lying on the ground crying in pain. Daniel grabbed him by the shirt, jerked him upwards into a sitting position, pressed his gun to Playboy's head and said, "Why? Why the fuck did you set me and Gazz up?"

Playboy cried, "Money it isn't like that, I thought you'd be able to handle it."

Daniel could here police sirens in the distance, as he said, "Don't you fucking lie to me! Why the fuck! I saved your fucking life and this is how your repay me!" Daniel could see that Playboy was pissing himself from fear as he moved the gun to Playboy's neck

Playboy with tears in his eyes said, "Money it was business, the triads would get off my back, with you and Gazz dead the cops would get off our fucking asses."

Daniel said, "I thought you were my fucking homie!"

Playboy said, "Money, it wasn't personal, it was just business."

Daniel said, "Do you fucking here yourself! You turned our gang into a fucking business! We're supposed to be about watching each other's backs when no one else will!"

Playboy pleaded, "Money, let me wasn't personal, it was just business."

Daniel said, "You're fucking dead! You're not fucking gangster, you're a fucking traitor playing a fucking pussy gangster!"

Playboy shook his head while crying and pleaded, "Money, Money, Please remember the good times. Come on money let me fucking go."

Daniel was about to pull the trigger but a part of him was stopping him. Playboy had been his homie but he had it coming it was his fault that Gazz had died.

This delay in pulling the trigger was all Playboy had needed he grabbed his gun and shot Daniel in his left side, only missing the lung by centimeters. As Daniel fell backwards he pulled the trigger several times sending two bullets into Playboy's chest.

Playboy fell backwards, his head banged on the ground and he began to die.

Daniel forced himself to stand up and started to head back to his car. He used one hand to hold his gun and the other to keep pressure on his wound. He had to get to a back alley doctor or he was going to bleed out soon. He saw a cop car pull up next to his and raised his gun and fired his clip at them. One of the cops fell down instantly with a bullet lodge in his head, while the other cop took cover behind the car and returned fire.

Daniel was losing a lot of blood and felt a bit dizzy as he slid to cover behind his stolen car and blind fired a couple of rounds. He knew he was about empty and if he didn't kill the cop now it would be prison and no way was he going back. He stood up and as the officer popped up to fire, Daniel sent the remainder of his clip into the cop's chest.

He then got into his car, put it into reverse, backed up, and spun the car around before he hit the gas. Daniel was bleeding badly; he wasn't going to be able to patch himself up like he had in the past which was why he was on his way to the Surgeon. The Surgeon wasn't a regular doctor, he was a back alley doctor that patched people up and luckily for Daniel the Surgeon owed him a favor. All he had to do now was make it to Fishmarket North without bleeding out in the car.

Daniel parked the car and for a second sat in the seat. He was dizzy and his vision was becoming fuzzy. He stumbled out of the car, and made his way into a nearby building. He sighed, before forcing himself to walk up a flight of stairs. He came to a door that seemed like all the others but this was his stop. He knocked on the door and a skinny man with a large bulbous nose answered the door. The man was wearing a blue shirt with a spotted tie, brown pants that were held up by suspenders.

The man grabbed, Daniel as he fell forwards and said, "Fuck, what happened?"

The Surgeon began to drag, Daniel inside as Daniel muttered, "Just fix me up."

It had been three days since the dealings in the park and Daniel had recovered well. He sat on a bed in his room at the Surgeon's place and started to think of his next move. He could always take over what remained of the Hustlers but how could he lead people who had so easily turned their back on him? His best option was getting out of the city. He had killed five cops now and the heat would be on even higher, the triads were going to be out even stronger now since he had killed another one of their leaders.

He exited the bedroom and entered the living room. His body was still sore from the gun wound and beating but he was doing much better now. Daniel sat down on a couch across from the chair that the Surgeon was sitting at and said, "Can you get me out of town?"

The Surgeon said, "I fixed you up because, I owed you. So if I help you again you have to help me."

Daniel said, "Aight, what do I need to do?"

The Surgeon replied, "I owe a guy in San Andreas a favor that is way over do. You agree to go help him out with this problem he's having I'll get you out of Liberty."

Daniel said, "Done. When do I leave?"

The surgeon stood up and said, "Tonight."

Author's notes: That's the end of the story. I hope you all enjoyed it. Not exactly how I planned to end it but I feel it's time to end this one. I have a few ideas for a next one either about Daniel in Andreas of Gazz after being left in the warehouse.