Breaking Hazel: Guy Germaine

Part 35: Kissing Fools

By Funkiechick

(I blow at writing, but alas, this fic is my baby after EYDW, and I am working hard to get my fans back. I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. So here we go.)


Guy was hurling his guts out and Fulton was right next to him, patting his back and keeping look out by checking the door every so often. He was also wiping his mouth on his sleeve; he'd been hurling not too long ago as well.

"Some hangover I got..." Fulton trailed off. Guy puked violently. "Jesus, Guy, why'd you drink when it reacts like this with that med stuff you're taking for your ribs?" Guy coughed and shrugged, then puked some more. "Wu-man is so pissed at you, dude."

"Ugghh..." Guy spoke, then grabbed for a face cloth, wiping his mouth. "Don't remind me..."

"Connie is too. And hey, you better hope to God Donna doesn't find out. She's *scary*."

Guy didn't respond, really. He just threw up again, because that was really the best response he could think of...Fulton continued to pat his back, but then the washroom door burst open and both of them jumped to see who it was.

It was Portman, and he ran to the next toilet and also hurled. Fulton burst out laughing. "Yaaah P-man!" Portman flipped him off. "Guy has it worse; I think his intestines are in here somewhere."

"I think I'm done..." Guy panted, shakily standing up and flushing the toilet. He wiped his face with the cloth again and went for the sink, splashing water in his face and gargling some water. Portman was done pretty quickly as well, and soon all three of them were standing in a row, gargling water.

"You, man." Portman pointed at Guy. "You went against the man-code. Wu hates you."

"Shut *up*," Guy groaned, rolling his eyes. "I know I screwed up, okay? But I...I was weird, my head was all messed up last night, some things *happened* at my mom's place, and I didn't know what I was doing."

"Yeah, well, that's kind of a lame excuse," Fulton said, shrugging his shoulders. "I mean, bad things happen to me too, but I don't go off and tongue some other guys girl."

Guy glared. "You know? This is none of your business. So butt out of it."

Fulton snorted then, shaking his head. "Hey, who just took care of you while you puked your insides into the shitter?"

"Hey, dudes, don't fight." Portman came in between them. "Wu-man wouldn't want you to be fighting about this. You know how the little dude is. So, Germaine, go apologize and...yeah, Bash Bro, let's go check out skirts down Seventh Avenue."

Portman really loved Saturdays, and he refused to let anything spoil them for him. Fulton stopped glaring at Guy and shrugged. "Sure, let's go." Fulton was out the door, ahead of Portman. Probably because he didn't want to fight with Guy anymore and the only way to avoid it was by leaving the room.

Portman and Guy looked at each other, and Guy folded his arms across his chest, raising his eyebrow. Waiting for Portman to take a shot at him. Portman gave his shoulder a sharp slap.

"Whatever dude; I don't *want* to be involved."

Then he left and Guy was standing alone, in the washroom, smelling so much like vomit he just wanted to puke again.


"How you doing, Germaine?" Orion asked Guy at the sidelines at that night's practice. "Ribs feeling better?"

"Sort of..." Guy shrugged. "I dunno. I will be able to play, right?"

"So long as you don't do anything stupid," Orion answered, then blew his whistle. "AVERMAN! How many times do I have to tell you NOT TO PROVOKE your own teammates!!?"

Averman was lying on the ice, after being shoved to the side by a very moody Connie. "At least a million more sir."

Orion shook his head and skated over to Averman. "And how many times do I have to continue looking down and seeing you sprawled out on the ice?"

"A million and five or so."

"Okay then." Orion gave another blow of his whistle. "Alright! That's good enough for today. Remember, early morning practice tomorrow! Moreau," Orion gave Connie's back a pat. "I'd like to speak with you."

Connie nodded and skated with him off the ice and into the box. Orion gave Guy a sharp look. "What?" Guy asked.

"I'd like a moment alone with Connie please, Guy."

Guy nodded, and avoided all eye contact with Connie before walking out onto the ice, and helping Averman up with Goldberg. "This is a good position for you Les, I'm sure Amy'll like it," Guy said.

"Very funny," Averman shot back. "I don't think YOU'RE in the position to give me relationship advice. What were you thinking last night?"

"I wasn't."

"PLUS you have a girl like Donna already," Goldberg said, giving Guy's shoulder a shove. "Why would you-"

"Yeah, not listening," Guy said, walking off. Averman and Goldberg winced at the other, before Goldberg grinned and nudged Averman with his elbow.

"So, you and *who*? AMY?"

"Yes, they're called women, Goldberg. I know it's a hard concept for you to understand, but SOME guys get chicks."

"Screw you."

"Hey." Averman looked over at Orion and Connie. "Connie looks upset. Check it out." Goldberg did, and then continued watching with Averman and Luis skated up next to them.

"I heard a bit of what they were talking about before Coach told me to screw off," Luis said. "The headmaster guy? Yeah, he doesn't think Connie should be allowed to play with us anymore."

Averman and Goldberg stared at Luis. "WHAT?" Goldberg exclaimed. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I know," Luis said. "But I don't think it's too much of a problem. Orion sounded like he could handle it. I mean, she's one of our best players."

"And one of our FIRST," Averman added. "What would the Ducks be without Connie? Who'd beat me up if she was gone?"

"I would," Luis offered.

"That was rhetorical, Miami."


Connie fiddled with her hands while she sat quietly in her seat in the Headmaster's office. Orion was sitting next to her, both of them waiting for Mr. (whatever) to come in for their meeting.

She was so nervous she could hardly stand it. Apparently, there'd been complaints from parents about a girl being out on the ice. And someone had mentioned how small Connie was...Coach Orion had warned her, but she'd forgotten about it up until now.

"Julie is so lucky..." Connie mumbled. "No one cares if SHE plays."

"It'll be fine," Orion said sharply. "Don't sulk. If he comes in here and sees a bad attitude, he'll tack that on as another reason to try and get you off the team. There's no real problem here, Connie. Everything will be fine. Look at me."

Connie glanced up at Orion, her lip quivering. Just a little bit. "Are you sure I won't be kicked off?"

"Not while I'm coach."

Connie smiled. "Thank you."

"Yes, well, just keep in mind what I told you." Connie nodded and settled herself in her seat. At that moment, the headmaster burst through the door, sporting one of his infamously ugly suits and wearing a fake smile. He took a seat across from them, and Connie forced a smile of her own.

"Morning," he said. "Ma'am." And he bowed his head at Connie. It was fake gentleman behavior; he was trying to play up the fact she was a girl. "I'm glad you could both make it."

"Like we had a choice, sir. One of my players is being threatened, why *wouldn't* we be here?"

"Now now," he held up his hands in defense. Connie sighed and looked around the fancy, but gaudy room, at all the awards and certificates and diplomas. She noted there wasn't one family picture on his desk. "That was not a personal attack, Ted. Now, this is Miss. Moreau?"

"You can call me Connie," Connie said.

"Of course," he smiled. "So, Connie, what position do you play?"

Connie cleared her throat, and Coach Orion nodded his head, urging her to continue. "Well...I'm left wing."

"And is that a dangerous position?"

"No more dangerous than right or center, really." Connie shrugged her shoulders. "It's not like I'm an enforcer or anything. And I can take hits just as good as the rest of the team."

The headmaster sighed and rubbed his finger across the bridge of his nose. "You have any bruises, Connie?"

"Well, duh, but that's-"


"That's not-"

Orion broke in. "It's quite normal for a hockey player to get a few cuts and bruises when playing. She has the same number as any of the boys on the team. She's a good player. Have you seen her?"

"I have." The headmaster took this moment to go to his computer, pressing a key, causing the screen to light up. "In fact, we've been watching Connie very closely. And you can't deny that the boys gun for her. She gets more hits than any of the other players on the ice."

Connie made a confused face. So, she hadn't noticed she got more hits. Maybe it was because she was used to it. And it's not like any of the players were very strong anyway. "Yeah, but I'm fine. They're all pussies." Orion winced, and the headmaster shot her a shocked look. "Well they *are*."

"That doesn't change the facts, Miss. Moreau," the headmaster said. "How tall are you?"

"She's tall enou-"

"How tall are you?" The headmaster was doing everything he could to intimidate Connie and keep Orion out of the conversation. He must have thought Connie was defenseless without him. She wasn't.

"I'm 5'2 or 3," Connie said, and then shrugged her shoulders. "But you know, that's why I'm left wing. I'm faster then some of the other players because I'm smaller."

"And skinnier," Headmaster said. "If one of those huge boys from another Varsity High School team were to check you, seriously check you, into the boards..." he leaned forward in his seat, staring at Connie. "You'd snap like a twig. And we can't let that happen."

"It WONT happen, sir," Orion broke in. "I don't send Connie out to be killed, I send her out to play. She's very capable of defending herself, she's been doing this since she was very young."

There was a long silence as Connie and Orion stared down the Headmaster, and finally he sighed before leaning back in his chair and rubbing the bridge of his nose again. It seemed to be a nervous habit.

"Well them," he said. "I'm not going to have her taken off of the team, however..." he trailed off. "We'll be watching her very closely, Ted. If she's getting slapped around on that ice-" Orion gave Connie a sharp look to keep her from barking out an indignant reply. "Well then...we'll have to seriously re-consider her position on that team."

Orion nodded. "We understand. Don't we, Connie?"

Connie didn't understand at all. She also didn't think it was fair. But she nodded her head anyway. "Yeah, no problem."

"Very well," the headmaster looked over at his computer screen again. "I hate to kick you out, but I have a lot of work to do. I'll see you both in the near future."

Orion nodded once more, and took Connie's arm and steered her out of the office, and down the hallway. Connie looked up at him, and he indeed loomed over her. Yet she didn't seem so small when she played or talked or any of that. She had a huge, strong personality and she was a damn good player.

Orion refused to let them take her off of the team.

"Everything will be fine, Moreau," Orion assured her in a stern voice. "You don't have to worry about anything."



"Thank you." Connie smiled. "It's nice to be looked out for sometimes."

He looked down at her, and didn't quite smile, but he wasn't frowning either. " just keep up the good work, Connie, and I'll keep an eye out for you." Connie nodded and then hurried off down the hall way. "See you at practice tomorrow morning, Moreau!" He called, and she waved as she turned the corner.

Yes, he'd keep an eye out for her.

She reminded him of his daughter. They had the same eyes.


Guy lounged lazily on his bed and Ken did homework and the room was full of an awful, awkward silence. Guy yawned and chucked a stuffed football up at the ceiling, catching it as it came back down. Ken was completely silent as he studied.

Guy felt guilty, but more about how guilty about kissing Connie he should feel. He was avoiding Donna, and Connie, and any sort of confrontation with Ken. But they dormed together, so ignoring him completely was almost impossible. But he was working on it.

He'd just had to kiss her, then. Something about the way her eyes had been shining and the smile she had and for a second, Guy almost thought they were together again. Or maybe had never even been apart.

He didn't notice Ken turn around in his seat, and he didn't even notice Ken staring at him until Ken caught his football mid toss.

Guy looked at him, and Ken looked right back. "Can I have that back?" Guy asked.

"Oh sure, would you like Connie back as well?"


"Listen, Ken-"

"No," Ken said sharply. "YOU listen. Because I'm sick of sitting around and having you tell me all these excuses as to why you do what you do. I know things are hard for you. I don't know what happened at your mom's place, Guy. I *don't*. And I feel bad about being angry with you when your life is like this, but...." Ken swallowed. "She means a lot to me, okay? And you just don't care about anyone else but you. Because you don't think anyone else has had shit happen to them."

Guy flared up. "That's not true!!"

"Guy, my dad died," Ken shot back. "And that still hurts, but I'm happy and I deal and I don't try and bring everyone down with me."

Guy was silent. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know he brought everyone down with him. "So what?" Guy's voice sounded pathetic and small. "What, the party was just to make me shut up? Is that what it was?"

"No, Guy, that's not what I meant," Ken sighed. "The party was for you. We hate how bad you're feeling. I want to tell everyone what's wrong with you because frankly, I don't know how else you're going to get better."

"I'll do it in my own time, that's how." Guy was angry now. Glaring. Half worried he'd jump on Ken and punch him repeatidly. "I don't need anyone's help. Least of all YOURS. Like YOU ever know what you're talking about."

Ken bit his lip. Then he looked pissed too. "Fine, you know what? I don't care. I don't, fuck you." There was a long silence after that. Ken didn't swear. Ever. And Guy had driven him to this. Guy had...done a lot of things to Ken, really. "And Guy...don't kiss my girl."

"She's not *your* girl, she's her own girl."

"Fuck you. Don't kiss her." Then Ken stood up, and he left the dorm, leaving his homework and things left behind and abandoned. Guy glared at Ken's books, and then realized Ken hadn't given him back his football.

"Just steal everything from me, don't you, asshole?" Guy muttered, lying back on his bed.

There was a knock at the door, and Guy glanced over, expecting Ken to be back and ready to apologize, like he half-expected him to, but instead saw red hair and full lips and a big gray hoodie.

"Hey," Guy said.

"Hi," Donna replied.

"Did you hear all that?"

"What the fuck do you think?"

Guy sighed and looked back up at the ceiling. "I guess you did." Donna came into the room and sat at the foot of the bed. "I kissed her at my party."

"Why the hell did you do that?"

Guy shrugged. "I wanted to kiss her? I dunno."

Donna snorted. "Sorry, Guy, but 'I dunno' isn't gonna cut it. I'm not going to put up with crap like this." She looked at him, and Guy was a little surprised with the softness that was in her eyes. "Is everything okay at home?"

Guy hated the question, even if she was just trying to be nice and make him feel better or whatever it was. He still hated it. Some people were giving him slack because they knew, and everyone else just felt sorry for him.

When did he become an asshole?

"No, Donna, don't," Guy said. "Don't ask about how things are at home. I kissed a girl behind your back and you're not breaking up with me."

Donna bit her lip. "I dunno, I might. Depends on how I feel by the end of the conversation."

Guy's heart sank. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Yeah. But I still like you, so I'm not sure what I'll do. Obviously you like someone else."

"I don't *like* Connie, she's just..." Guy trailed off, trying to think of words that could possibly make the whole situation believable. "Connie is Connie. I'll always feel the way I do about her, I can't help it. But I *like* you."

"That doesn't make any sense, Guy," she said.

"I know, but you know what I mean, I can tell you do. You're just trying not to."

Donna stood up. "You know what you need to do?"


"Get over it. Seriously. We're all sick of this."

And then she left too. Really, Guy was amazed at the number of people who had stormed out of the room he was in that day. He stared at the ceiling once more, glad that Donna was gone. So he had to get over Connie. Okay. So he had to learn to deal with his mom and Max. Okay.

It wasn't that simple.

He wished it was. But nothing ever was simple with Guy. As soon as he thought things were going to be okay, they weren't. He didn't know if he had anyone to talk to...except...

Guy reached for the phone and dialed. He listened to the rings, praying to God that he would be there...

"Yyyo," the voice said.

"Jesse, hey."

"Hey, Guy."


Guy sat on the bench in the locker room the next morning, sitting next to Charlie, who already had his pads on and was all ready to go. "How's the ribs?" Charlie asked him, good natured, smiling. At least Charlie wasn't mad at him.

"I'm playing our game Friday." Guy smiled. "If I don' know, fall down some stairs and ruin them again."

"You wont," Charlie assured, and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "Hey uh...just so you know, the whole thing at the party-"

"I know, I'm an idiot."

"No no," Charlie broke in. "Well, yeah, but I'm not mad at you. You're not perfect, it was a mistake. Everyone's been giving you a really hard time, so...I'm just letting you know that...well, mistakes happen."

Guy had to smile. Good 'ol Charlie. At that point, Connie came inside with Julie and Russ, and when she saw Guy, she absolutely glared at him. Guy rolled his eyes and continued talking to Charlie, who gave him an eye in return.

"You better talk to her though, man, serious," Charlie said. "After all, she's your friend."

Guy grumbled. He knew that Charlie was right and he'd planned on talking to her anyway, but it's not like she looked too psyched on talking with him.. "Connie?"

"What?" she snapped.

"Can I talk to you?"


Well, she got her point across. But Charlie was on top of it for Guy. "Oh come ON, Cons."

Connie made a face at Charlie, folded her arms and raised an eyebrow at Guy. "So?"

"Come ON," Guy said, grabbing her wrist and dragging her out of the locker room, just as Ken came in. Timing was perfect, really, and the look Ken was giving him wasn't fantastic either.

Guy took her just out into the hall, and turned to face her, his face slightly red, her face slightly pissed off. "What?" she asked again. More snappish. He'd really blown it.

"I'm sorry, okay, so stop blowing it out of proportion, it was just a kiss."

Connie snorted. "JUST a kiss? How can you say that? I'm WITH someone, even if it was 'just a kiss' to ME, it wasn't 'just a kiss' to KEN. I'm sick of you doing things without thinking of the consequences!!"

"I KNOW," Guy said, then snorted in frustration. "God, I know, I didn't mean to kiss you, okay?"

"Then WHY did you DO it, Guy?" She didn't look angry now. Just kind of hurt. "I really like Ken! I do, I really like him, and this just screwed some of it up. He doesn't have a lot of confidence you know. And he's your friend, and I'M your friend and it just...messed things up."

Guy nodded, the guilt finally starting to settle. "I know, Connie...and I'm sorry."

She was looking in his eyes now. "No you're not, Guy."

He laughed a little. "Okay, I'm not. But you are."

Then Connie was biting her lip. "No, I'm not either, really. I dunno, it was kind of nice to know that you still wanted to kiss me. I hate saying that, I sound like a slut, but it's..."

"You don't sound like a slut, Connie."

"Yeah, I do." She looked at him. "I don't see how I can like Ken so much and then...god, I'm gonna just shut up and leave." She turned on her heel. "Bye G-" But Guy grabbed her wrist again and pulled her towards him. And stared at her. She stared back. And they just stared at the other for awhile before...

Before Guy dipped his head and she tilted hers and they were kissing again, passionately, and Guy pinned her slightly against the wall, her arms wrapped around his neck, his hands down at her waist.

Guy moaned against her kiss and probed his tongue at her mouth, and Connie allowed him to deepen the kiss, leaning back into the wall. Guy kissed her, and kissed her, wondering what the hell he was doing and then not caring at all because he had Connie again and he was kissing her.

Then there were footsteps and the sound of Portman laughing really loudly, and Connie and Guy quickly disentangled themselves from the other. They were both flushed and panting and looking very guilty and horny, so they did the only thing they could think of to look unsuspicious.

They gave each other a knowing look. Grinned, and then..."Oh you are SUCH an ASSHOLE, sometimes!"

"Yeah, well you're a TEASE."

"I am not!"

"Screw you!"

Portman, who was also with Fulton and Luis, winced, and then they eased into the locker room without saying anything. Connie smiled at Guy and he smiled back.

"Smooth," she said.

"You too."

Then they just kind of stood there, staring. Finally, Connie was the one to leave first, going into the locker room without saying anything. Guy stared after her. What had just happened? Who'd kissed who first? Or was it mutual? She'd kissed back, that was for sure...

What did all of this mean?

Guy stood there, and it took him a very, very long time to go back into the locker room. He just stood there, as before...

Only he was smiling a little bit.


(no, Guy is not suddenly happy and the spell is not over. He's still got a lot of shit he has to deal with, which probably means, I'm sorry, that him and Connie wont have anything like a relationship for awhile. BUT, I'm sad to say, Guy doesn't want a relationship at all, so Poor Donna...

anyway, hoped you liked.)