Nobody Else Will Ever Know

By NightMocha

Luke exited the building of the Reid Oliver Nurology wing and headed for his car in the dimly lit parking garage. It was evening and he just came from a meeting with the board. The wing was now complete. Patients were starting to come in from all over the country, being treated by the best doctors Luke had been able to recommend.

Of course, none of them could measure up to the one man the wing had been named for.

Luke could imagine the un-flattering critiqes the brilliant Dr. Oliver would have made about them.

Luke absently stared at the concrete as he walked. It was impossible not to think of Reid when he was here, which lately wasn't very often. He'd taken on a few new projects with his Snyder Fountation which thankfully kept him busy. He had nothing else left. Noah, Casey and Allison were gone. He didn't even have Maddie or Jade anymore. Everyone he cared about was gone, yet he knew he could still see them one day. That wasn't the case with Reid. He had truly lost his Doctor forever.

Reid had been gone about three months. Some days were okay. Then there were days like today when he had to come to the new wing for a meeting. When he had to walk into the wing and see the beautifully painted mural of Reid hanging in the lobby. And when he had to listen to everybody's annoying, redundant words of condolences. He hated it. It made everything so painfully fresh.

Luke approached his car and climbed inside. He put on his seat-belt, stuck the key in the ignition, but didn't turn it on just yet. Propping his elbow on the door, Luke leaned his forhead in his hand and sighed heavily. He tried to avoid the hospital whenever he could. It would be easy to just resign from the board and never look back; however he simply couldn't do it. The nurology wing belonged to Reid. And no matter how hard it was to enter the building, Luke couldn't just walk away. He had to take care of it and make sure everything was the way Reid would want.

Right now he just needed to get out of here. Luke raised his head and started the car. He was about to shift into reverse when, suddenly, a gloved-hand snaked around the seat and tightly clamped over his mouth.

"I'm not here to hurt you," A muffled male voice spoke close to his ear. "Just stay calm."

Luke froze with shock. So deep in thought, he never noticed anyone was in his car. His first instinct was to pull away, but he stopped himself. Whoever the guy was, he could have a gun or knife.

"If I remove my hand will you stay calm?" The guy asked from the backseat.

Luke looked through the rearview mirror. The dim parking garage provided little light inside his car. All he could really tell was the guy had dark hair. The guy's face, from the nose down, was hidden behind a bandana. Luke finally nodded.

"Like I said, I'm not here to hurt you," The guy removed his gloved-hand from Luke's mouth, "I need to talk to you."

"Look," Luke held up his hands, "if you want the car, just take it. Let me out and you can go."

"I don't want your car."

"Then what do you want?"

"I need you to drive. Take me where I tell you and I'll explain everything, understand?"

Unnerved, Luke sat still for a few seconds. There was no way he was going to drive this guy out of town only to be dumped dead in a ditch. Without another thought, Luke hit his seatbelt release button and opened the car door, ready to jump out. The guy grabbed the collar of his jacket, pulling him back. Luke tried to manuver out of his jacket, but in his panic, caught himself in the seatbelt straps. He hit the car horn, but as soon as he did, he felt something sharp and painful stab into the side of his neck.

Gasping, Luke instintively clutched his neck. After a few seconds he fell against the seat, feeling an unreasonble need to sleep. He knew he had to get out of the car, but he couldn't muster the strength to do anything. When the guy reached over the seat and jerked the keys out of the ignition, Luke could see a hypodermic needle in his hand.

"What did you… what did you do to me?" Luke could hear himself thickly slurring.

"You didn't give me a choice." The guy replied.

Luke wanted to ask what was going to happen to him, but wasn't sure if he ever said the words. The world faded to black.

Next thing Luke knew, he was no longer in his car. He was lying on something that felt like a bed. Slowly he opened his eyes and tried to take in his surroudings. Everything felt so fuzzy and looked hazy; he wondered if he was actually dreaming. He blinked several times until his eyes adjusted more, and his heart began to pound with fear. He wasn't at home in bed. He didn't know where he was! He tried to move but couldn't. Whatever poison the guy injected into him, had turned his mucsles into lead, weighing his entire body down. His heart pounded faster.

"Don't be scared," The guy appeared out of nowhere and knelt beside him. "I swear, I'm not going to hurt you."

The guy's voice was strangly, confusingly, calm. However, Luke felt anything but calm. He tried to move again but it was useless. He closed his eyes in dispair. "What do you want from me?" he managed to murmer.

"To see you again," His abductor replied, "one last time."

See you again? Luke struggled to open his eyes, unsure if he'd heard correctly. His head felt like it was floating off his body; he couldn't keep a grasp on his thoughts. He didn't know who this person was. Or did he? Something seemed firmiliar. The guy no longer wore the bandana, however his thick dark bread hid most of his facial features.

The guy touched Luke's cheek. He no longer wore a glove and his hand was soft, even carressing. Luke felt his pounding heart skip a beat. He recongnized the touch. Not just the touch, but the voice. For the first time he looked into the guy's eyes – piercing blue eyes Luke would never forget. "Reid?" No. It wasn't possible.

"Close you're eyes," The guy replied. "You're barely concious. Give it another twenty minutes."

Luke closed his eyes. He knew Reid wasn't here. He really was dreaming.

Reid watched Luke for several seconds until he was sure Luke was completely out. He brushed some of Luke's hair off his forehead. Luke had let his hair grow out. Reid twirled a long brown lock around his finger. He'd always liked Luke's long bangs.

"What the hell are you doing?" Reid scolded himself. He stood and moved away from Luke. From the moment he'd stepped back into this god-forsaken town, he knew this was a mistake. This had to be the stupidist thing he could possibly do, but he did it anyway. And now, there was no turning back.