This takes place during Carl Clover's True End.

Nirvana's attack was diverted by a loud metallic crash. The sound was eerily similar to one of Nirvana's makes. "Im...possible." Carl managed to spit out. "A crimson... Nirvana?" A tall man gowned in purple, his face masked with gold, raised his voice.

"Allow me to introduce Fluctus Redactum: Ignis."

"Ig...nis? It can't be!" said Carl. The masked man began boasting.

"That's right. Now this, is my greatest creation. My one and only desire fulfilled. With this, I have achieved perfection! You can't even begin to compare it to that... Nox Nyctores." Carl's eyes began to fill themselves with anger, but before he or Nirvana could began their counter, a silly little old man in what appeared to be a referee's uniform and bow tie jumped out from behind one of the near by pillars and began shouting.

"Then it's agreed! I declare this match a submission Robattle! As such, I will act as referee, me, Mr. Referee! The rules are simple, the first Medabot to-" The man was about to continue when he noticed an eerie echo throughout the room. This led to his quick realization that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Beginning to back track for the pillar, Relius Clover, the man in the mask, spoke to him in a threatening demeanor.

"Just how did you get here?"

Mr. Referee's face damped with cold sweat. "I, uh, am a thief?" he said with obvious uncertainty.

"Since when did thieves dress like that?" questioned the seductive woman, who was also thrown off by this. "I mean, even Bang is better dressed for that." She paused, crossing her arms to think. "Actually, I'll take that back."

Mr. Referee inched himself closer and closer to the pillar.

"I asked you how did you get here!" he shouted, stopping Mr. Referee. Nirvana and Ignis both began to back off of each other by their masters as the stench of tension dissipated.

"The Boundary."

Relius's jaw lopped. "Excuse me?"

"I used the Boundary to get to the wrong place OK! This isn't the first time either. It's not my fault you people keep taking our technology."

Everyone froze. They stared at Mr. Referee. "Again, what!"

Mr. Referee's fright grew. His hands slapped his mouth in an attempt to prevent his mouth from saying more. "Uh, nothing! I say nothing! Forget I was here!" His gave them a wave and sprinted for the pillar.

Relius became angry and Ignis, completely ignoring Carl and Nirvana, sped towards the pillar and swung her massive arm at it, only to have the rubble show no trace of the short man.

The clamour of children arguing could be faintly heard from above the water. It was good that he got back to his "house" and grabbed his scuba gear. Mr. Referee began to emerge and repeat the rehearsed lines once more. This time, towards the right people. A boy with a yellow, beetle like robot, and a young girl with a red cat, ready to duke it out in the sport of Robattle.

One of the many possibilities... of the World Robattle Federation.