First ComaShipping story. I've never supported ComaShipping, because it's too weird. But, for some reason, when Ash is the man in the relationship, I can tolerate it 100%. Amazing how 'who wears the pants' works. XD

I hate writing battle scenes, but contest scenes are fun to write :D


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters, Pokemon, or settings used in this story. Personalities and plot are mine, however.

He was angry, like usual. Electivire fainted during his all important battle against Candice. Sure, he won the badge, but still. Weak Pokémon had no place in his team of six.

"Torterra, use Leaf Storm."

The tree on the large green Pokémon's back shot out swirling neon green leaves, striking Electivire head on. It staggered a bit, regaining balance. Paul rolled his eyes, shaking his head in disappointment. "Come on, Electivire. You can do better than that."

"Still so cruel to your Pokémon…"

Paul whipped his head around, seeing a dark haired boy shaking his head and smiling.

Paul knew that face.

How could he forget it?


"Who else would it be, Paul?"

The dark haired boy walked closer, the sun shining down on his feature. Ash's hair was longer, his bangs falling slightly over his eyes. He traded his usual red cap for a gray beanie that hung on the back of his head, as his yellow mouse wasn't occupying his shoulder.

Paul smirked, stepping closer to Ash. "Where's your rat?"

Ash shrugged, "Let 'em go. All of 'em." As he finished his sentence, an orange ape with blazing fire on its head peered from behind Ash, glaring at Paul. Paul blinked. "I thought you said you let them all go."

Ash smirked, folding his arms across his chest. "I kept a few."

"Lying little—"

"Let's have a battle. Four on four. It's been a long time."

Paul smirked, returning Torterra & Electivire to their PokéBalls. "You've missed those ass kicking's?"

Ash snorted, walking to the opposite side of the field. "Back then, I was nothing. I've been training ever since I left Sinnoh. I'm eighteen now—I'm so good it hurts."

Paul looked at Ash, their eyes meeting. Ash narrowed his eyes, smirking again. "Let's go."

"Electivire, stand by for battle." Paul chucked the PokéBall casually, the bulky yellow Pokémon landing on the ground with a thud and belting its name.

Ash grinned, adjusting his beanie on his scalp.

"Donphan, get out here."

Donphan popped out, landing on the ground and stuttering its name, raising its trunk up & down.

"Damn, a Ground type…" Paul muttered.

"Your move." Ash called. Paul held his blank gaze, contemplating a strategy, since an Electric type versus a Ground type is a pretty ballsy move.

"Fire Punch." Paul said. Electivire's fist glowed amber, wrapping in blazing fames as it ran towards Donphan. It punched Donphan in the head, falling back to see the damage. Paul's eyes widened to see Donphan standing strong and unamused. Ash chuckled, shaking his head. "Oh, Paul…Donphan, Rollout."

Donphan jumped in the air, rolling together into a tight ball and charging full speed at Electivire, hitting it in the stomach. Electivire staggered backwards, holding its middle in pain from such a powerful attack.


Donphan stood still, its ears lifting and the ground beginning to shake. Electivire struggled to keep its balance, falling to the ground, taken over by the shaking. The shaking stopped, Electivire on the ground, groaning in pain.

Paul bit his lip, returning his fainted Pokémon back to its PokéBall. Ash wasn't kidding—he was so much better. It seemed like he finally decided to put that friendship shit aside and battle for real.

"Give up yet?" Ash smirked, reaching for his PokéBall belt. Paul sighed.


"Ursaring, stand by for battle."

The bear-like Pokémon threw his arms up, letting out a husky roar.

Ash smirked. "I saw this coming." He glanced down at Infernape, who was watching Paul closely. Infernape probably still had a bit of a grudge against Paul, since Paul tried to let it go as a Chimchar. Infernape stepped forward, causing Ash to look at it in confusion; until he remembered.

Infernape evolved in the presence of Paul twice. Ash could sense that Infernape wanted to show off its newly found strength to the trainer who dumped it. Ash smiled, nodding in approval.

"Alright, I choose Infernape."

Paul shrugged, "Whatever; Go."

"Flame Wheel." Ash said. Infernape curled together, encasing in fire and spinning rapidly towards Ursaring.

"Ursaring, use Hyper Beam."

Before it could even charge up, Infernape hit Ursaring right in the circle on its stomach.

"Mach Punch!" The flames cleared, Infernape gaining balance and punching Ursaring in the jaw, the bulky bear falling on its back and twitching in pain. Paul's face was blank, but in his mind he was highly impressed. Ash's power was unbelievable.


"Torterra, stand by for battle." Paul opened the PokéBall, the giant tree Pokémon landing on the ground and crying its name. Ash chuckled, reaching inside of his beanie and pulling out a PokéBall and smiling. "It's been too long, my friend."

"Sceptile, let's go!" Out popped the green creature, arms folded and a toothpick dangling from its lips.

Paul stared in amazement. A Hoenn starter; fully evolved, too.

"You got a lot stupider, too, Ketchum." Paul shouted. This kid may be amazing at battle, but this one was just a stupid error. Grass type against Grass type? This was going to be an unamusing round.

Ash laughed. "And you're still oblivious to pure genius. Now, make your move."

"Torterra, use Stone Edge."

Glowing rock began to circle around Torterra, the light fading and jagged pointed rocks heading straight for Sceptile. Paul smirked darkly. Got you now…

"Leaf Blade."

Long, glowing fluorescent green leaves extended from Sceptile's wrists, swiftly striking the rocks hurling towards it, the rocks shattering into dull pieces.

Paul nodded, slightly impressed. "Getting into contests now, I see? Because that was totally a contest move."

Ash shrugged. "A couple here and there. Now shut up and battle. Sceptile, Quick Attack."

Sceptile began running full speed towards Torterra, a long, narrow glowing white light follow behind it as it ran into Torterra, jumping back.

"Torterra, use Rock Climb!"

Torterra pounded on the ground, its claws glowing and extending. A large mound began to form under Sceptile, advancing him higher. Torterra ran full speed up the mound.

Paul smirked. Genius his ass.

Well, as much as he hated to admit it, Ash was really fucking good. His strategy had changed so much in the years—and come to think of it, Ash was incredibly hot…

Paul shook out of his thought, focusing on his Pokémon charging for its opponent, getting his mind off of his developing boner. Victory was coming closer to his grasp. Ash Ketchum would never beat Paul in a battle, eve—

"Energy Ball."

Paul snapped out of his fantasy, watching Sceptile hold a plump, green sphere of power between its hands, waiting for the right moment to fire. Torterra was mere inches away from attacking, when Sceptile released the Energy Ball directly at Torterra's face, sending Torterra sliding down the mountain on its back, skimming along the field slowly, and stopping, moving slightly.

"FUCKER." Paul shouted, returning Torterra.

"Finally got some emotion out of you."


Paul glared. "Drapion, stand by for battle."

The giant purple scorpion popped out, clanking its claws together and growling.

Ash winced as the memories flooded back into his mind of the Sinnoh League. He reached into his shoe, pulling out his last Pokémon.

"Now this one," He said, twirling the PokéBall on his index finger, "Was a bitch to get back from Officer Jenny."

"Blastoise, get your ass out here."

The large blue turtle landed, slowly uttering its name. Paul pulled out his PokéDex, examining the Pokémon before him.

Shit, level 90… He thought. Drapion was incredibly under leveled compared to Blastoise.

"Wanna know the story behind this one?"

Paul snapped his head up, looking at the cocky Ketchum.

"Officer Jenny took Squirtle, along with the Squirtle Squad, and used them to put out fires. I come back to Kanto, years later, and they all had evolved into Wartortles. It took come convincing, but I was able to get Wartortle as a part of my team. It remembered me, too, surprisingly. Battle after battle, Wartortle evolves, and now we're here."

Paul blinked, obviously unamused.

"Drapion, Cross Poison."

Drapion pulled its arms together, a purple X forming as it released the attack hurling towards Blastoise. Blastoise dodged it without having to be told.

"Water Pulse!"

Blastoise gathered a glowing blue sphere in its hands, shoving it at Drapion, striking it in the face.

"Pin Missile!"

Drapion's claws glowed white, pointing them towards Blastoise as pointed white pins fired straight for Blastoise.

"Hydro Pump towards the ground!"

Blastoise scrunched together back in its shell, water blasting out of its silver pumps towards the ground and sending it in the air, just avoiding Drapion's powerful Pin Missile.

"Damn it!" Paul shouted. The battle was already past intense. Paul could feel his boner returning, making him blush lightly.


Blastoise emerged from its shell, shooting sparkling blue bubbles at Drapion. Ash looking at Paul, who was standing there with its arms crossed. The bubbles hit Drapion, causing it to faint. The smoke clears as Blastoise landed on the ground, huffing over Drapion.

The battle was over.

Both males returned their Pokémon to their PokéBalls. The field was absolutely silent, except for the foot steps of the two boys walking to the center field. Ash smiled, extending his arm out to Paul.

"That was some impressive battling back there, Paul. Still as powerful as you were back then."

Paul held back a smile, shrugging and shaking Ash's hand. He took a breath, and spoke before he could stop himself.

"You're a pretty good battler yourself, I guess. Hey, you should stay at the Pokémon Center for the night. I have a room; but it's one bed."

Ash's eyebrows shot up, smiling lightly. "Look at this. Paul being generous? Never would've thought…" Paul could feel himself blushing. He cleared his throat, stuffing his hands into his pockets, looking down at the ground.

"So. Are you gonna stay?" He asked flatly. Ash shrugged, "I guess so. I mean, I can't refuse such a generous offer." Ash began to walk in the direction of the Pokémon Center, turning around and looking at the plum haired boy. "You coming or what?"

Paul started walking towards Ash, their steps falling in sync as they walked in silence. Paul looked down at the ground, smiling to himself for possibly the first time in his life.

He was reunited with his old rival; the only one he ever loved.

Night fell quickly. Paul & Ash's Pokémon were resting with Nurse Joy while they slept in their single bed room.

Paul was wide awake. His back was facing Ash, who was already unconscious. Paul shifted slightly under the blankets, completely freezing as he felt a hand on his side. Paul felt Ash's body scoot closer, his chin resting on his shoulder. Ash's steady breath gently slapped against Paul's ear, making him shiver. Ash's arm was completely around Paul's middle, heavily spooning him. Paul turned his head, facing Ash's sleeping content face. He bit his lip, feeling his face grow hot. He slowly leaned up, kissing Ketchum's cheek softly. His face was warm and soft against his lips. Paul rested his head back on the pillow, his whole body relaxing under the sheets.

His eyes jolted open after what felt like minutes. He could've sworn something brushed against his cheek. Paul looked back up at Ash, who was still spooning him—

But he was smiling.

"…Ash…?" Paul whispered, praying he wouldn't get a response.


Damn it.

"Did…Did you happen to touch my face?"

"Depends—did you happen to kiss my cheek?"

Paul blushed violently, but the darkness was so thick you couldn't even see Paul's face.

Ash let go of Paul's middle, making the purple haired boy pout. Ketchum sat up, adjusting himself on top of Paul and pinning his wrists to the bed, smirking at him wickedly.

"Did you kiss me cheek?"

Paul gulped. "…Yes." He braced himself for the beating of his life.

But instead, Ash leaned down and connected the gap between their lips. Paul's eyes widened, feeling Ash's tongue trace along his bottom lip, giving him no choice but to part his lips for Ash's tongue to enter, running along the skin of Paul's gums, wrestling with Paul's tongue at some points. Paul's arms wrapped around Ash's neck, pulling him closer (If that was possible). Ash's hands began tracing along Paul's sides, his touch incredibly cold, making Paul moan softly into Ash's mouth. Ash broke contact, slipping Paul out of his black night shirt, smirking hungrily at the shirtless male under him. His hands gently began caressing Paul's chest, leaning down and kissing Paul's lips again, Ash's hands still wandering. Paul could feel his boxers becoming unbearably tight—Ash's touch drove him crazy. Just to make Paul even crazier, Ash began to grind up and down Paul's pelvis slowly, a husky moan leaving both set of lips at the same time. Ash quickly broke contact again, peeling out of his own shirt, looking at Paul closely.

"…Ash…" Paul panted. Ash shushed him gently, fingers running through his violet hair. He leaned down, lips curling into a smirk near his lover's ear.

"Just live in the moment, Paul."

And with that, Paul's boxers were snatched down around his ankles, his already stiffened member in Ash's grip.


Paul's eyes opened slowly, the sunshine spilling over and lighting the room a glorious yellow.

He was nuzzled against Ash's chest, both completely naked under the bed sheets. Paul's hands drifted along the sleeping Ash's bare back, gently running down to the curve of his lover's perky ass. Paul smiled, squeezing it lightly.

Paul had no idea what happened last night. All he remembered was heavily making out with Ash, and getting fucked like an animal. He sat up slightly, seeing heavy stains on the sheets. Well, shit… Paul thought. He was still pissed about how Ash won the argument on who was on top.


I had sex with Ash last night…

Paul bit his lip. He had no idea Ash was gay—hell; no one even knew he was gay. Paul's fingers curled together, resting on Ash's chest and sighing softly.

Hey, it was good sex. He couldn't complain—he's loved Ash ever since the guy came to Sinnoh. It took too long for both of them to realize they were perfect for each other.

Ash's eyes opened slowly, deep brown meeting Paul's piercing black eyes. Ash gave him a goofy smile, hugging the male closer to his chest.

"Good Morning~" He said cheerfully, kissing Paul's lips tenderly. Paul didn't reply; he just tucked his head between Ash's neck in silence. Ash sighed, kissing the top of Paul's head.

"That was fun last night, wasn't it?" Ash said flirtatiously. Paul cleared his throat, his face feeling warm. "Yeah, it was." He said flatly. Ash frowned. "At least have some sort of enthusiasm. I've never seen anyone cum that much—"

"Shut up." Paul hissed. Ash laughed, kissing Paul's forehead. "You're so cute."

Paul didn't reply—he just ran his fingers along Ash's warm skin.

"…So, what did you wanna do today?" Ash said, letting go of Paul and getting off the bed. His penis was swinging as he walked around the room, collecting his clothes that were flung around different parts of it.

Paul brought his knees to his chest, the sheets sliding off his body. He shrugged, "I dunno, whatever works."

Ash looked at him as he adjusted his black shirt, running his fingers through his tangled hair and slipping the gray beanie on.

"I'll be back later, Dawn & Zoey asked me to stop by Dawn's place." Ash said, putting on a blue jacket on the ground. Paul smiled slightly; it was his jacket.

Ash leaned over Paul, tilting his head up with his index finger, gently kissing him. Ash smiled when he saw how Paul immediately flushed red. Ash gave him another kiss, more passionate then the last. Ash broke contact, grinning. He walked towards the door, giving Paul another happy look.

"Bye, Paul," Ash said, slipping out of the room not waiting for Paul's response. Paul sighed, a grin spreading on his face. He got up off the bed, cringing in pain—his ass still hurt from last night.


Paul sat curled up on the stained bed sheets, a pillow in his lap as he flipped through channels on the television. The door opened, the dark haired boy Paul called his boyfriend walking in.

Paul sighed; was Ash really his boyfriend? All they did was fool around for a night. Could he really label them that quickly?

"Hey, there," Paul said, smirking harmlessly. Ash met his gaze, smiling back at him.

"Hey cutie," He said, shutting the door and flopping on the bed next to Paul.

"How was your day?" Paul asked. Ash put his arm around Paul's waist, Paul lying down next to him and resting his head on his chest.

"It was good, I guess. Wasn't that exciting seeing Dawn again—I always thought she was annoying. And I barely used to talk to Zoey, so she was just there talking about Candice," Ash said, "Besides, I wanted to hurry up and leave so I could see my wonderful boyfriend."

Paul tensed.

He said it.

Paul bit his lip, curling up tighter and closer to Ash. His heart was racing as he smiled wide. Ash looked at Paul, raising his eyebrow.

"You're smiling. Something's not right."

"No, no, everything's fine, it's just…" Paul looked up at him, still smiling, "You called me your boyfriend."

Ash smiled, sitting up and leaning against the headboard. "Well, that's because you are…if that's okay?"

Paul sat up, adjusting himself on Ash's lap facing him, arms wrapping around his neck.

"It's perfect, actually." He leaned in and pressed his lips to Ash's, kissing him softly. Ash's hands gripped Paul's narrow hips, thrusting his tongue into his lover's mouth. Paul's hands started threading through Ash's hair, closing his eyes are Ash's tongue wondered freely throughout the plum haired one's mouth.

For the first time in a while, Paul was genuinely happy. The majority of his life he was miserable and bitter and cold, but the second Ash stepped into his life, Paul was a totally different person—all because of a battle.

Paul awoke in Ash's arms again, this time fully clothed. Ash was already awake, looking down at a groggy Paul, smiling at him.

"Sleep well?" Ash asked. Paul nodded, nuzzling against his chest. Paul just couldn't get enough of being this close to Ketchum. Every opportunity he got, he made sure he was in Ash's loving embrace.

Ash got up off the bed, opening his suitcase in search of clean clothes to wear.

"I've got today planned out~" Ash said. Paul sat up, stretching his arms upward and scratching his bed head. "What plans?" He asked.

"Well," Ash said, pulling on a pair of jeans, "There's a contest being held in Snowpoint City, which is the next town over. Maybe we could go check it out, maybe grab a bite to eat?"

Paul smiled, "Yeah, that sounds good."

Ash looked at him. "Well get your ass ready." He said, walking towards his side of the bed and wrapping his arms around Paul, picking him up. Paul started yelling, swearing loudly and thrashing his arms around. Ash smirked as he set him down, Paul glaring coldly. He walked over to his bag, pulling out clothes. "You could've asked nicely, yanno…"

"That's no fun."

Paul glared again, walking into the bathroom to change in private. Ash sighed, putting on a dark blue shirt and his usual gray beanie. Words could not describe how much he loved Paul, even though he was a sour puss.

The two boys were ready, walking to Snowpoint City in silence. The harsh wind was blowing chilling air that made Paul shiver. Usually, something like this wouldn't faze him—Apparently, Ash must've made him soft. As much as Paul enjoyed being with Ash, he hated his newfound emotion. He just hoped he could still battle as great as he already did.

Ash wrapped his arm around Paul's waist as subtle as he could. Paul smiled, scooting closer to Ash's body heat as a blizzard began to rage.

"Where the fuck is this city, I can't see shit…" Paul said. Ash squinted his eyes as he pulled the beanie over his ears.

"…I think that's it." He pointed up ahead at the faint outline of a building.

"Race you!" Ash said, and started trudging through the snow quickly. Paul smiled, shaking his head as he stuffed his hands in his pockets as he watched his boyfriend frolic freely through the snow, then falling flat on his face.

Paul laughed, jogging over and helping Ash up out of the snow. "You alright?" He asked, brushing some of it off his coat. He looked up at Ash's face, chuckling at all the frozen water covering it. He slowly brought his hand, wiping away all the snow gently. Ash smiled, lacing his fingers between Paul's, both cold to the touch.

"Thanks." Ash said, continuing their steady trudge through the snow until they came across even land; Snowpoint City.

"Thank Arceus we're here." Paul exhaled, "I was getting sick of that stupid blizzard."

"Same. Let's get down to the contest hall and grab some seats before we're up in the nose bleed section."

Both agreed, so they walked over to the contest hall, which was right next door to the gym. The contest hall wasn't too crowded, but there were a lot of people excited to see the contest begin. Ash insisted on standing in line to buy some snacks, so they missed the first two contestants in the first round. When they got out of line, they were able to grab seats in the middle, just the right seats to view everything.

"Alright, let's send out our next contestant. You're on!" Marian, the master of ceremonies said, pointing towards the curtain. The pink curtain opened, a blue haired girl in a pink dress running out with a grin on her face.

"Hey, it's Dawn!" Ash said, smiling. Paul looked at him, smirking and shaking his head. It amused him how worked up over contests he got.

"Alright, Buneary, spotlight!" Dawn threw her purple PokéBall in the air, her rabbit Pokémon exiting along with bubbly hearts surrounding it. The crowd cheered at the adorable bunny in a vest posing in front of Dawn.

"Okay, Buneary, use Ice Beam towards the ground!"

Buneary jumped into the air, a blue sphere forming above its mouth as three jagged blue lines began shooting out of the sphere, slowly moving Buneary upward, creating an ice pillar.

"Dizzy Punch downward!"

Buneary jumped back into the air, its ears bashing down on the ice pillar, the pieces of ice breaking off and sparkling from the colorful dizzy punch. When Buneary reached the bottom, it threw its arms up just like Dawn was doing as the sparkly ice crystals rained down on the audience.

The crowd went wild, highly impressed by performance. Ash clapped excitedly, while Paul folded his arms with a blank expression. Sure, contests were interesting to watch at times, but he wasn't that impressed by Dawn's performance. All you needed to do was do something shiny and the crowd is wrapped around your finger.

Dawn and Buneary ran off the field and back behind the curtain, Marian signaling the next contestant.

"That was cool," Ash said, resting his arm over the top of Paul's seat. Paul shrugged, "I guess. The battling part is what I'm waiting for."

Ash smirked, "Why did I already know this?"


About six people went after Dawn, all doing the same glitzy moves that made the judges pretty much orgasm. The beauty portion made Paul bored out of his mind, since there were no bits of originality.

Ash, on the other hand, loved every performance. He was like a child, in complete awe. Paul just sat in silence.

"Welcome to the finals battle portion!" Marian's voice rang from the speakers, "The contest is just getting started! On the right side, representing Twinleaf Town, Dawn!"

Dawn raised a hand in the air, the crowd hooting in anticipation.

"And on the left side, representing Pallet Town, Gary!"

Ash shot straight up, elbows resting on his knees now.

"…When did Gary start doing contests…"Ash thought out loud. Paul looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"You know him?" He asked. Ash nodded, "Yeah, he was my rival was I was a kid…Haven't seen him in years…"

"Ready? Begin!"

"Buneary, spotlight!" Dawn flung up the PokéBall, Buneary and the hearts popping out with it.

Gary smirked, flinging his PokéBall in the air, "Scizor, let's go!" The large, red bug landed in front of Buneary, clamping its claws together.

"Dawn has the first move!" Marian's voice belted again, echoing throughout the arena.

"Alright Buneary, use Ice Beam!"

The blue sphere formed in front of Buneary's nose, the jagged blue lines shooting at Scizor.

"Dodge it and use Metal Claw!" Gary commanded. Scizor moved out of the way, running towards Buneary with glowing white claws, slashing them at Buneary and hitting it. Dawn's score under her picture went down a few bars.

"Buneary, Double Team!"

More and more Bunearys began to leave its side, circling around Scizor. Gary's score decreased.

"Swift in all directions, Scizor!"

Scizor held its meaty claws up, glitzy stars firing out of them as it hovered in the air, spinning around and shooting the many Bunearys, finally hitting the real one.

"A powerful and magnificent Swift attack from Scizor! We're heading into the thirty second mark, everybody!" Marian exclaimed, a big chunk of Dawn's score taken away.

"Buneary, use Dizzy Punch!"

"Counter it with Steel Wing!"

Buneary's ears began to glow different colors, charging head first for Scizor, while Scizor's wings lit up with white, flying right for Buneary. The two attacks collided, a heavy smoke cloud covering the two Pokémon.

A buzzer sounded. "Time's up! And the winner is…"

The smoke cleared, a fainted Buneary on the ground.

"…Gary & Scizor!"

The crowd began cheering loudly, Ash clapping loudly. Paul raised an eyebrow—if they were rivals, why was he so excited that Gary won…?

Dawn walked off the field, Buneary's PokéBall sitting loosely in her hand. The three judges walked on the field, presenting Gary with a Snowpoint City ribbon, his apparently third one earned. Marian thanked the audience for coming, informing them that the next contest would be at Lily of the Valley Island, the first ever contest in that area.

Ash and Paul waited out side of the contestants viewing room, Dawn walking out with a small frown on her face. She looked up and noticed them, smiling wide.

"Hey, guys!" She said, embracing Ash into a tight hug. Ash chuckled, hugging her back lightly.

"You did great, Dawn." Ash said. Dawn let go of Ash, quickly hugging Paul who just stood there, unamused.

"Thanks. And thanks for coming, even though I lost."

The other contestants were already out of the room, the last one leaving was, of course, Gary Oak.


Ash looked behind Dawn, grinning at the brunet.

"Gary." He walked towards him, hugging him warmly. Gary hugged back hesitantly, smiling.

"It's been too long, dude!" Ash said, letting go of Gary.

"Yeah, I know, I miss kicking your ass at battles." Gary smirked.

The two walked back to Dawn and Paul, Ash meeting Paul's gaze.

"Oh, um, Gary, you already know Dawn, obviously."

"We haven't formally met, though. You did a great job, Dawn." Gary smiled, taking her hand and kissing it gently, making Dawn blush intensely.

"And this is my…" Ash cleared his throat, "Friend, Paul."

"Hey, Paul." Gary said, extending his hand out to him. Paul shook it with his usual blank expression, but it was blank for a reason. Friend. Not boyfriend. Huh. Okay. Paul thought, flicking his purple hair out of his eyes.

"Ash & Gary seem a little… too friendly, don't you think?"

Dawn was standing next to Paul as Gary & Ash chatted away. Paul looked at her, "A little." He sighed.

Ash & Paul went back to the Pokémon Center in Canalave City, Gary staying in Snowpoint City. Good, Paul didn't need him over here taking Ash away from him.

Paul curled up under the bed sheets, sighing heavily to let his body relax. Ash came out of the bathroom, dressed in his usual white shirt and boxers, flopping into the bed next to Paul. Paul shifted around to face him, Ash wrapping his arms around him and pulling him close. Paul nuzzled close against Ash's chest, sighing again.

"Did you have fun?" Ash asked, kissing Paul's forehead. Paul shrugged, "I guess." He shifted again, his back now facing Ash. Ash frowned, resting his chin on Paul's shoulder.

"What do you think of Gary?"

"I dunno, I'm just your friend."

Ash sighed, sitting up. "That's why you're pissed at me?"

Paul turned so he was lying on his back, looking up at Ash. "For a second I'm your boyfriend, but when Gary comes around, I'm a friend."

"Dawn was right there, she doesn't know we're dating." Ash looked down at Paul, who looked out the window to the side of them. He smiled, leaning down and locking Paul into a tender kiss. "It's cute that you're jealous—"

"I'm not jealous!" Paul snapped. Ash held his hands up in defense, "Okay, okay, you're not jealous. But you don't need to be—I'm dating you, not Gary."

Paul sat up, bringing his knees to his chest. Ash smirked, giving Paul another soft kiss, one that kind of said 'I love you, please forgive me'. Paul bit his lip, he this time leaning in and kissing Ash, his arms resting around his neck as he fell back on the bed, Ash on top of him. For some reason, it was impossible to stay mad at him for long.

D'aw, Paul has emotion, how cute.

I really don't like Paul's character, so a personality makeover was probably for the best. Yeah, he's a hard ass, but a soft spot was just what he needed.

Bitch had it coming.


I've been procrastinating on writing because I've been consuming my time with Pokemon Platinum & Pokemon HeartGold. Personally, I like Platinum a bit better. It switches a lot, because I like the one that I'm not failing at horribly at the moment.

With both I beat all eight gym leaders, but with HeartGold I have to beat those stupid Kimono Girls.. They're so powerful and I have nothing that can take out Umbreon or Espeon quickly Dx AND with no time to heal? Angry Marissa is angry.

Platinum, I'm at the Elite Four. I just can't beat Barry when he runs out of nowhere all like YOU GONNA BEAT TEH POKEMONZ LEAGUE LULZ NOT YET!1! and then we battle. His fucking Snorlax, dude.. Makes me wanna punch something.

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