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Paul's eyes opened slowly, groaning at his head throbbing. Ash's side of the bed was empty, a note on the night stand. His heart sank, and his head throbbing again. Was his worst nightmare of Ash leaving coming true? Paul slowly reached for the note, gulping a heavy wad of worry; it hit his stomach with a thud.

Hey Paul,

Woke up early to train with Gary. Don't wait up.



Paul let out a heavy sigh of relief, but tensed up. He was out with Gary. Ugh. Gary was still in Sinnoh four days after the contest ended, and Ash & Paul had been dating for a little bit over a week. Paul kicked off the sheets, standing up and stretching.

He dressed in a gray shirt and black skinnies, an outfit that Ash convinced him to buy during their visit to Snowpoint City. Paul walked out of their room, shutting the door and walking towards the elevator, pressing the button for the first floor. It stopped two floors later, picking up a mousy brunette girl. She pushed the same floor as him, stepping back in silence.

She looked at Paul, who looked back with a cold stare.

"Are you a Coordinator?" She asked suddenly. Paul raised an eyebrow, "No, I'm a trainer."

"Oh, sorry, I could've sworn I've seen you at a few contests."

"I've watched some."

"Have you watched the Wallace Cup?"

Paul nodded, "Yeah, but I left early."

The girl nodded, "I think I remember seeing you in the crowd…I got second place."

"Oh, well, congratulations." Paul said, the elevator door opening. He motioned her to go first, walking out right behind her.

"Thanks. Well, bye~" She said, walking in the direction of the door. Paul waved slightly, walking towards the PC and dialing Reggie's number.

His face came on the screen, grinning at his younger brother. Staraptor sat behind him, eyeing the camera carefully.

"Hey, Paul, what's the occasion for this surprise?" Reggie asked. Paul smiled, looking down at his shoes.

"Oh, Arceus, You're smiling. It's either you killed something, or there's a girl of some kind."

"…Well…kind of."

"…You killed someone?"

"No, no, about the girl thing."

"Oh, what's her name and when am I meeting the lucky lady?"

Paul looked away from the screen.

"…It's a girl, right…?"

Paul didn't reply.

"Paul, it's okay if you don't like girls. No one's judging you, you're my little brother, I accept you any way you are."

Paul sighed, looking back up at the screen, Reggie's eyes filled with sincerity.

"…It's Ash."

Reggie's eyebrows shot up, smirking, "Really?" Paul nodded. Reggie laughed lightly, "Of all the times you would complain about that kid, you're dating him?"

"I thought no one was judging me, Reggie?"

Reggie held his hands up, nodding, "Point taken…Does he make you happy?"

"More then you'll ever understand."

"Do you trust him?"

Paul hesitated for a second, "Yeah, I do."

"How long have you guys been together?"

"Over a week."

"That's good enough for me. You're old enough to make your own decisions…What're you, sixteen?"

Paul rolled his eyes, unimpressed by his brother's up-teen year old humor. "I'm seventeen, dumbass."

"Seventeen. You can definitely make your own decisions. If you need anything, or just anyone to talk to, I'm always here for you, Paul."

Paul nodded, smirking. "Thanks. I gotta go."

"Glad you called, Paul."

Paul smiled, shutting off the call and sighing. He was glad that someone knew about his relationship; better than his parents or something.

"Geez, you still suck at Pokémon, Ashy-boy."

Paul cringed. Gary. He turned around, Gary's arm around Ash's shoulders, both laughing. Ash looked around, his gaze meeting Paul's. Ash grinned, walking away from Gary and embracing Paul.

"Hi, sexy~" Ash said, kissing Paul's cheek lovingly. Paul blushed, seeing Gary was watching them. Ash turned to face Gary, still holding Paul close.

"This one's mine." He said. Gary chuckled, flicking his hair out of his face.

"Paul, this guy really likes you, he wouldn't shut up about you." Gary informed him. Ash looked at Paul, Paul looking back at him. Ash was grinning like an idiot, planting another kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks for training with me, Oak." Ash said. Gary shrugged, "No problem. Not like it helped or anything, your strategy is still off and you don't counter well enough—"

"Blah, blah, if I needed to know that shit I would've asked your grandpa." Ash smirked. Gary rolled his eyes, pulling his jacket closer to his body.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Ash. Nice seeing you, Paul."

The couple waved goodbye to the Oak walking out of the Pokémon Center and into the soft spring air. Ash turned back to Paul, arms wrapped around his waist.

"I got some DVDs, and microwave popcorn—tonight is a bad movie night." He smiled, running his fingers along Paul's sides. Paul smiled, "That sounds good." The two walked towards the elevator, pushing the button for their floor and the door closing. Ash brought his hands back around Paul's waist, locking him into a gentle kiss. Ash broke contact, smiling at his purple haired lover. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too." Paul replied. The elevator door opened, the two boys separating from each other and walking down to their room.

"Oh hey, you're wearing the outfit." Ash pointed out, quickly smacking Paul's ass. Paul yelped, turning around and glaring at the laughing trainer. He opened the door to their room, slamming it in Ash's face.

"C'mon, baby, don't be like that!" Ash said behind the door, knocking. Paul flopped on the bed, smiling to himself as he picked up a book.

"…Paul…Open the door…"

Paul turned the page of the book.


Paul sighed, standing up and walking to the door, opening it to see Ash holding a bouquet of flowers. Paul blinked, leaning against the door frame and sighing.

"You cease to amaze me, Mr. Ketchum."

Ash pushed the white roses towards Paul, Paul accepting them slowly and taking a whiff of them.

"They're wonderful, Ash." Paul said softly. Ash walked through the door, wrapping his arms around Paul and kissing him with all the passion in his body. His hands slowly cupped Paul's face as he pushed his tongue farther into his boyfriend's mouth. Paul let him do so, despite the fact that the door was wide open. Ash shut the door with his heel, not breaking the kiss. Paul broke contact, blushing as he walked to the kitchen to put the flowers in water.

"So how was training with…Gary?" Paul asked, sitting down on the couch, Ash joining him seconds later.

"It was good—he's still better than me after all these years."

Paul nodded, silence falling over the room.

"…Did you guys date?"

He spoke before he could stop himself.

Ash blinked, looking at Paul, "…Yeah, we did. It was a while ago, though. It doesn't matter." Ash wrapped his arm around Paul's waist and pulling him closer.

"How long did you guys date?"

Ash chuckled, "It doesn't matter, we're not dating anymore, I'm dating you."

"Well it matters to me."

Ash sighed, collecting his arm and resting his elbows on his knees. "A year; we dated over a year. But that year is gone, and I'm with you." He leaned in and kissed Paul's cheek. Paul sighed, standing up and walking towards the bedroom. A year is doesn't matter. Yeah, whatever. Paul flopped on the bed, looking at the ceiling.


Paul looked up to see Ash close the bedroom door behind him. "You okay?"

Paul took a breath, laying on his side and smiling at Ash. He wouldn't let his envy get to him. "I'm fine, just wanted to lay down…" Ash nodded, "Can I join you?"

Without Paul replying, Ash got a running start and landed on the bed with a thud, Paul chuckling softly. Ash smirked, kissing Paul again sweetly, slowly gliding his tongue over Paul's lips, softly biting on his bottom lip. Ash broke contact, leaning down to nibble on Paul's neck. Paul gasped softly, making Ash sink his teeth deeper into his boyfriend's flesh, marking him. Ash ran his tongue over the love bite, and up along his throat until he reached Paul's lips, kissing him passionately. Ash's hands slithered down towards Paul's jeans, slowly circling his fingers along the button, making Paul bite down on Ash's bottom lip. Ash broke contact, Paul still holding on to his lip, slowly letting go. Ash smirked, pulling the zipper down so painfully slow. Paul bit his lip, slowly pushing Ash off, "No; not tonight." He said gently. Ash smiled, "It's cool." He gathered Paul in his arms, kissing him softly until his lips were numb.


Paul was restless that night. As he lay curled up in Ash's arms, the thought of him and Gary together made Paul uneasy—and for a year. Paul acted like one year wasn't a big deal. It is a big deal when Mr. One Year comes out of no where and tries to take his other half away.

Paul sighed softly, shifting in Ash's arms.

"Paul, go to sleep."

Paul stopped, shifting again so he was facing Ash; his brown eyes wide awake under the moon beams pouring in through the window.

"You have no reason to be restless, baby." Ash smiled, lightly kissing Paul on the lips. Paul broke contact, nuzzling into Ash's neck. Ash chuckled softly, hugging Paul closer.

"I know that you don't like that I dated Gary," Ash whispered, grabbing Paul's attention. "But you're not understanding that I'm not with him anymore. I broke up with Gary because…" Ash paused, taking a breath, "Well, 'cause he cheated. I walked in on him, naked, with a girl. And it hurt, of course it did, but not only because he cheated. Just the fact that it was with a girl. It was like, okay, you tell me you like guys, but you turn around and go fuck some skank. I really haven't talked to him until now. Why was I being so friendly? I wanted the asshole to see I'm happy now. When we went training today, all we did was argue."

Paul was quiet, still tucked in tight into his boyfriend's chest. Ash rested his chin on top of his head of purple locks, sighing gently.

"…What did you argue about?" Paul asked softly.

Ash was quiet for a few seconds, hugging Paul closer to him.

"He wanted to get back together."

Paul felt his stomach drop. He bit his lip so hard he thought it would rip right through.

"I said no, that I'm dating you, and proceeded to tell him why I'm in love with you."

Paul could feel himself blushing, a grin forming on his face. Ash Ketchum loved him. He never thought he would hear those words…ever.

"…What did you tell him?" Paul said quietly, more to himself then Ash. Ash obviously heard him, smiling to himself.

"Well," Ash said, very happy to inform his boyfriend of his perfections. "I told him that you're adorable…" He kissed Paul's forehead.

"…You're sweet…"

He kissed Paul's nose.

"…And you're everything I've ever hoped for."

Paul blushed so violently he felt his face would stay that color. Ash smiled at him, kissing him passionately, pulling him into his chest as if he were trying to mesh them into one person.

Paul could feel himself in a starry eyed daze. As both tongues invaded the other's mouth, Paul was lost in his endless thoughts. The first: Ash said he loves me… The second: This guy is an amazing kisser. The third: …Does Ash really love me? The fourth: I'm adorable? The fifth: Holy shit Ash said he loves me. The sixth: Do I say it back…?

The only thing holding Paul back from sputtering his feelings was the fact that Ash's tongue was down his throat. Ash exited from Paul's mouth, smiling cheerfully. He laid his head on the pillow, shutting his eyes slowly as he gently ran his fingers along Paul's side. Paul sighed softly, shutting his eyes and letting sweet unconsciousness take over his body, the word 'love' still bounding through his purple haired head.

Paul woke up early, and he had no idea why. The side next to him was empty, and the smell of crackling meat filled the air. The aroma pulled him out of bed and to the kitchen, where Ash was found hovering over a stove, shirtless. Paul smiled, "You really shouldn't be cooking bacon with your shirt off…" He informed.

Ash scoffed, flexing his noodle arms, "Only true men can cook bacon with their shirts off—SHIT!" He placed both his hands over his chest, the grease cracking and popping off the meat. Paul laughed, shaking his head and folding his arms. "So I'm guessing you're not a true man?"

Ash smirked, walking up to Paul and pulling him against his chest, gazing into his bright, black eyes, almost sparkling. He drew him into a soft kiss, hands running up and down his back.

"Good morning," Ash smiled, turning back to the food on the stove. Paul rolled his eyes, "Have you still not learned to not cook bacon with a shirt off?" He gently pushed Ash out of the way, watching over their breakfast, "Go put a shirt on, you idiot." Ash raised his hands in defense, backing away into the bedroom. Paul shook his head, picking up the wooden spoon and removing the bacon from the hot skillet onto a nearby plate, setting the plate on the table. Paul looked up, yelping and flushing red. Ash was leaning against the door frame—completely naked. He was grinning seductively.

"What? Is something wrong?"

Paul looked at the floor, blushing and attempting to piece together a sentence, "Ash, you're a…put pants on…moron."

"You've seen me naked before…"

"It was dark, and I had no idea what was happening, now go put pants on."

Ash shrugged, walking back into the bedroom. Paul sighed heavily, still crimson in the face. He turned around to open the fridge, digging out a carton of Aprijuice. Suddenly, arms were wrapped around his middle, making Paul yelp again as he felt something poking his back.

"Ash, would you go out some goddamn pants on?"

Ash ignored Paul's plea, nipping at his neck playfully. Paul giggled, which made him blush in embarrassment. He coughed, wiggling out of Ash's grip and turned to face him, smiling lightly. Ash smirked, kissing his forehead, "I'll go put pants on now." He whispered.

"Please do."


After Ash decided to dress appropriately, the two enjoyed a light breakfast and early morning cartoons curled up on the couch.

"So, I was thinking," Ash said, breaking the silence, "That we could head over to Lake Verity and hang out there for a while? I wanted to spend my day with you~" Ash smiled. Paul nodded, smirking slightly. "Sure, that sounds good."

Ash got up off the couch, stretching his arms and scooping Paul up bridal style. Paul yelped, blushing and looking up at Ash.

"Let's go." Ash said.

They took a ferry to Twinleaf Town around two in the afternoon, walking over to the quiet shore of Lake Verity. The Verity Cavern was swarming with Wingull, the sun shining down on the crystal clear waters, sparkling, and the Finneon jumping. Paul sat in the grass, Ash sitting right behind him, wrapping his arms around Paul's middle, who leaned back to lie against Ash's chest.

They were quiet, enjoying the gentle sounds of the water, the chirp of the Wingull, and the presence of each other.

"…Ash?" Paul said, almost too quietly to hear.


"What made you come back to Sinnoh, anyway?"

Ash looked out at the lake, sighing softly. "I came back for different things. I came back because I wanted to rematch the gym leaders, show off my newfound strength. I came back to see my old friends, like Dawn and Brock and Barry. I came back to challenge the strongest rival I've ever had. I ended up staying because of that rival, but I didn't think I'd fall in love with him."

Paul smirked, trying to resist the urge to blush. Ash's hands pulled Paul's jacket away from his shoulder, nibbling at his neck. His free hand wandered down to Paul's side, slipping his hand underneath his shirt and ran across his stomach slowly. Paul gasped lightly, tensing under Ash's chilled touch.

"Relax for me." Ash whispered against the love bite, continuing to sink his teeth into Paul's skin. Paul loosened a bit, enjoying the feel of Ash's tongue running along his throat. Paul shivered, pressing back against Ash's chest. Ash smirked, unwrapping his legs from around Paul, letting him adjust himself on Ash's lap, now straddling Ash's pelvis. Without hesitation, Ash quickly drew Paul into a kiss, volts of happiness pulsating through Paul's body. Ash's hands wandered past Paul's shirt, running gently down his back. Oh Arceus, this a moment that Paul didn't want to end—

"Hi, guys!"

Paul quickly broke contact, staring up with narrow eyes at the voice that interrupted.

Ash smiled, "Hi, Dawn."

"What're you guys doing out here…?"

"Oh, yanno…" Ash looked at Paul, his hands still under his shirt, "Hanging out."

Paul continued to sit on Ash's lap, blushing violently as Dawn looked at him.

"I see…Oh, Gary was looking for you, Ash. I saw him in Sandgem Town talking with Professor Rowan, and he wanted me to give you this." Dawn reached in her bag, pulling out a thin, cream colored paper, laced with silver letters. Ash took it, taking his hands off of his boyfriend and reading it.

"'You're invited to celebrate Volkner's 21st birthday at Veilstone City's Game Corner'. Since when has he known Gary?"

Dawn shrugged, "I dunno, but it's really exclusive. Like, you're not allowed in unless you show that invitation. It's probably gonna be the wildest party ever."

"Even more wild then Roark's eighteenth?"

Dawn smiled, "Maybe. That's a hard party to top."

Paul let his arms fall to his side, quietly ease dropping on the conversation he wasn't involved in. He watched Ash crack a smile and laugh with Dawn as they reminisced about past parties and how exciting they were. Paul sighed softly, hoisting himself off of Ash and sitting next to him, crossing his legs and picking at the grass. Ash laced his fingers around his, continuing his conversation with Dawn. Paul smiled a bit, looking out at the water.

"Yeah…but Roark's takes the cake for the best party as of right now." Ash said.

"Agreed…So, I'll see you there?"

"Yeah, definitely. Stop by the Pokémon Center in Canalave City, and we can go together."

"Sounds good. I'll see you later, Ash! Bye, Paul!" Dawn said, turning out of Lake Verity.

Ash turned and smiled at Paul, giving his hand a squeeze. "Hi, there."

Paul blinked, "Hi."

Ash frowned, "Don't get all sourpuss on me now."

"Well, you were kind of talking about plans that I'm not involved in, so, it's a bit awkward."

Ash rested his arm over Paul's shoulders, pulling him into his chest. "I won't be at the party too long; two hours, three tops. And then we can…" Ash's free hand slithered down to Paul's stomach, fingers lightly brushing his zipper. Paul gasped, bringing his knees up to his chest.

"Do you want that?"

Paul bit his lip, nodding quickly. Ash smirked, "I knew you did."


Paul sat on their bed back in Canalave City, patiently waiting for his boyfriend to step out of the bathroom and reveal his party outfit, since he was so worked up over it.

"Why is it so difficult to choose an outfit? I'm a guy, it shouldn't take this long." Ash called from the bathroom.

"That comes with being gay—the inability to pick an outfit quickly." Paul teased. Ash poked his head out, glaring at Paul. Paul smiled, swinging his feet to hang off the bed.

"Okay, I think I got something…"

"Then let me see!"

Ash stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a black button-down, and dark blue denim jeans. He did a subtle twirl, smirking at Paul. "Approve?"

Paul smiled, "You look great, Ash." Ash smiled back, pulling out a red tie from his back pocket, fumbling it between his fingers. "…Can you help me put this on?"

Paul chuckled, getting up off the bed and snatching the tie from Ash's hands, wrapping the tie around his neck and tying it slowly, gazing up at Ash and smiling.

"There." Paul said quietly. Ash smiled, kissing Paul's lips lightly. "Thanks."

There was a sudden knock at the door, the two boys looking in the general direction. Paul smiled, kissing Ash's cheek, "Have fun."

Ash smiled, giving Paul a loving embrace, walking over to the door and opening it with a wide grin.

"Hey, Dawn."

He stepped out of the way to let Dawn in, who was wearing a lilac cocktail dress, her blue hair down in a side pony tail.

"Hi, Ash. You ready to go?"


Dawn stepped back outside, Ash looking at Paul and smiling, waving goodbye. The door shut, the room utterly silent. Paul sighed, flopping down on the couch. Two or three hours tops…Paul thought, slowly unbuttoning his jeans.

For the majority of the night, Paul watched television, had a battle with that girl from the elevator (Her name's May), and had a bit of… Paul time.

It was almost one in the morning. Paul decided it would've been sweet to wait around for Ash, but he was exhausted. He was curled up in bed, an untouched book on his other side.

Paul sighed, shaking his head. Fuck it. He thought, turning off the light and laying back into bed.

It was the first night that Paul slept alone. He felt loneliness sweep through him, making him feel heavier and empty as sleep washed over him.

The door slammed. Paul jolted awake, rubbing his eyes. He groaned, sitting up and stretching. He looked at the clock on his night stand—it was five in the morning.

Paul got up off the bed, peering out of the bedroom door into the living room, Ash staggering over to the couch—

With Gary.

"Easy, Ash," Gary chuckled. Ash lost his balance, Gary quickly catching him. Ash laughed, hiccupping.

"Man that was a fun party…" Ash said, giggling some more. Gary nodded, setting Ash gently on the couch, "Yup. Now it's time for you to sleep, you're drunk as shit." Gary said, sitting down next to him. Ash nuzzled against Gary's arm, sighing heavily. Gary smirked, patting Ash's head.

"Remember whenever we'd come back from a party, we'd sit around and watch old home movies from when we were kids?" Ash said suddenly. Gary nodded, draping his arm over the top of the couch.

"Yeah…and we'd always watch those videos of me beating you in battles." Gary chuckled softly, looking down at the intoxicated Ketchum. He sighed, getting up off the couch and letting Ash's body hit the couch cushions, as he was already half asleep. Gary leaned down and gently kissed his forehead, walking to the door.

Paul pushed the bedroom door open, pretending to stretch and yawn. Gary turned around, smiling sincerely.

"Thanks for bringing him back, Gary." Paul said quietly, barely audible.

"No issue…he was ready to come back anyway, as drunk as he is." Gary paused, folding his arms across his chest, "I wanted to get him back to you."

Paul's stomach sank, weighing down his whole body and mind.

Maybe Gary wasn't such a bad guy after all…

"Thanks." Paul choked out, flushing with gratitude.

Gary smirked, "Again, no issue. Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"Let's have a battle sometime. By what Ash tells me, you're pretty good."

Paul shrugged, looking down at the ground, "Eh, I'm not that good, but a battle sounds like a plan."

Gary nodded, "I better get going. Nice seeing you, Paul."

"You too, Gary."

Gary smiled, stepping out into the hall, shutting the door, clicking softly.

Paul sighed, looking at Ash, who was curled up in a deep sleep. Paul set a trash can right next to him, in case the alcohol wanted to come back up for another party. Paul kissed Ash' forehead, heading back into his room and slipping back into bed, his outlook on the people now in his life completely different, and a lot more positive then it was before.

The window next to his bed had a perfect view of the night sky, swirls of midnight blue and dark purple staring back at him, dotted with stars and laced with pale gray dust, the moon in the center, smiling down at Paul as he slept easy for the first time all night.

And for the first time in his life, Paul was genuinely happy—and he was actually really glad to have lost that battle against Ash.

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