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An Act of Revenge

Chapter 1

I will never forgive Merlin, Morgana thought angrily. Their plan had gone so well, almost perfect really, and for it to end so suddenly made Morgana want to scream. The odds of an immortal army being beaten were almost impossible, yet somehow Merlin and Arthur managed to win back Camelot with a rag tag team of men. It would've been laughable, though Merlin knew what he had to do to stop the army.

When she arrived in the chamber where the cup of life had previously been protected, Morgana was almost immediately horrified to see that Merlin and Gaius had apparently defeated not only the soldiers sent to protect the cup, but also Morgause. She took a shuddering breath as she remembered holding her sister's broken body as she took her last breath. Never had Morgana felt such a strong bond with any of her family until Morgause and she knew things were never the same. She felt lost without her sister, and Morgana felt there was only one thing to do. Revenge.

Morgana didn't know how Merlin always seemed to find a way to defeat her and it was incredibly infuriating. Ever since her return to Camelot, he had foiled her every step of the way. He found and destroyed the mandrake root, destroyed the rowan staff that commanded the skeleton army just to name a few. Merlin seemed like such an idiot, yet he was eternally loyal to Arthur and loathe as Morgana was to admit it, he was a threat.

Morgana's grief over Morgause's passing handicapped her, and for weeks she wandered aimlessly in the Darkling Woods just thinking. She needed revenge, Merlin needed to suffer for how he hurt her, and once he was out of the picture, it would be far easier to try to reclaim Camelot's throne.


The voice came suddenly into to her head, a male voice, a child's voice. And Morgana recognized it instantly. "Mordred?"

The boy suddenly appeared from behind a tree, and Morgana didn't hesitate to hug him. "Mordred, it is so good to see you."

"You too Morgana," the boy said pulling away from the embrace. "Follow me."

Delighted, she followed him, noticing that Mordred appeared to have grown a couple inches since the last time she saw him.

A short while later Mordred led her to a small cave, and when she entered it, she was surprised to see another familiar face. "Alvarr!" she exclaimed.

"How are you, Morgana?" He replied.

"Not well," she admitted. "I've been through a rough time. Merlin has ruined everything."

"You speak of Emrys," Mordred said simply.

"Emrys?" Morgana asked, confused.

"There is an old prophecy," Alvarr explained. "Of Emrys, the most powerful sorcerer who will help the Once and Future King unite the land and bring magic back to Albion."

"Are you trying to tell me that Merlin is this Emrys?" Morgana asked with a great deal of skepticism.

Mordred nodded quickly.

"That's impossible, there is no way he is a sorcerer!" Morgana declared.

"He is," Mordred replied.

"I heard that he even killed the sorceress Nimueh," Alvarr pointed out.

Morgana's mind was reeling, she found it so impossible to think that such an ordinary person like Merlin had magic, it was ridiculous. Yet, as she thought of it, strange things did seem to happen when Merlin was around. One of the earliest was when a gust of wind suddenly came through a sealed corridor to kill the afanc, but she also remembered the time when Merlin escaped from Morgause's unbreakable chains. He was as slippery as an eel, and now she finally knew why. If only her sister was here, Morgause would know how to defeat him.

Morgana then told them everything, from the time Merlin first arrived in Camelot. All the times when Uther, Arthur, Gwen should've died but were saved by miracle. The time Merlin poisoned her, and how he killed her sister. But once she was done, Morgana paused for breath and then spoke again.

"I want to make Merlin suffer," Morgana declared through clenched teeth. "He killed my sister, and I won't rest until he hurts the way I am."

Mordred grinned a nasty grin. "I will help you."

"And I," Alvarr said coldly. "Anyone who protects Uther Pendragon deserves to die."

"We must strike at his heart, break him," Morgana said. "He took my sister, I want to take who is most precious to him."

"You mean Arthur?" Alvarr asked skeptically.

"Arthur and Merlin's guardian Gaius would be hard to get to, I'm thinking of his mother," Morgana explained. "Hunith."

Hunith looked out of her door and smiled as she saw the sun go down behind the trees. She may live a simple life, but she was comfortable here and usually very happy. Ealdor had its problems at times, but she would not choose to leave it. But as much as she loved her home, Hunith still felt lonely at moments like these. She missed her son Merlin so much that it hurt at times, but she knew that he was where he was supposed to be.

She shivered and wrapped her shawl around her shoulders, and then she turned and walked the short way down to where he cottage stood. It had been her home for over three decades, though now she was the only occupant. It was lonely sometimes, but Hunith persevered. Stepping into her darkened house she turned to the fireplace and lit a candle.

Distracted as she was, Hunith never saw the person lurking in her home. And she never saw the hand that forced a cloth over her mouth, knocking her unconscious.