Okay it was a lot sooner then I thought it would be but here is the very first chapter of Changing Perspectives. I have changed Jessie's birthday to July 16th so she will be able to volunteer to be a Potter in book seven. Any who, enjoy.

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CHAPTER 1: Birthday Surprises

"FRED WEASLEY YOU ARE DEAD MEAT!" 13 year old Jessie Black shouted racing down the burrow stairs and into the kitchen where the twins were sitting.

"EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!" Fred said bolting out of his chair and out the kitchen door.

Jessie stopped in the kitchen before flopping into the seat Fred had been in.

"Wow you can sure clear a room fast." George said looking around as Ginny came down the stairs.

"Its an art." Jessie shrugged.

"Its a gift." Ginny laughed "So what are you doing today?"

"I don't know. Fred and George said they would do Quidditch with me today." Point at George.

"Is its safe?" Fred asked poking his head into the kitchen.

"Its never safe." Jessie grinned.

"Morning all." Mr. Weasley grinned coming into the kitchen knocking Fred ass over tea kettle.

"Sorry Fred." He apologized helping his son up.

"Its okay. Better then suffering Jessie's wrath." Fred said sitting at the table, a chair between him and Jessie.

Jessie just leaned over grinning at him as if she knew something he didn't.

"George." Fred said leaning away slowly.

"Jessie didn't I tell you not to play with your food." George said snatching the Daily Prophet from his dad.

"GEORGE!" Fred cried.

"Alright you two quit playing with Fred's mind." Ginny said sitting between Fred and Jessie.

Jessie's brow creased when she looked at the headline on the Daily Prophet that George was looking at. She leaned over his arm to get a better look.

"HEY!" George exclaimed when Jessie suddenly snatched the paper from him.

Jessie ignored him reading the small text under the large moving picture "Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban Prison late last night-"

"Isn't he your-" Ginny started.

"-my dad." Jessie finished.


"Why didn't Dumbledore tell me my dad was a mass murderer!" Jessie cried pacing the in twins room.

"Maybe he thought you couldn't handle it." Fred shrugged earning a glare from Jessie.

"He's got a point Jessie. You were 11 years old." George said.

"HE STILL COULD HAVE TOLD ME!" Jessie exclaimed swiping furiously at the tears staining her cheeks.

George stood up and hugged Jessie, who kept her arms limply at her sides.

"You know your suppose to hug back." George grinned over her head "Good girl." He said once Jessie wrapped her arms around his waist.

"All right enough of this mussy stuff lets go play Quidditch!" Fred said leaping off the bed.

Jessie and George laughed pulling apart "Okay." Jessie wiped the last of the tears from her cheeks.


"You both really suck as chasers." Jessie laughed as they walked down the hill towards the house.

"Were beaters for a reason Jessie." Fred said.

"Are you kidding? Your human bludgers." Jessie commented adjusting her cleansweep 8 on her shoulder.

"That too." George grinned.

"JESSIE! FRED! GEORGE! DINNER!" Mrs. Weasley shouted.

"Race ya." Jessie said mounting her broom before flying towards the Burrow.

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