Modus Vivendi

Part XXIV: Samsara

"When we don't know who to hate, we hate ourselves."

The years pass, the world changes, people die, people live and he stays the same.

Sometimes everything passes by in a blur, sometimes the world crawls especially slow.

In the end, he is alone, and he does not care.

Reaver is dead. Not in life, no, never. He will never die, because he never wants to and because he can not do so.

Who knows what Ariadne faces now? Perhaps, what he fears is not death, nor the matter of dying, but what comes after. What comes after is unknown.

The Shadow Judges scare him.

So life goes on, as it should, as it always has and always will.

And this is where Reaver's story ends, or begins, perhaps.

Maybe it doesn't begin with the finding of a book, maybe it doesn't begin with Ariadne and Sibyl, or with the destruction of Oakvale and the rise of the Pirate King?

Maybe it begins with Sparrow.

"Well, hello there. Always a nice surprise to have company – I don't get many visitors to my coastal palace."

Or is that a part of Sparrow's story? But it is where the truest part of his life begins. It is where he meets the woman who throws him a bone for the Industrial, and it is her daughter that becomes the greatest Queen that Albion has ever had, and her story, well his and hers story is one for a different time.

But for now, the curtain closes here.

This is his past, his story, it is one of different names and places than you may know, but it is his story.

The End

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