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Summary: Katherine of Aragon has decided instead of living for her husband, she needs to live for not only herself but her daughter as well. To do that there has to be changes. Change she may not like or agree with, but one's that can be very beneficial. She is willing to give Henry what he wants if only she can move on. Is it that simple though? Nearing twenty years of marriage, the love should be gone, it has proven time and time again it is not there, yet when the time comes where she agrees, will his heart allow it?

Katharine's POV

"Enough of this game!" Katherine of Aragon fought the urge to jump as her bedroom doors were thrown open. She panicked for a second, knowing no one would be there to help her , as she had already sent her ladies away for the night. Looking up though she prepared herself to listen to her husband, his breathing harsh, face red, eyes narrowed in anger.

"Husband, must you enter my rooms in such a disruptive manner?" She tried keeping her voice strong and sure, but a tiny quiver managed to make its presence known.

"You need to learn your place wife! Writing to the Emperor!" She watched only slightly shocked as he pulled out a letter, a letter she had written only two days previous. "Always your ever-loving servant! His servant? Last I knew my lady you were MY wife, yet you are HIS ever-loving servant? What is the meaning of this!" She glanced towards the letter that was now laying innocently on the floor, only slightly inclining her head towards him as he spoke. "Explain Katharine! Explain now!"

"I have nothing to explain your majesty. I was simply writing to my cousin for a small amount of help." She wished not to explain more, but knew as soon as he opened his mouth it was inevitable, she was only thankful she had gotten the other letter previous to him without it being intercepted.

"What advice do you seek form the Emperor, that you could not seek from me?" Venom pouring from his voice she knew to tread carefully.

"Husband, Dear Henry…If you get the end to our marriage that you are seeking…may it be upon me to…marry whom I choose?" The Queen knew it was risky to ask, since he already appeared so angry, but atlas for the sake of her daughter and herself she must ask.

"Marry whom you…you would wish to…" Katherine watched him carefully as he considered her words. Normally these words would be enough to at least consider treason, if he were to assume she was already pursing someone else.

Henry's POV

She was considering remarrying …meaning she was considering the divorce. Henry knew he should be happy, thrilled in fact, once the divorce went through he would be free to marry whom he choose, free to marry his beloved Anne. But pleasure was not what the King was currently feeling. Sadness was but a small feeling, while anger had completely vanished, what was left was fear…and loss. They were not divorced, yet it was if he had already lost her.

"Who were you thinking I would allow you to marry? Do you wish to marry a common man! Do you feel as if you even deserve a marriage to another? Why do…?"

"I wish to marry the King of France!"

Henry couldn't even get angry at the fact she had interrupted him. He sat there in shock, trying to process what he had just been told, yet no, it couldn't be possible.

"The King? You wish to remarry to the King of France?" His voice no quieter than a whisper was devoid of emotion as he himself was not fully sure that was what was being said.

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