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"You wish to marry the King of France?"

Each time he repeated it, her heart beat a little faster. Henry did not look angry, yet it was possible it just hadn't sunk in yet.

"Henry…please say something." Katherine tried not raising her voice above a whisper hesitant to set him off, afraid of what he might say once he began to speak.

"What would you like me to say, please tell me. My wife wishes to marry my enemy, MY ENEMY KATHERINE! What could one possibly say to that?"

"Please understand Husband. The king could give Mary and I a good life, a life filled with happiness and joy."

"You…and Mary? You would take Mary away? You would take my Pearl away from me?"

Ignoring the hurt and anger that rang clearly through his words as he spoke, she pressed on.

"She would be considered a bastard here my love. A bastard! She would no longer be able to find a man of good standings to marry. Her reputation gone, only known as the King's bastard from then on out. And she would be alone. I would be gone, and it is obvious you do not care for her as you speak you do, your words false as you say them. She would be no one, sent away from court with only a few sparse ladies to follow. What kind of life would that be for your "Pearl"?"

She knew she was pushing past previously untouched limits, but she had to get him to agree. She could not…would not… leave her daughter, her precious little Mary behind if she were to leave.

"Shut up! I love my daughter and you will not take her from me. I wish not to claim her as a bastard but to prove our marriage is a sin. Our marriage is false, it was not meant to be. You caused this! You caused our child to be a bastard. You laid with my brother and then decided since he was dead you would grab the first available King that was near by.

A weeping brother of your former lover, soon to be King, it was perfect for you! If you had moved on, Mary would not need to be claimed a bastard, this is you're doing. You knew our marriage was a sin from the very first time our lips met in a kiss. If you feel the need to blame this on me then continue on this path. Our marriage will end though, and our daughter will be claimed a bastard, no matter what feelings you throw out there. I at least thought you would have some dignity, but I see I gave you too much credit wife."

Katherine could only gasp as she stared at her husband. The fact he could so selfishly blame her for everything that was occurring, as if she had decided to set these plans forward. As if she told him to listen to that little…that little witch as she spread lies like wild fire.

He chose to listen to that Boelyn girl, and he absorbed everything she threw out to him, listened to all the lies that could not possibly hold an ounce of truth. They were married before God, and everyone knew it. Just because her husband decided it was in his best interest to lay with another woman and listen to her lies, she was not going to be insulted like this.

"My fault! I have never laid with a man before in my life. Your brother was simply a friend, before and during our marriage God bless his soul. I would never lie to you, and to think you would make such claims against your daughter upon words of that harlot! We have tried constantly to please you, and yet you knock us down each time. Do you know what our daughter said on her last visit to Court? Do you husband!

She asked why her father hated her, why her father disliked her so much, he wished her to be born a boy! She asked why being a girl was not enough for her , and though I tried to explain about the need for an heir, she questioned why SHE could not be the next Queen. An I did not know what to say, because Henry it is true, she is royal and she should be the next to sit upon that throne and look over these lands, but you once again could not give her that, even though it is rightfully hers!"

She knew she had made a mistake by letting her anger get the better of her. She had never once screamed at her husband, nearing twenty years now and this was the first time words of such anger and hate had flown from her mouth. She quickly moved away form the King, eyes glued to the floor. Katherine did not apologize though, she believed her words were true, and the King needed to hear them if her and her daughter were ever going to live a happy life.

"Look at me."

She refused to lift her head though, fearing though she knew her words to be true, it was enough most likely to push the king over the edge and that would not lead to good things for her. She was telling him of things he wished not to hear. If he made a single move to go against her, she was sure he could get enough people to support him in having her head swiftly removed from her shoulders. Though her people loved her, he was the King, and he got whatever he desired.


She had the nerve to raise her voice against him. He was the King of freaking England, and yet she had the audacity to speak to him in such a manner. It was unheard of, and he was half tempted to shout back. That would settle nothing though, and this matter needed to be settled quickly.

Maybe he could not persuade her to keep Mary in England if she were to leave, but he could stop her fro leaving all together. It would not be that hard. As she was his Queen now he still had control of her, and even when their voice had finalized, she resided in his Kingdom. He could marry her off or send her away, it would be up to him to choose as he saw fit. Yet the thought of her with another didn't seem to sit right with him.

As he lifted his head to speak, he was shocked as he heard he doors slam open once more, causing his wife to jump. Turning quickly he was prepared to shout at whoever interrupted them, surprised as he locked eyes with Anne Boelyn…his future Queen. Though they would soon wed, he was shocked at her show of disrespect as she barged in coming to stand before him, while all the while glaring at Katherine. Anne may not like her, but she was still the Queen. Though as he went to say something he was shocked as Anne threw her arms around him without a word.

"My lord, I have such wonderful news! I'm pregnant!" Henry's mouth hung open in shock. He could only wrap his arms around her, while he stared at the Queen. Katherine's eyes were clouded over with obvious pain, and signs of tears, yet her face remained neutral her lips in a thin line.

"If it pleasing to your highness, I wish to retire to bed now. This conversation has finished its self. Good bye now."

Henry could only nod, as he watched her. This wasn't suppose to happen. Knowing he has hurt wife with displays of affection with the Lady Anne, he grabbed her hand and pulled her gently behind him. Knowing without looking Anne wore a smile of satisfaction, and pride. He closed the door behind him, feeling numb, not knowing what to do he stood there as Anne grinned widely at him, as if she knew she had won a wonderful trophy.

This could not be over though.

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