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"Sometimes I wonder about the two of you." Alex said looking at her husband. "I leave the two of you alone with them for just an hour! And I come back and I get this!" She added.

Dean looked at Sam then looked around the kitchen at the mess that they hand made.

"We were trying to cook and surprise when you got back." Dean said trying to put on a smile.

Sam laughed a little bit only to get a elbow from his brother causing him to stop. Alex looked down at the floor at the three children in front of her who were covered in flour and god knows what else.

"Yea sure Dean." Alex said shaking her head and putting her bag down on the table. "I want both of you to get the kids into the bathroom for me and I will give them a bath. I want the two of you to clean this up by the time I'm done with all three of them." She added.

Sam picked up the twins who had grown so much in the last two years. Alex watched as Dean picked up their almost two year old daughter who was a perfect mixture of the both of them.

"Come on Dean get a move on." Alex said with a smile. "We do not need Zeppelin Chevy here getting all dried with that stuff on her. Now move it." She added shoving him a bit.

Alex shook her head as Dean started to singing music as he disappeared out of sight. Shaking her head Alex walked over to the closet and pulled out the broom and dust pan putting them on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"We are waiting!" Dean shouted causing her to smile. "We are waiting momma!" He added.

Jogging up the stairs she was met by Sam who was now covered with more stuff then before. He kissed her cheek then smiled as he walked past her going back down stairs.

"Tell her babies." Dean said nodding at the three of them who already splashing water. "Call her and say come on we need a bath." He added.

"Tell him that she is here." Alex said laughing.

Dean jumped at the sound of her voice causing her to lap as she got down on her knees beside him on the floor.

"They aren't the only ones who need a shower." replied Alex with a laugh. "Say Uncle Sammy and Dada needs one too." She added fanning her face causing the three kids to laugh.

Shaking his head he got up from his spot then bent down and kissed her lips quickly before walking out of the bathroom leaving her alone with the three kids.

"Alright munkins which one of you is first?" Alex said as they were laughing and playing in the bath.


"I still after two years can not believe that you named your daughter Zeppelin Chevy." Sam said shaking his head. "If Akana was here she would have either kicked your ass or laughed." He added.

Dean nodded in agreement as they cleaned up the kitchen. Looking up at his baby brother Dean wanted to say something but couldn't figure out the words to say.

"You know you can stop looking at me." Sam said putting a pan full of stuff into the trash can. "You can say something about her. It won't bother me." He added.

"Yea right Sammy." Alex said walking into the kitchen with a towel in her hands. "The kids are in tucked into their beds. But yours want a story, make it about their momma. I'll help my husband." She added.

Sam handed her the broom as she walked over to Dean who was staring at his brother who walked out.

"It has been two years, I believe he has finally let her go any hope that she is coming back." Alex said nodding at Dean. "And so should you. We have a normal life for two years that I know of. So Dean get that look out of your eyes." She added.

"What?" Dean asked as he went back to wiping down the island.

Alex shook her head and smiled a bit as she started swiping up the mess that had been made when she left.

"Dean Winchester, I know that look upon your face." Alex said walking over to him causing him to look at her. "I've seen it plenty of times. There is no way to bring her back. WE have to get on with our lives and make the best of it. Also we need to make sure that the twins know all about her." She added.

"I know that Alexandra Winchester." Dean said using her full name causing her to glare at him. "But I came back so she could be able to come back." He added.

Alex put the broom up against the counter top and looked at him.

"Dean, you were brought back by Castial a angel." Alex said sounding a bit upset. "My sister jumped into a hole in a cemetery with the Devil INSIDE OF HER! She is NOT coming back!" She added.

Before Dean could say anything she walked out of the room. Hitting the counter top he watched as she went back upstairs leaving him alone.


"Stowry." Isaiah said clapping his hands as Sam walked into the room that his twins where sharing.

Sam walked over to the small bookshelf and grabbed a hold of a book.

"How about peter pan?" Sam asked as he turned around to look at the twins.

Both shook their heads as he turned back around to get another one.

"How about The Three Bears?" Sam asked turning around once more to see them shaking their heads no. "How about a story about mommy?" He added causing them to grin brightly.

He smiled as he watched his daughter's eyes light as he sat down in a chair that was placed in the middle of the two beds.

"There are so many different stories of your mom." Sam said as he looked at both of them who were starry eyed to hear yet another story of their mom. "I can't pick which one to do tonight." He added.

Sam went to say something else but stopped as Alex walked into the room holding a package that looked that it had never been open.

"I forgot to give you this today." Alex said looking at him as he stood up. "It's addressed to the twins it's from, it's from Ak, it's from Akana." She added finally.

Handing him the package Alex stood there as he looked at the twins for a second as he walked back to the chair and sat down in it. Dean appeared in the doorway of the room as he put his arms around Alex's waist pulling her against him. Sam opened the box and pulled out another envelope and a note. Putting the long envelope on the floor he opened the note.

"Sam, I am sure that you will be getting this when I am gone." Sam said without looking up. "I left it with somebody who I knew would send it out when the time was right. And if I am right that means a few years down the road. But I wanted to leave you guys with one this one last piece of me before I left. There is a video that I want the twins to see. Please show them." He added.

Alex picked up the other package from the floor and opened it and walked over to the TV in the corner. Dean looked as his daughter was crawling into the room, smiling he picked her up as she giggled loudly causing Alex to turn around with a smile as she pushed the VHS into the VCR. Grabbing the remote from the top she threw it at Sam and turned the TV on.

"Here goes nothing." Sam said pushing play on the remote.

The screen flickered for a little bit then it showed a small area of a house that was unfamiliar to them. After a few seconds Akana walked around the camera from the side and sat down on a small foot stool and smiled towards the camera.

"Memma!" Isaiah shouted as Mary's eyes lit up even more making her look more like her mom.

Akana let a smile go across her face as if she had heard him say that, tears were noticeable as they fell from her eyes. Wiping them away she looked away from the camera for a second then back.

"Momma misses the two of you so much." Akana said as she stared at them. "Isaiah I hope you are being daddy's little man and helper when it comes to your sister Mary. Mary I hope that you are daddy's little princess and you are like me. I love the two of you so very much. I am sorry that I could not be there to see the two of you. But I promise that I will always be there for me if you need me. I know none of this makes any sense to the two of you now, but when you are older things will fall into place and you'll get a better understanding. But if you ever need anything like to talk I am always there. Don't be scared to talk. I love the both of you so much. Sam you can turn around and tuck them into bed now because I'm sure they are passed out." She added.

Sam turned around to see that both of the twins had fallen asleep. Alex smiled a little bit as she noticed her sister was still smiling as if she was waiting on Sam to finish what he was doing. Turning back around Sam looked at Akana who was still there on the screen.

"Alex, Sam, and Dean I am sorry for the way that things went down. If I could have found another way to end things and keep me alive I would have took that option you all know that." Akana said taking a deep breath. " I did what I did to save all of you. Most important I did it to save my babies. Sam I am sorry that I left you to raise them alone. I wish I could have been there to see what a good dad have been. You are my angel and I love you so much. I will always be here if you need me like I told the twins. Alex I am sorry that I left you alone in this cruel world without anybody to tell things too. I am sure by now that Dean wised up and married you and you punched a couple of kids. If not he is a god damn liar and he needs to do it. But then again I know Dean." She added.

Alex let a small laugh slip past her lips as she finished her comment. Akana looked around for a second then smiled.

"Yes Alex you can laugh I stole that line from Titanic." Akana said with a small laugh. "Dean, you are like the brother I never had and never wanted. But I would not trade you for anything. I am sure Alex wouldn't either. But I want you to know that there is nothing you can do to bring me back. I looked before I made the choice but I am ok, I promise. I love you guys and please have a normal apple pie life. Do not forget me. Remember I love you guys with all my heart. Sam please make sure that the twins know who I am and never forget me. I love you Sammy so much." She added.

The screen went black and Sam hit stop as Alex looked at him with a blank expression on her face.

"That was interesting." Dean said as Alex elbowed in the stomach.

Sam nodded in agreement as he stood up and grabbed the tape from the VCR.

"I am going to head to bed guys ok?" Sam said looking at them.

Alex went to say something but stopped as Dean put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head. Sam walked out of the room with the two of them remaining in the room.

"Come on let's go put Chev to bed." Dean said nodding at his wife. "It's her bed time." He added.

"Alright." Alex said as they walked out of the room leaving the door cracked.

As Sam reached his room he looked up to see Alex and Dean walking into Zeppelin's room. Looking down for a second he walked into room and slammed the door causing the handle to shake a little bit.