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"Do you believe what your saying?" Dean said looking at his wife as she throw some clothes into a bag. "How can you be so damn sure this person has the correct information about the spear?" He added.

Alex just kept putting her things into a bag as Dean watched his wife who was remaining slient.

"Alex, come on talk to me."

Stopping what she was doing, she looked up at her husband and gave a small smile.

"Look, I may not be hundred percent sure Dean. But either your going with me or I'm going alone." Alex said crossing her arms. "I will be damn if Lucifer or any of spawn come back and try to take over the world again. I refuse to let that happen. I'll stop him alone if I have to." She added.

Dean shook his head knowing his wife's stubbornness which could put his own stubbornness at a run for it's money.

"As much as I hate to leave Bobby with the kids you aren't going alone." Dean said as Alex stopped at the dresser and looked around at him. "We are going together. We are married now so we have to be a team." He added.

"Bobby isn't keeping the kids." Alex said as Dean raised an eyebrow. "Tonya is." She added.

Dean raised an eye brow at his wife's choice to watch the children.

"Crazy weirdo Tonya?" Dean asked as Alex gave him a glare. "Alex, that woman will sale our kids up the river for damn chocolate or crack before she'd protect them." He added.

Alex grabbed a brush and threw it at him causing him to move out of it's way.

"She has been nothing but nice to us Dean." Alex said with a small playful glare. "But what you don't know about our lovely little crazy weirdo Tonya is that she is a witch and has ties to the witches in Salem. So she is willing to help me out since I've helped her out before. So shut up." She added.

Dean shook his head as a small knock on the door caused both of them to look as it opened slowly to show Sam limping into the room.

"Ready?" Sam asked looking at Alex. "I've got most of the stuff packed." He added.

"Are you ready dean?" Alex asked looking at her husband.

Dean looked at Sam for a few seconds.

"Give us about ten minutes and we will be out of here." Dean said as Sam nodded. "Don't worry Sam we will find her." He added.

"I hope so." Sam said walking out of the room leaving the couple alone in their room.

Alex zipped up her bag as Dean grabbed his from up under the bed and started to fill it up.

"Feels strange doesn't it?" Alex asked as Dean put clothes in it. "Putting things stuff into a bag and getting ready to take off." She added.

"Ya think?" Dean asked without looking. "You wanted a life away from this crazy mess and we did it for years and now because the ghost of your sister who we can see says the devil is after a spear or what not wanting to take over the world we are back at it." He added.

Alex looked at her husband trying to keep her cool and gave a small nod at him.

"Dean, this is more than about some spear to me." Alex said as she grabbed the bag away from his reach calling him to look at her. "I do not want that guy trying to take over the world again and try to destroy it because he wants to have a new playing field. I want our daughter and our unborn child to be safe. I want my niece and nephew to be safe to. You should want the same. But as I said before Dean, you don't have to go. I'll go track that son of a bitch down in a row boat if I have too." She added.

Throwing the bag back into it's place, she grabbed her bag from it's resting place and out the door. Alex took one last look at her husband before closing the bedroom behind her. Dean looked at the door as it closed and sighed. Grabbing what little he could, he stuffed them into his bag. Dean ran his hand over his face as he walked over to dresser that was some what of a memorial of things for Alex.

"This is been a long time coming." Dean said staring into the mirror.

Bending down he opened the bottom draw and removed some of the white lace cloth and it put on the top of the dresser gently as if it were glass. Closing the draw as he stood up.

"Hello old friend."

Dean slowly unwrapped the lace to reveal the Colt. Grabbing it from it's bindings, Dean quickly packed it away into his bag and ran out the bedroom leaving the door open.

"Thanks Tonya." Alex said as she stood beside the car while Sam put the bags into the trunk.

"Any time Alex, just keep me posted on what is going on." Tonya said as she held Chevy on her side. "If you need me to look up something when Dean isn't available." She added.

Alex gave her a smile and a nod, Chevy made a kissing face at her mom causing the three adults to laugh a little bit.

"Momma loves you too." Alex said kissing her daughter's cheeks over and over to get a laugh. "I will be back in a few days but you've got Ms. Tonya and Dada to keep you company til I get back." She added.

Chevy just looked at her mom as if she was understanding her.

"You've got Ms. Tonya darling." Dean said causing them to jump. "Dada is going with momma." He added.

Chevy made a sad face causing Dean to melt a little bit which only she had the power to do. Sam gave his sister in law a bit of a smile as he watched his brother turn into a softy.

"We will be back before you know it." Dean said as he grabbed a hold of his daughter. "But I've got a job for you to do while I'm away." He added.

Her ears seemed to have perked up as she watched him.

"I know that little special gift you've got." Dean said as the little girl watched him. "You've got your cousins to watch out for. They will watch out for you as well. You guys will be my helpers. I want you to keep Ms. Tonya here safe as well. Can you do that for daddy?" He added.

The small girl nodded her head at him causing Dean to smile.

"Thanks my girl." Dean said kissing her cheek.

Sam walked over to where John and Isabella were standing silently with sad looks on their faces. Grabbing both of their hands he pulled them to him and kissed them both.

"I'm going to be back soon, you guys heard what your uncle said?" Sam asked as they nodded. "I want you to watch out for her. You guys have the gift to so protect her as Ms. Tonya." He added.

Both of them hugged him around the neck tightly as they could. Alex kissed her daughter's cheeks as Isabella watched with a sad look that Tonya was the only one who caught.

"Wuv you." Chevy said with a grin.

"We love you too." Dean said as he gave her back to Tonya. "We will check in with you every day or so." He added.

Tonya nodded at him as the twins walked over to her and put their arms around each of her legs. Giving them a smile she looked back up.

"Just be careful." Tonya said nodding. "I've got these three taken care of. Don't worry. Just take down the idiot who is at it again and make sure this time he doesn't come back." She added.

Alex nodded at her comment.

"Don't worry, I plan on putting that idiot somewhere he belongs and will NEVER get out." Dean said as he walked around the Impala to the driver side. "He won't come back this time." He added.

Dean got into the driver seat while Alex got into the backseat and Sam in the passenger side.

"Let's find this son of a bitch." Dean said as he turned his car on. "Make sure he doesn't get that spear and when we see this asshole, this time I won't miss." He added.

Alex looked at Dean's bag which was in the backseat with her. Dean pulled out into the street while Tonya and the kids watched as they left. Alex slowly unzipped the bag and saw the colt seating on top. She looked at Dean as his eyes were kept on the road.

"I'm sorry." Alex said as she grabbed the colt and slipped it into her small bag in the floor board.