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Life isn't like it used to be. Hell, that's an understatement now. I wish more than anything that I could go back in time, back when things were simple. When you didn't have to spend every moment of your life afraid, never had to spend days on end awake. I didn't know how lucky we were back then...

I don't know who is going to read this, and I guess I really don't care anymore. I just need to get my story written down for someone before I die. And I will die, that fact is inevitable. But I don't want to be another no-name body when I do. That's why I'm writing this. Not for you, or your life.

Maybe this will help you survive too, though I doubt it. This isn't a survival guide, it's my life, since the moment society went to hell to now. I don't know how this is going to end and I really have no clue how it truly began, but I'll tell you everything in the middle.

So maybe this will give you something to read for all those sleepless nights. Maybe you will come to know me better than I even really knew myself, and it's kind of sad that I will never get to meet whoever hand's this book lands in. But I only want to congratulate you for surviving, and wish you luck for the future.

My name is Kyle Broflovski, and this is my side of the beginning of the end.

I was a normal teenage boy when it all started, only 14 then. So smart, but so stupid at the same time. I know that this is probably boring you, and you only want to get to the part where it began, but I need to tell you a bit about my old self first. Then I can write about that day...

South Park, Colorado was the town that I lived in. Never heard of it? I really am not surprised at all, nor offended. It's a pretty small town where it always snowed year round. Nothing ever happened there either. We were practically cut off from the rest of the world. At the time I absolutely hated living there. The only thing that made it bearable was my best friend, Stan Marsh.

He and I met way back in kindergarten, and from the very first day we had a connection. Ugh, that sounded really gay, didn't it? We got teased a lot about that, though we weren't really together like that, we were always just friends. But nothing could ever pull us apart, we were glued at the hip constantly. When we were kids, we were a lot alike, but we started to like different things as we grew older. But that only made it more fun to be together.

He had shiny black hair, and dark blue eyes that shone brightly from his tan skin. Stan joined the foot-ball team in middle school and stayed with it when we joined High School too, so he had a more muscular frame. I always wanted to look more like him, because I always hated the girly way I looked. Curly red hair, green cat-eyes and a lean figure were my features. No matter how much I worked out, I always had that skinny frame. Now, I thank God for that.

I was an only child, at least in the sense of blood. My parents adopted Ike though, my little Canadian step brother. I hate him now, but I miss him so much too. It wasn't his fault, yet I can't help but blame everything on him. Even now my blood starts pumping at his name, but tears come too. I hate that...

I'm getting ahead of myself though. That day was like any other one that we had had before. It was... a Saturday, I think. Stan had come over for a sleepover, like we always had during the weekends...

"Stan! Get off the damn roof!" I screamed up at him, annoyance evident in my voice. He only laughed down at me, a wide smirk on his face. "Come on, Kyle! Live a little, dude. Join me!"

I only huffed, and turned away, ignoring when he gave a dramatic sigh. "Alright, alright... You win." Using a pole that came down from the edge of the roof to the wall, Stan slid down and plopped himself right beside me. He smiled brightly, and I only glared back. "You could of gotten hurt Stan! And then I would of had to call 911, then the cops would of asked me what happened, and-" Stan cut me off by throwing a hand over my mouth quickly. "Your starting to sound like Tweek, Kyle..."

Stan dragged me inside of my house, apologizing the whole time while telling me how safe it was too. "Kyle, it's totally fine. Your roof is almost completly flat, there's no way someone could fall off unless they jumped! If you would come up therefor once, instead of just standing on the ground screaming at me, you would see! It's got a really nice view too... So don't be mad, okay?" Usually, I would hold my stubborness on a little longer, not wanting to be on the losing side of an argument. But something was telling me to just let it go...

I sighed and nodded my head slowly. "Alright, Stan... Maybe next time I'll go up there. Until then, wanna play some video games?" He nodded happily, and we went up to my room to play some Call of Duty.

Looking back, none of what we really did was that extraordinary. We just played video games and screwed around, a normal thing for us. Yet somehow, it was still important. Maybe I'm just being sentimental...

It got dark really fast, time catching up to us finally. Around midnight we turned off the console, and turned on the TV instead. I can't remember what show we watched... It isn't important though, what is, is what happens later that night...

I had always been a light and quick sleeper. So as soon as my head hit the pillow on the couch, I was out of it. I don't know if Stan stayed awake for it or not, he always fell asleep after me.

It was dim when I opened my eyes again. The TV was flickering light across the floor, images flashing across quickly. There was no noise at all, yet something had woken me up. Sitting up, I squinted my eyes as I tried to look around me. My heart was beating loudly in my ears, a quick and almost painful speed. I'd had that feeling before, where your body's blood starts pumping slightly, hives breaking across your skin. It usually happened before a speech or an important basketball game.

But there was no reason for it then. There was a dead silence, nothing out of the ordinary. Stan was sprawled out across my legs on the opposite end of the couch, snoring lightly as he slept. If I hadn't been so scared, I might of laughed at that and made fun of him. But something was wrong.

So even if my body was screaming other wise, I began to lie back down on the couch. My eyes stayed open though, even if my brain was telling me that everything was fine, I couldn't close them. It was a good thing that I didn't either, because other wise I wouldn't of caught that small movement from the corner of my eye.

I shot up off the couch, causing Stan to tumble off as well. I ignored his grumbling as he woke up, my attention directed solely on the door.

It creaked open slowly, revealing a figure standing hunched in the door frame, shadows from the hallway covering it's face and upper body. A scream was lodged in my throat, terror pounding away as I stared at the dark figures feet. A light satin blue material meet my gaze, and my knees almost buckled in relief. I sighed as a shaky laugh came out of my mouth. "I-Ike, you scared the living shit out of me..."

He didn't respond, instead a gurgled noise reached my ears. I dimly wondered if he was brushing his teeth. But then he stumbled another foot into my room.

All my breathe froze in my lungs as the shadows covering him dispersed. His blue pajamas were stained darkly, and it took me a long moment to understand.

Blood. That was blood. The crimson color stained his body heavily, starting lightly at his legs and getting darker towards his chest. Any skin not covered by that deep red was a sickly gray color, no peach identifiable at all.

And Oh God, if only you would have seen his eyes. They were dull and blank, staring at me endlessly, never stopping to blink or waver. There was no emotions in those eyes, just a bottomless pit of gray and black. Another gargling noise sounded, not from water like I had thought, but from blood. As he opened his mouth, it flooded out like a fountain, staining his lips and chin where it touched. There was something else inside as well, but I never got to look, because at that moment Stan saw my brother too.

"Oh My God..."Stan whispered, staring at Ike from across the room. All my thoughts had shut down at that point, and I only watched dimly as Stan approached Ike hesitantly. "Kyle, call 911 right now. Something is really wrong with Ike. Maybe I can snap him out of it or-"

I'll never get to hear the rest of that sentence, because at that exact moment, Ike lunged at Stan suddenly, knocking him straight onto his back. "SHIT!" Stan screeched as he tried to push Ike off of him, but he-it only flung Stan's arms back like paper, chomping down brutally onto his neck. Stan's screams grew louder as it rose up harshly, tearing off a chunk of Stan's skin with it's teeth.

That thing wasn't Ike. It was... a monster.

"NO!" I heard myself scream, as I blindly threw my hands out, searching for anything that could help me. My hands gripped a X-Box controller, and a cold rage came over me as I charged at the monster on top of Stan. Pushing down with all my strength, I smashed the controller onto the back of it's head. It fell forward as if dazed, but before it could move again, I slammed the controller into it's head again, blood splattering onto my hands. Again and again I bashed it's head open, until my arm was too weak to go on and tears hazed my vision.

A raw sob overcame me as I stared down in horror at the mess I had created. It was a monster... I had too, It hurt Stan, I HAD TOO.

So why did I still feel like a murderer?

A small moan broke me out of the daze I had fallen into. Stan was laying by the mess, his eyes half open as he looked up at me silently. Another sob ripped out of my throat as my legs gave out, collapsing me onto the floor. Dragging my weary body by him, tears streamed out of my eyes as I looked down at his broken form. Blood was pouring out of the area where the shoulder and throat met, staining the carpet below him. He smiled up at me wearily.

"Hey... Kyle, it's okay. Shhh... Don't cry..." He whispered up at me. I could only shake my head harshly, as more tears spilled out of my eyes. He raised his hand, trembling as he tried to wipe away my tears. Instead he left a thick trail of blood behind in it's wake. His hand dropped suddenly as he sighed. "I really messed up this time, didn't I? But who knew that you could kill someone with a X-Box controller, right?" Stan tried to laugh, but instead a harsh cough covered it, blood spraying out of his mouth onto my face. His eyes started to close as he turned his head away from my gaze, but I put both of my hands on his face gently, forcing him to look up at me.

"Stan. STAN! Look at me!" His eyes opened slowly, looking so tired and sad that I almost didn't have the heart to continue. "You are going to be fine, Stan. I-I'm going to call 911, and they will come... You'll see... It-It'll be fine..." My throat squeezed in tightly, and I had to swallow hard to stop from chocking.

Stan shook his head lightly, smiling brightly up at me, as if it was a few hours earlier and he was on top of the roof. But blood was soaking my hands, and I knew that it wasn't the same. Deep down, I knew he wasn't going to be okay either, but I had to believe... I had too...

"Kyle... It's not going to be, you know that... Please... Just let me go. I love you Kyle, don't ever forget that. You were like my brother... I'm going to sleep now, okay?" I nodded slightly, and he let out a deep breathe. A small smile lingered on his face. "Bye Kyle..."

My body was shaking heavily, but there was no more tears. I stood up weakly, but forced my self to continue walking. My body knew what to do, even after my mind had shut off. It was for the best, no thoughts were better. I wouldn't be able to hold the sorrow back if I thought...

I reached my window in a blur, pulling it open, I reached out and grabbed onto the pole that Stan had slid down not only hours before...

Swallowing harshly, I choked down my thoughts and swung my body out the window, clutching solely on that pole. With steady hands I pulled myself up slowly, reaching the top of the roof in a few minutes. Stan had been right, my roof was almost completely flat, no possible way to fall off unless on purpose. Dragging myself to the highest peak I stared out at the scene in front of me.

Chaos. Maybe that's what you people saw the first days too, pure and absolute panic. People were running from those things on the streets, crashing cars everywhere because they were too focused on the terror. There wasn't as many of those monsters then, though in a few hours there would be so many more. But it was enough for people to start dying. Bodies were everywhere, in piles, burning, but the last one I saw was what really caused my most personal and true fear to sink in.

Some of those poor people were being eaten. The things were biting down on them, tearing them apart, chewing on their flesh.

I was too terrified to move from that spot. I watched the chaos from the safety of my roof, never being noticed by either them or other humans. For hours I stayed there, seeing the sun slowly rise upon this new era. The last era.

This was the beginning of the end.