It was a polite gesture to wait for her to shower first. It was a means to lay low while they both rushed to heed their master's call. They had both already woken up late. Ventus was oblivious to what had occurred between them, but certainly not suspicious. He'd probably mention something to Eraqus, and the wise teacher would have questions.

Aqua finally saw the bruises; the source of Terra's concern, dotting her thighs and hips. Her lips were still flushed and sensitive. And maybe she should have cautioned herself under the tempo of the shower water, but she couldn't be bothered. The more important ache was gone, and the very pit of her desire satisfied. For the time being. Now came the question of how they were supposed to feel and behave.

Terra erased the evidence of their night together after resisting the urge to follow Aqua into her clean up. The surrealness of the encounter still stirring in his head and heating his senses. It was so good. So very good. He touched his neck with a soapy hand and golden eyes fluttered shut. That deep dark part wanted more? How could it? He gave it what they both wanted.

You know that wasn't enough.

"Terra...?" Aqua's knuckle tapped the bathroom door. "Master says we'll miss breakfast if we don't hurry."

And it was a quiet meal, and the viscous tension between them had all but vanished. "And you both talked as I had asked?" Eraqus analyzed the resuming of their closeness. The air their tension was replaced with felt questionable. Like the potential musk of heat left from a blown out candle. He would have asked them what the problem was, exactly, but intuition told him he probably didn't want to know. Ventus had mentioned they emerged from the same bedroom...

"Yes," Aqua licked syrup from her lips and shyly affirmed with the dip of her head "things...things are settled." She answered because Terra still had his tongue pressed to his cheek; too distracted, too sedated by events. Things are fresh. Things might still be hungry. But their was a comfort in knowing that someone might still be just as hungry for him.

"Good. Good." Eraqus kept his squint at bay and warded off Ventus' with a hearty pat. Terra and Aqua were getting older weren't they. "You can settle down as well."

"So, you guys are okay? You're not fighting anymore?" The innocence in the blue of Ventus' eyes made Terra a little uneasy. He righted his expression with a smile after looking away long enough from the hidden welts on Aqua's neck. "Everything's fine."

The night came about again, where Terra's heart beat was a little heavier, and his deep irises could see figures in every contoured shadow of the castle. He said goodnight, but tossed and turned after the door wad closed. Even training hadn't tired him. Not like she did. The whole day was filled with trying to get close to Aqua again. Any excuse to touch her. To confirm that he'd sank himself deep in and she had loved it. Did it really happen?

Terra flung off his covers and slunk from bed. He was going to see Aqua again, even though he was apprehensive, slightly ashamed, and still so very famished. His heart was twisting. That deep dark part still yearned.

When Terra opened the door, Aqua was there. She had the same look in her eyes.

Now they were both animals.

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