I was listening to 'Lucky' while writing this. So, I'm just going to put into the friendship section.

Lucky (?)

"Cloud, do you wonder what'd be like if we never existed?" the brunette asked. The rest of Avalanche was away. Leaving only her, and her childhood friend.

The blond sighed, "Well, we wouldn't be around would we?" he answered simply, dusting down his sleeves. Tifa turned to look at him a piercing glaze covering her dark eyes, "What do you mean by that?" she replied curiously. Tilting her head to the side, she took a seat next to him.

She coughed slightly the dust from the sofa reaching her nose. Cloud gave a small smile, "I mean, we wouldn't actually have been here, and Sephiroth would have possibly taken over the world, and everyone would have died." he explained once again, his mako blue eyes shining.

She laughed softly laying her head on the back of the sofa and resting a hand on her knee, her light skin matching with her bracelets. "Well, what does it mean? Would everyone just have died, no one doing anything against Meteor and Jenova?"

"Nothing, well, now that I think about it, someone should be there to fight against meteor." He turned his neck, giving her a boyish grin making him look younger, like the Cloud she remembered. Not the solemn man he had become. Should she have been possibly filled with joy because, she was lucky enough to see this side of him while no one could.

"Someone should, we shouldn't believe everyone in Gaia isn't brave enough to fight. Well, maybe the turks." She muttered to herself, fixing her skirt and white shirt. She'd have to get rid of all this once everything was over wouldn't she?

She would have, but that skirt made her feel special, at least special enough that she was actually one of the saviors of Gaia. She hadn't imagined everything she had dreamed of would happen.

Tifa gave Cloud a small push, "Hey Cloud, do you ever open up to anyone like you are doing now?"

The swordsman laughed, it wasn't a real laugh, but it was enough for her. She looked up, once she saw his shadow in front of her. "I don't" he admitted. But he grabbed her hand to help her up.

"Well, maybe we'll have to find out." he whispered into her ear. With that, they were done. Nothing else needed, only them.

Cheesy and off plot in my opinion. What do you think? Heck, flame all you want! I enjoy those too, hehe.