Hello, Dear Readers

How are you guys. I have been enjoying the site and all but I don't think I'll be able to upload much when school starts. I wanted to apologize for my fifth installment to my main story for its uneditedness. I have school soon and won't be able to update. I always try to fix my errors and not be lazy, but I'm also trying to buy school supplies and get my books for class. I just wanted to say I'll probably do one shots of different characters on my profile though. I won't upload them till I edit them and my one shots are like even more practice for me cause I write what first comes to mind. So these one shots get posted on my profile page.

So for these one shots I'll take request. I'll most of anything if I can write about it.

Things I won't do though are: Original characters, Yuri, Female Characters I don't like, that really gross gory sex stuff (that shit be weird), weird crossovers. Send me a message to see if my muse likes your idea and I'll be glad to try and convey a story for you in one go.

Since you have read through this I leave you a present. Here's a nice 2 shot bath scene of Altaïr and Malik. Second part to come tomorrow hopefully I don't get to lazy.

Thanks for reading =3

Altaïr's body ached from the recent fight. He had not fought so fiercely since he was young. His body stung from fresh cuts as he descended into the Assassin's Bureau. The Dai was busy with his organizing his papers to notice him slipping in. Altaïr moved towards the bathroom. The want of relaxing his aching muscles became a necessity as he raced to the door. Altaïr started removing his clothes before he even reached the entrance.

When he entered the room the steam engulfed his senses. Shoes came off with little effort. Clothes were tossed haphazardly to the side. The steam was already soothing his aching muscles. Altaïr placed a foot into the warm water and slowly slide into the bath. Every muscle sang in harmony as the water relaxed every inch of Altaïr. He sank down until the water cover his head and quickly came back up. Altaïr was not particular found of water; a bath was all he could really take of it.

He leaned against the edge of the bath letting the water allow him to float. Altaïr eyes closed and senses dulled. Drifting off, Altaïr felt something touching him. Gentle tendrils teased parts of his body. He opened his eyes to find Malik hovering over him. The shock sent him underwater and he bounced back up coughing. "What," a fit of coughs interrupted him, "do you want?"

Malik's body was bare and glossy from steam. Malik's brown eyes looked at Altaïr body with hungry. "I wanted to bath, but it seems someone bet me to it." Malik stated. Altaïr only glared at Malik. He wanted a peaceful bath, but with Malik here he'll only become restless. "I'll just have to get out then." Altaïr moved to get out of the water when Malik's lean body blocked him. "You don't have to leave." Malik place a hand on Altaïr's chest. "Relax and stay a little longer." Altaïr knew what was going on. "Malik any other day I would be glad to, but I'm too exhausted for that right now." He tried walking past Malik again, but was then assaulted by a pair of soft lips. The kiss was playful and aggressive. Malik didn't want Altaïr going anywhere. Today Malik would be taking the lead.

Altaïr returned the kiss without hesitation. If Malik was going to be shouting at him while he relaxed why not take the opportunity while it lasted. Both began an assault of kiss on each other's bodies. Altaïr flinched as Malik's hand glazed a wound. "You're hurt." Malik stated. "I'll be fine." Malik pushed Altaïr towards the edge of the bath. "You should be more careful, novice." Malik paused for effect to let the tease soak in, " Coming back from a mission with a wound just proves lacking your abilities are." Malik said. "Taunt me again and I'll get out of the bath." Altaïr threatened. Malik chuckled at the threat. "What I'm about to do will make you want to stay." "Surprise me." At the command Malik inhale a huge amount of air and dove under water. Malik found Altaïr hard shaft. Malik carefully placed his mouth on Altaïr's shaft. The sudden new form of wetness caused Altaïr to moan. Bubbles were softer than silk and felt phenomenal on his shaft. Altaïr was having a hard time holding back.

Malik's tongue was even more relentless than the bubbles. Malik's mouth was a few degrees colder than the hot bath water causing Altaïr to feel lightheaded. The pleasurable assault on his groin was too much. Altaïr came hard into Malik's mouth. Hot seed slipped down Malik's throat.

Altaïr moan echoed off the bath walls. Malik came up gracefully from underneath the water. His hand gently swayed on Altaïr's shaft. Altaïr kissed Malik hard for his performance. Altaïr's body spasm sent gentle ripples throughout the water. Altaïr breath was heavy. Malik's gently pushed Altaïr aside and stepped out of the bath. "Where are you going?" Altaïr practically breathe the question. "You should get out of the bath before you get to dizzy." Malik returned to his usual fierce tone. He grabbed a towel and walked out the door.

Altaïr followed with enthusiasm. He might reconsider his dislike of water now.