In times of war

By: MysticFantasy



(Disclaimer: I own no part of this movie or the characters in it. Just a crazy fan.)



Patroclus stormed to his hut. His cousin was treating him like a child again and it was getting on his last nerve. Yes Achilles had become his guardian since the death of his parent's but he was his cousin, not father.

What was the point of all that teaching, learning and training if it wasn't going to be put to use?

The young man walked into his hut in hopes of calming his nerves. Night had already fallen and he was starting to get tired. As he removed his sword from his waist he tried to figure out what made him tired. All he had done today was sail with the Myrmidons to Troy and guard the ship.

Perhaps it was the heated arguement he and Achilles just had. No one ever won against Achilles in any kind of fight. Physical or verbal.

Holding his seathed sword, Patroclus became still when he heard something in his hut. Most of the Greeks were already in their huts trying to rest. Anyone who was awake was getting drunk with wine and then passing out into rest.

Besides, the Myrmidons were somewhat apart from the rest of the Greek army.

Hearing the small sound of a footstep on the sand, Patroclus quickly unseathed his sword and whirled around.

His sword was blocked by a shield and he was shoved back only to be caught by two pairs of strong arms with his sword being knocked from his grasp. A gag was quickly placed over his mouth to silence him before he could call for help. He let out a painful and muffled shout of pain when his arms were forced behind his back and tied tightly.

"Prince Hector, we have him." the soldier with the shield announced quietly.

Patroclus watched as a tall man walked into his hut. He recognized him to be the Trojan prince he had only seen once before.

"You are going to prove yourself useful in this battle." he said directly to Patroclus. "Leave the message and let us return to the city before these drunken pigs discover we are here."

"Yes my prince." one of the soldier's agreed.

"Wait." Hector ordered and walked to Patroclus. He reached up and roughly yanked the seashell necklace from his neck. "We must leave the Greeks a sign."

Hector dropped the necklace onto the ground and stomped on it, crushing the shells beneath his foot.

Patroclus felt his eyes go wide seeing his prized necklace being destroyed. It had been a gift from Achilles and it was made by his aunt Thetis, the goddess of the sea nymphs.

"Let's go." Hector ordered.

Patroclus struggled to free himself from the soldiers that were holding him but found himself not strong enough to get out of their grasp.

"Make this easier on yourself boy." One of the soldier's growled as they forced him onto a chariot.

Patroclus watched in horror as the chariot started to head to the city of Troy. He watched as the view of his cousin's hut became smaller as they moved away from it.

Achilles, he thought knowing that there was a chance he would never see his cousin again.