Title: A Week to Make You Love Me

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from the World Ends With You nor do I own the plot from the manga Seven Days.

Author's Note: I highly suggest you read the manga, Seven Days, because it is just so wonderfully written. However, if you do or have read it, you'll know how this fic is going to end. Could be good or bad, depending on your view of ruining endings. I basically have stolen the entirety of the manga to write this story, but bits and pieces shall be added in to personalize it and make it my own, in a way, or so I hope. Hope you all enjoy it.

Warning: This story shall be dialogue/thought heavy, characters are more than likely OOC but Tysonkaiexperiment and I came to the conclusion that the character Yoshiya's in place of could feasibly been him had he not become Composer and overpowered and god-like in his treatment of others. Feel free to disagree if you wish, I'd like to hear your theories.

Chapter Word Count: 2876 (not including author's notes or anything of that nature)


"'Quoting something'"

Character thoughts


If you're male, liking someone would imply looking at her face first, followed by her legs and then her chest, I guess. What else is there to love?

Neku sat in class, mindlessly staring ahead and twirling a pencil in his hand. He was one of the lucky few with a seat near the window, something that he usually stared out at to distract himself. Giving his pencil another twirl, he glanced out of the second story window, spotting a few girls glancing in his direction and waving. The somewhat stoic boy glanced around the classroom he sat in, no one glancing even minutely in his direction, before offering the girls a wave back with a small smile.

It's human nature to judge by appearance. It's not just males who are superficial. No one bothers about things they cannot see. Like the heart… Those girls don't like 'me' as a person, Neku rested his head in a hand, yawning wide enough to bring tears to his eyes, rather it's all about my face.

A girl approached Neku from behind, her brown almost red hair falling around her face and her uniform cleanly pressed. Catching sight of his undignified yawn, she use her chance and slapped him upside the head. It was Misaki Misaki, a classmate of Neku's that sat directly in front of him normally. Neku immediately cringed from the impact, complaining. "Misaki-chan? Why'd you hit me?"

"Sakuraba, you…"

"Did you hit me with your fist just now?" Neku leaned against his desk, face scrunched slightly in a scowl, "You did, didn't you? How scary."

His voice was sarcastic enough that Misaki rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Sakuraba," she poked him on the forehead, hard enough he dropped his sarcastic attitude. "It's because you do unrefined things like yawning out loud with a good-looking face like yours that the girls you're with always dump you in a flash, you know?" She sat on a nearby empty desk. "It's about time you got conscious of things like that and did something about them."

Neku sighed, "Yeah, yeah. I get it." He slumped completely onto the desk, face hidden by his hair (unable to spike it during school days because of the rules).

"You never listen to advice when it's given to you." She began to actually appear concerned. "If you go on like that, your girlfriend's going to fall out of love with you pretty soon. Maybe even today."

Neku took up his pencil again, not making eye contact with her. "Thanks for your concern, but I already got dumped."

Misaki appeared genuinely shocked. "What? When?"

"Yesterday." Neku quickly scribbled an answer on homework he left until last minute. Misaki's silence was unnerving so Neku decided to explain more. "She told me that I wasn't the person she thought I was."

"There, didn't I tell you so?"

Neku restarted spinning his pencil in his hand. "It's her own fault for assuming. They're always the one who confess to me to begin with and then get all disappointed when I'm not what they expected me to be."

"Well you can't blame them, I guess. In your case, there's a huge gap between your personality and your appearance." She flipped some of her hair over her shoulder. "It's practically a scam." Neku raised an eyebrow, the pencil still twirling in his hand. "When you're drawing your bow, Sakuraba, you look beautiful. Even thought I know exactly what kind of person you are deep inside, I still catch myself thinking that." She raised a hand to her mouth in thought. "How should I put this? I think there's a very stoic air around you when you draw a bow.

"And then there's that face of yours, which makes you seem just like the prince these naïve girls have been fantasizing about. Well, it's not that hard to understand why they would."

Neku lowered his gaze to the worksheet once more. "Geez, I guess this image is going to follow me until retire from the club…"

I entered Shibuya Academy through an archery scholarship. Built in a famous district, it was originally an elite school for well-bred young women, until it went co-ed three years ago. Ever since then, it began to take in bows as well, but the ratio of boys to girls remains low, with an overwhelming number of female students. The reason for this probably lies in the fact that the middle school sector is still an all-girls institution. Most of the female students here are pampered and sheltered girls who know close to nothing about the world. In comparison to many of the other co-ed schools around, these girls have some unusual impressions regarding boys. They want the boys of their choice to be beyond perfect, which is obviously impossible for anyone.

"They should get it in their heads that perfect guys life those from a book or tv drama don't exist." He sighed. "I'd consider myself lucky if I could get someone as realistic as you, Misaki."

Misaki couldn't help but smile, "Oh? How about it then? Do you want to try going out with me?"

"Sure, why not?" He immediately responded.

She practically growled, "No way. Agreeing to it so lightly…!"

"So you were just kidding?"

"Of course!"

Neku chuckled, his smile brightening up his face. "Okay!"

She shook her head. "I knew you didn't mean it from the start."

"Well," Neku hummed, leaning back in his chair, the content smile remaining on his face. "Stuff like falling in love… you never know when it's going to happen to you."

A fellow classmate stepped up, carrying a menu in hand. "Hey! Do you guys want to order pizza?" It was Hanekoma Sanae, and Neku practically considered him a friend with how often they spoke in class. The proposition of pizza had him brightening even more and Neku agreed.

As the trio glanced over the menu, Neku's attention was caught by a few girls standing near the window overlooking the school grounds. Both girls seemed depressed and Neku couldn't help but overhear their conversation.

"I guess he's really not coming to school today. I wonder if he's down with the flu."

"Yeah, I'm worried too."

Hanekoma took notice of Neku's attention. "It seems Kiryu-kun hasn't shown up today."

"Kiryu?" Neku questioned, "you mean Kiryu Yoshiya from first year?"

"Ah, that's right! Kiryu's in archery, isn't he?" Hanekoma adjusted his glasses. "Are the two of you close or something?"

"Nope," Neku popped the p, "not at all. We're just acquaintances. He doesn't really come to practice." Neku glanced back over towards the girls and quickly drew the conclusion the two girls were talking about Kiryu. "Oh, I see."

"It's Monday today, isn't it?" Hanekoma peeked at his cell phone as if to double check the date. "Yeah. The day he'll definitely say 'yes'."

"And at the end of the week, he'll tell his partner exactly this:" Misaki continued, "'I couldn't fall in love with you. Let's break up.'"

The two boys took in her solemn stare. "Ah," Sanae grinned, "that reminds me… Misaki-chan, you…"

Misaki quickly grinned widely, giving a peace sign. "Yeah, I went out with him for exactly one week in May."

"Why are you so proud of that?"

"Because it felt like I had hit the jackpot when it happened."

Neku crossed his arms, eyebrows furrowing. "Isn't that a contradiction of what you were telling me earlier?" Misaki refused to respond, knowing how true his statement was.

"Anyhow…" Hanekoma took a seat, "Normal guys like me will never understand people who are that popular. Exactly what kind of person is this Kiryu Yoshiya anyway?"

"Hmm, well…"

Neku paused, "A handsome guy," he stated blandly, as if that was all anyone needed to know.

"That… I didn't need you to tell me that. I can tell just by looking at him." Hanekoma rolled his eyes indignantly. Neku started walking away. "Hey, Sakuraba?"

Neku turned an gave a small salute, his pencil still in hand. "Hey, someone's gotta get those pizzas, right? I told the delivery man that I'll be picking them up in front of the school gate. See ya." He tossed his pencil toward Hanekoma, the other catching it easily. "The two of you can help me finish up my assignment in return."

Neku strolled through the hallways with no issue, the sky a bright blue with a small cloud cover. He ended up making his way to the gate, and sat against the wall, eyes staring upwards as he waited calmly.

"Normal guys like me will never understand people who are that popular." Somehow, it feels like someone's said something like that to me before. Although it was in a completely different kind of situation from today's. Neku hummed to one of the tunes that frequently got stuck in his head. I've never had any interest in Kiryu. But right now, I find myself wondering what kind of person he is.

I'm definitely a much more decent person than he is though. Neku paused in his musings as an extremely pricey convertible screeched to a halt in front of the school gates. Faintly he wondered if it was the pizza delivery before declaring that impossible. No pizza guy would drive a Porsche.

The passenger door opened and out stepped Kiryu Yoshiya, (Oh my.) who quickly waved goodbye to the driver and glanced up. The car drove off and Kiryu walked towards him. "Mornin'."

Neku waved almost happily, "Long time no see, Kiryu." Kiryu always… "You're early today." Causes a stir with that good-looking face of his. Neku shifted slightly in position so he could see Kiryu easier once he joined Neku against the wall. "Was that your girlfriend for the week? She looks older than 20." From the moment he stepped into this school, he's been immensely popular with all the girls.

"You're not very observant, senpai. Wrong on both accounts." At the beginning of each week, he will definitely go out with the first person who confesses to him. "So, senpai, what are you doing here? You have class now, don't you?"

"I'm waiting for pizza! We're having a self-study period right now."

"Ahh, I see." Kiryu almost started talking to himself, debating whether to head to class now or wait until later.

The reason why Kiryu's popularity doesn't drop even though he puts such an abrupt end to every relationship is because he would sincerely do everything his partner wants in the one week that they are going out. Misaki's voice played in his thoughts: 'I think one week's long enough for a dream. Kiryu is… perfectly faithful.' Hmm… I bet those girls are still anxiously looking out for him.

"So…" Neku drawled slightly, wondering how awkward this conversation was going to turn. "Have you been confessed to today yet?"

Kiryu appeared confused. "Hmm? No, not yet."

"Hmmm, so it's going to start from now, huh?" Neku paused, thinking it over slightly. "Then, are you really find with anyone as long as they confess to you first?" He sounded almost shocked. "Even if they're totally not your type?"

"My type?" Kiryu smiled softly. "You wouldn't know if someone's your type just by looking at their face, would you?"

"What I meant was," Neku quickly revised his question, "isn't there a type of face or body that you like?"

Kiryu leaned his head against the wall, humming slightly. "A type? I'm not too sure about that. I don't really think about looks…"

"For example, the gentle-looking type or the sexy type or anything along those lines is fine."

"Ah, but I like your face, senpai." He took a glance at his watch, surprisingly not embarrassed by how the statement could be interpreted. "I guess that's what you mean by 'type'."

At that moment, I was hit by a sudden impulse. "I see. Then how about it?" I was just curious to see how he would react if I confessed. Kiryu raised an eyebrow in question. That's all. "Why don't you go out with me, Kiryu?"

Kiryu's eyes widened and Neku stared expectantly at him as another car, less expensive, pulled to a stop. The pizza delivery guy stepped out, carrying the pie. "Are you Sakuraba?"

"Yeah," Kiryu answered for him. The pizza guy grinned and Neku began frantically looking for his wallet. Ah! My wallet's still in my bag! Neku paused in his mental freak out when the pizza guy's voice drifted over, "Thank you for your patronage."

Neku looked up to see the first year holding the pizza in hand. "Kiryu, I'm sorry, I left my wallet in class." The two students began heading back into the school. "I'll pay you back later."

"That's okay. You should get going before your pizza gets cold." He held out the pizza for Neku to take before pointing towards another building in the school, smiling. "Okay, I have to go that way. See you later."

Neku stared after him in shock. What? "Ah, sure." Well, I guess I'll just ask one of the girls later for which class he's in.


"Hey Sakuraba," Hanekoma approached Neku at the end of class, "do you want to drop by 104 on the way home later?"

"Ah, yeah sure." Neku stopped after pulling on his backpack. "Hey… wait, I feel like I've forgotten about something."

"What is it? You don't have club activities anymore, right?"

There was an increase in murmuring around the two, and Neku was quick to search for the source, "No, but…" A few feet away stood Kiryu, offering Neku a smile and a wave. Neku pulled out some money to repay him. "Sorry about that, Kiryu. Thanks for the help earlier."

"Hmm?" Kiryu glanced at the money and realization dawned. "Ah." He took the money in hand and changed the subject. "So you're in class 4. That's my class too." He folded it in half before sliding it into Neku's front breast pocket. "I'm in 1-4."

"Ah, is that so?" Neku blinked before glancing at the pocket in shock.

"I was wondering if we could go home together today."

"Huh?" Neku was completely confused.

"Unless, you have something else you are doing?"

Neku met Kiryu's gaze, eyebrows knitting together slightly. He didn't notice it until now, but Kiryu was taller than him, which added a level of something to the way he carried himself. "I've got nothing on today, but aren't you the one who's got something on right now?"

"Well no, I don't really have anything I need to do now."

Neku stepped closer, "You've got club activities, don't you? Right?"


Neku crossed his arms and turned away, "You have talent for archery, it's such a waste if you keep skipping it."

"By the way –"

"Hey, don't try to change the subject."

"I'm not," Kiryu pulled out his cell phone. "You have a cell, right senpai?"

"I do, why?"

Kiryu offered a smile, "I was hoping we could exchange number and e-mail addresses." Is he always the type of person who'd go out of his way to make friends with others? The two students entered in each other's respective numbers, "Senpai, what's your given name?"

"It's Neku, the kanji for 'sound' and 'manipulation'."

Kiryu gave a surprised hum, "Makes me think of music, why aren't you in that?" Neku shrugged. "Can I call you Neku?"


"Sakuraba… is a name that's… hmmm... difficult for me to say." Kiryu's smile turned into something almost sad, and he adverted his gaze. "There was a woman who dumped me once before… and because she would lie when she was with me, referred to me as Sakuraba to her friends and family."

"Oh, sure." Neku was surprised, so even someone like him can be serious about someone? If it was just another one of his flings, I'm sure he wouldn't care much about whether we had the same name.

"Kiryu-kun!" One of the first year students ran to their side and gave a short bow. "Nagishima-sensei is looking for you."

"Ah, really? Thanks! I'll go find him now." Kiryu met Neku's eyes and nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow then." He began to walk away, and Neku called after him, reminding him to go to club practice. Kiryu turned around and waved with a large smile on his face. Neku couldn't tell if it was honest or just a way to get Neku to calm down.

As Kiryu disappeared around a corner, Neku pulled the money back out of his pocket sighing. Damn, I got treated to lunch by a junior.

Despite Hanekoma's invitation to head to 104, Neku began the walk home, allowing his thoughts to wander, and predictably they wandered to Kiryu Yoshiya. This is the first time I've had a proper conversation with Kiryu. And surprisingly, he's an even stranger person than I thought he was. All of a sudden, he wants to walk home together and asks to exchange cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Somehow everything seems to be progressing too quickly.

"'So why don't you go out with me, Kiryu?'"

Neku stopped walking down the stairs, glancing back in the direction of the school and where he last saw Kiryu. "He couldn't have taken me seriously… could he?"


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