"Hey DiNozzo! Tony wait up!"

Tony turns around towards the familiar voice of his Probie and stops, waiting.

"We're all going out for drinks tonight to celebrate, you wanna come?" McGee says.

Tony thinks back for a moment, they had just wrapped up a rather horrific case where a fourteen year old kid brutally murdered his parents because they wouldn't let him stay out past his curfew.

The world has turned into a steaming pile of despair.

He had tried to reason with the kid and get a confession but the manipulative bastard had just sat there smugly without answering a single one of his questions.

"Uh, no. Not tonight, I'm just going to go home, maybe another night though okay?" Tony replied.

But he wasn't going home, not for a long while anyway. The Director had him doing a deep undercover stint that had required him to infiltrate the establishment of a heavily guarded arms dealer. He'd gotten in by the sheer fact that he was impeccably good with undercover work and could instantly morph into whatever character he needed to play. Maybe law enforcement was the wrong profession? Oh well, it had its rewarding experiences sometimes.

He was finally deep undercover and working closely with the famed arms dealer; Paul Ackerman. He was an ex-marine with a tendency to be extremely hot-headed and dangerous. Ackerman was a manipulative sociopath with a need to control everyone he worked with. His men adored him and would basically do anything Ackerman said; they would throw their lives away for the man.

Tony hated lying to his co-workers but he couldn't let them know what he was doing. He couldn't let them be involved because if Ackerman were to get too close and figure that Tony was a cop and not just his trusty little weapon importer, then his co-workers were in danger.

"Agent DiNozzo," Vance was summoning him, time for the game face.

Tony took the stairs one by one until he was face to face with his superior.


"I've sent your shipment of weapons to the address Ackerman provided you with. They've been re-routed several times so the origin of the crates will be untraceable. Ackerman won't be able to tell where they came from. You're due to meet with him tonight am I correct?"

"Yes, sir I was actually just about to head out now. Y'know this is gonna be pretty big, it's the shipment Ackerman's been waiting on for five months now. The place is going to be swarming with his men. If I'm supposed to make my move tonight, Director, I'm going to need strong backup."

Tony surveyed Vance as he considered his request, he never trusted him and couldn't shake the thought that this was going to be a suicide mission per Director's orders.

"Yes, I'm well aware of this fact. You'll have your backup, but make sure this thing goes down without a hitch. Do you understand me?"

Tony simply nodded, turned around and headed for the elevators.


Tony drove toward the abandoned warehouse and parked his car down the street and left his work phone and badge inside. He checked his gun and made sure his undercover phone was in his pocket as he walked up toward the giant storage container that held his shipment and Ackerman.

"Anthony! My main man, you've done it!" Ackerman claps him on the back and strolls to the shipping container.

Tony looks around and observes the various henchmen but does not spot anyone that remotely resembled his back up. He knew he never should have trusted the Director. What was it with their obsession with arms dealers anyway? And why was he always the one suckered into this.

Ackerman turned suddenly, and Tony realized the fury that passed through his eyes.

Oh no.

"What is this shit Anthony?" he screamed. "Where are my weapons? I trusted you to get the job done and you failed me. I think you know perfectly well what happens when people disappoint me, don't you?"

He did.

Tony gasped and rushed over towards the empty crates and turned to face Ackerman. Well it was over now might as well reveal who he was, right?

"No, Ackerman, your weapons aren't here because that would be a felony. Not that you haven't committed one of those before." Tony said mockingly. "And I don't care what happens to people that disappoint you, you're under arrest for-"

"You're a fuckin' cop?" Ackerman shrieked and before Tony could react he was pushed violently into the wall of the shipping container behind him.

Tony whirled around and landed a few punches on the man who was currently trying to kill him. They weren't enough, however because after Tony hit him in the jaw, the man stepped back and brought a knee up to his groin and dropped him to the floor. Tony groaned, stood up and wrestled with the man as best he could back into the interior of the warehouse. The man fell through an opened door which Tony promptly ran through to tackle him. The door swung closed behind Tony as he continued pummeling the man beneath him. As he drew back for a final punch, he stopped and realized that he didn't need to continue anymore. He checked himself and realized his weapon and phone had been lost in the fight. Tony frantically searched the pockets of the downed man only to realize he had nothing but a few loose coins.

Tony blinked and looked up at the door that had closed behind him.

"No. No, no no." he shot up and rammed his shoulder into the door but to no avail. It was concrete and there was no leaving. He was just about to turn around when the door opened and revealed a tall bald man who instantly grabbed Tony by his jacket and lifted him off the floor. He descended the steps with Tony still in tow and slammed him into the wall. Tony's head hit the concrete with a deafening crack and he shook his head to keep from passing out. The brute let him go and his jello-like legs couldn't hold him up. He fell to the floor and was picked back up almost instantly. This time, however the brute held him against the wall with one hand around his throat and the other came up to hit him in the face and stomach. Tony clawed at the man's hand and finally just shoved his fingers into his eyes and crawled towards the door.

He didn't make it very far and the last thought that went through his mind before the darkness claimed him was that no one would be able to find his body. They wouldn't know where to look.


I promise I don't hate Vance, I've actually come to like him in the past few episodes. He just kinda fit into this story...