NCIS: Betrayal

Plot: The year is 2025. Tony and Ziva are married, and both working at NCIS. Gibbs is the director of the agency. McGee retired from the agency after his "L.J Tibbs" books became very very popular. Kate did not die, but did leave NCIS after the events of "Twilight", paving the way for Ziva. Tony is the lead agent, Ziva is his senior field agent, and Kate and McGee are married with a child, Sharon. The two agents to fill out the team are agent James Kelly, and Agent Dwayne Wilson

Disclaimer: The only thing about NCIS that I own are the DVDs although the OC's are mine. All characters are owned by Donald Bellisario and CBS

Chapter One

As the elevator dinged, Senior Field Agent Ziva David-DiNozzo looked up, noting the arrival of Agent Dwayne Wilson and Probationary Agent James Kelly. "You are late." she said as the two men automatically looked toward Tony DiNozzo's desk. "There was an accident on the 11th Street Bridge. Three car pileup. Couple that with the construction work they are doing, and we had to take Anacostia to M st." James said in his thick Irish accent. At that moment, Team Leader Anthony DiNozzo walked up behind the two men, saying as he passed them, "No excuses, probies. You are late. Grab your gear, accident on the 11th St. bridge." As they were walking toward the elevator, Agent Wilson asked, "Uhh, since when do we investigate traffic accidents, Sir?" Tony stopped in the middle of the aisle, nearly causing a pileup from the other agents, "You know what? You're right, go ahead and sit back down. I don't know what I was thinking trying to get everyone to get some work done." DiNozzo!" barked a voice from the direction of the top landing where the Director's office was. "Yes boss!" Tony yelled as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, director of NCIS came down the steps. "What are you doing standing there, go get our boy. You know how he drives. Something had to spook him." said the older man as he walked up to the quartet of agents standing in front of the elevator. "Sorry boss. Agent Wilson here was just asking for details on what is going on. To answer your question, Dwayne, we investigate traffic accidents when a former NCIS Special Agent is one of the people involved. Any other questions from anyone." Ziva, who was quicker in processing information than the others, asked, "Who is the agent, Tony? "Its probie, Zee." As the other two agents were processing this new information, Gibbs said, "Bring him directly to my office Tony." With a crisp "yes Boss" the agents all piled into the elevator, each lost in their own thoughts, all four of them hoping that their friend was okay.

As the elevator reached the evidence garage, Tony's cell rang. Looking at the display, he saw that it was his friend, and former partner. Flipping his phone open, he answered, "Hey, probie McGemcity, are you okay?""Tony", said the still boyish sounding voice of Timothy McGee, someone has taken Kate and Sharon." Nearly dropping the phone in shock, Tony managed a strangled, "we're on our way", and hung up. "This has become an abduction case, people. Ziva, get back upstairs and put out an Amber Alert. Subject: Sharon Elizabeth McGee. Her file is under "Agent dependent". Wilson, call FBI, tell Director Fornell that former Special Agent Caitlyn Todd has been abducted with her 10 year old daughter. Ask him how many agents he can spare. Kelly, get Abby and Ducky to the office. Tell Abby only the basics. McGee is coming to NCIS with a problem, I don't want Abby knowing that Kate and Sharon are missing. Get moving!" he barked as the other three jumped into action and Tony walked out toward the motor pool to get a sedan. As he drove off the Navy Yard, he quickly dialed Ziva's line. "Inform Gibbs of whats happened." he told Ziva before she could say a word, and hung up, quietly saying to himself, "Don't worry, Probie. Help is coming."

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