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Chapter Two

NCIS: Betrayal

As Tony pulled up in the agency Charger, he saw two civilian motorists fighting. As he jumped out and ran toward the fighting pair, he suddenly was blocked by a well dressed man

"Whoa, hold on there, sunshine." he sneered as he took in DiNozzo's appearance, "where do you think you're going. This is a crime scene pal."

Tony whipped out his badge, saying "Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS. Why is nothing being done to restrain those two?"

"Well, Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS, I am Detective Rick Barts, and the reason is well, if those two idiots are gonna fight about a little fender bender, why shouldn't I get a free show out of it, right? Hey, where are you going!" Tony had run off, motioning to the two uniformed officers as he ran past them. As they followed, Detective Barts muttered to himself "Unbelievable, damned Navy cop. Thinks just because he's a fed, he can take my crime scene."

To the uniformed officers who were walking past him with the two fighters, he said "Put them in my car. We'll take them down to Metro, let one of the rookie weenies have the pleasure of pissing himself when they scare him by speaking to him." "Sorry, Detective, Special Agent DiNozzo said to wait for NCIS and leave them with them." Barts couldn't believe his ears. Who did this DiNozzo think he was, some rookie cop walking the beat. Well, he'd have a few words with him.

Meanwhile, Tony had found McGee's car, but no McGee. "Damn it, probie. Where are you?" he asked himself as he looked around and noticed Detective Barts coming toward him, looking very angry.

"What in the hell is your problem DiRetread. You gonna screw with my crime scene. Don't you have a sailor to bust for leaving his ship without kissing the Captains ass or something." "What the hell is wrong with me? What the HELL is wrong with me?" DiNozzo was practically yelling as he stepped into Barts personal space "Where is the man who was driving this car? WHERE!" he yelled at the other man when he did not answer fast enough.

"What, the wimp? I don't know. Probably fondling some computer part or something. You know what , I really do not care about one little wuss, okay? Mumbling something about his wife and kid missing. Yeah, like anyone would marry the little..." he never got to finish his thought because DiNozzo decked him right in the jaw.

" I happen to care about him, okay. He was my partner for almost 20 years, and yes, he is married, to a female friend of mine. So it is really simple here, Rick, you tell me where my friend went, or I will make sure that you will be unable to get a job in the Sadusky Ohio Fire Department as a janitor. Do you understand what I am telling you, there, Ricky boy? Oh, and please, try me, I want you to." Barts look told Tony the he almost thought it would be worth it, but instead, he said "He took a cab to the Navy yard. Sorry" he said as Tony was walking away "I didn't know he was your friend." DiNozzo stopped and started to turn around but stopped, shook his head, turned and walked back to the Charger. As he pulled up to the uniform cops he told them to take them to Metro, and drove off toward the Navy Yard.

As he approached the employee gate, he saw a cab pull away, and noticed McGee arguing with the Marine at the gate. In shock, he watched as McGee started to pull his arm back to clock the Marine. As the Marine started to raise his weapon, Tony jumped out, yelling "Stand down Marine!" As the man started to do as the Special Agent ordered, McGee ran past him through the gate. " Halt!" the Marine ordered as he again raised his weapon aiming toward McGee.

"Marine, I'll get him. Let me through!" Tony said as he jumped back in the Charger and gunned the engine. The sentry jumped into the guard house and pressed the gate button, then picked up the phone. "Marks for Director Gibbs. Sir, Gunny Marks. we have a security breach. Some guy named McGee ran the personnel gate. Yes sir, Agent DiNozzo is in pursuit. Don't inform security, sir? Sir, are you... Sir yes sir!" As he hung up the phone, he said to himself" Three tours in Iraq, and I have never been as confused as I am here."

As Tony was driving along the road, he saw McGee sitting on the side, his head in his hands. As Tony got out of the sedan, McGee looked up, "Tony, what have I done? I just ran through the personnel gate. Did I hurt anybody on the bridge? What am I gonna do, Tony?" In answer, Tony open the front passenger door for him, and merely said, "Come on, Probie. Lets talk to Gibbs."

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