The alarm clock blared loudly, startling me from my light slumber. I glanced at the screen on the digital Spongebob-Squarepants alarm clock and smirked slightly. I wriggled onto my left side and squirmed underneath my hot pink and black comforter. As I began to drift off, my sister came bounding into my room and leaped onto my bed, her honey blonde hair bobbing with every bounce.

"Bubbles, what's wrong with you?" I grumbled, snatching the covers over my head.

Giggling at my predictable reaction, she answered:

"Today's our first day being juniors. Duh, Buttercup!"

Oh, yeah. I had absent-mindedly forgotten.

"Well, get off of me! I'll meet you and Blossom in the kitchen when I'm ready!" I assured her. She grinned in agreement and skipped happily to her room.

Blossom was my other sister. She loved to learn and, as her little sisters, Bubbles and I looked up to her. She constantly did her best to set a good example for us.

Bubbles was the youngest of us. She had a bubbly, warm-hearted attitude and, in my opinion, was awfully sensitive. Even when she's had a horrible day, she still manages to plant a sweet smile on her face.

And then, of course, there's me. Growing up, I simply despised showing any signs of vulnerability or weakness. Many who don't truly know me claim that I'm aggressive. I certainly was a tough cookie – and I wasn't planning on crumbling anytime soon. Of course, my sisters saw right through my rough exterior and loved me anyway.

I sighed in content as I got up to brush my teeth. About forty-five minutes later, I observed myself in my onyx black, full-length mirror. I was wearing a tight, short-sleeved shirt with an all black background and a neon green, paint splattered skull in the center. I was also dressed in dark-denim skinny jeans with lime green stitching, a frosty white, pyramid-studded belt, and lime green ballet flats. Dangling from my neck was a pearl necklace that stopped at my ribcage. I gazed at my jet-black, raven hair. I had parted it to the far left and had my sleek side bangs fall right above my right eye with a white bow on the side. I grabbed my backpack and proudly trotted to the kitchen.

"Good morning, sweetie," my mom chimed warmly as I descended down the stairs.

She had the same coal black hair as me but had piercing blue eyes like Bubbles. Across the table from her sat my dad, the Professor, studying a newspaper in content. I grinned slightly in reply.

"Aw, Buttercup! You beat me down here!" Bubbles playfully exclaimed as she hopped down the beige carpeted stairs. Her golden blonde hair fell in cascading curls that flowed to an inch past her small shoulders. Her baby blue Aeropostale shirt, adorned with white swirls of glitter, really brought out the captivating cobalt pigments in her eyes, which she had inherited from our mother. She also wore white ballet flats. I watched in disgust as she applied a strawberry pink lip-gloss.

"Girls! You ready?" Blossom requested as she strutted down the steps. Her lustrous, auburn hair flew in wavy wisps behind her, streaming down to her waist. She wore a rosy pink blouse with cherry red trimmings and a black bubble skirt with red and pink striped flats.

Bubbles and I agreed and we set off for school. Since Winchester Senior High wasn't far from our house, we walked. After we turned the first block, Bubbles began to break the placid silence.

"Hey, guys? Are you nervous?" she inquired innocently.

"Why would we be nervous? We've been through all this before – same people, same annoying classes, same concept…" I retorted, adjusting the straps on my backpack.

"I know, I know. But are you nervous? Just a little?" she added, gazing down at her shoes.

"A little," Blossom admitted, gently biting her full bottom lip.

"Why? We've seen all the people before," I said, slightly annoyed.

"Well, this year, a new kid is transferring. He could be cute!" Bubbles stated, her sky blue eyes glistening with hope. I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes.

"I can't believe you guys are so obsessed with boys."

Blossom sighed.

"You know, Buttercup, we'll always love you – but when are you gonna stop with this tomboy phase?"

I glared at her, a glint of icy resentment in my jade green eyes.

"This isn't a phase, Blossom! I'm sorry that I'm not the freakin' perfect sister that wears crap-loads of makeup and devotes an hour a day to curling my hair," I lashed at her sarcastically.

"I never said you were."

"Stop fighting!" Bubbles wailed pleadingly.

"We weren't fighting, Bubbles. We were simply having a rather insignificant

controversy. Excuse our juvenile conduct," Blossom rationalized.

Bubbles simply blinked at her sister before scratching the nape of her neck.

"Gee, Blossom, I'm gonna need a dictionary to figure out whatever you just said."

"Seriously, though! All those big ass words!" I interjected.

"I see you both have a rather inadequate vocabulary," Blossom sighed.

"And, Buttercup, keep the profanities to a minimum."

Bubbles and I shrugged, not knowing what the hell Blossom was talking about, and continued to walk to our destination.

As the huge building came into view, I felt a tingle of excitement run up my spine. I could finally get a chance to see all my old friends and sit at our old table beneath the old oak tree, raving on and on about the newest bands. Suddenly, a friendly, familiar voice shattered my thoughts.


I looked up just as Butch twirled me into a secure, welcoming bear hug. I felt my cheeks blush a deep rosy tint. Bubbles grinned as I grew a vibrant pink shade. Pulling away from me, Butch said:

"It's been too long!"

Butch Jojo was my best guy friend since kindergarten. His glistening emerald green eyes poked out from underneath his onyx black bangs. He was wearing a black and neon green band shirt, ripped, slightly baggy skinny jeans, a black and white checkerboard belt, and green Converse with black and white checkerboard shoelaces. In his hand was a gray skateboard.

Glancing at my sisters, he waved at them as a greeting.

"Hey, Butch," Blossom replied as Bubbles hugged him tight around his waist. He chuckled at this.

"Where's the crew?" I asked eagerly, searching the lawn with my eyes.

Butch pointed to the table we all usually sat around. Gripping his hand gently, I turned to my sisters.

"I'm about to go. See you later!" I concluded before dashing over to the table.

"Oh my gosh! Buttercup!" Hanna cried in astonishment. Like Butch, Hanna was a friend since preschool.

"I haven't seen your retarded ass in forever!" Bella added, nearly springing from her seat to hug me. I smiled as I thought of the good times we've shared together. They were each like family to me in a certain way.

Melvin, with his shaggy cinnamon-brown hair, was the bad boy of the group. He thinks he's so hard-core, which throws me off because Melvin is the biggest softie I know.

And then there was Bella. She was the comedian of the group. Her signature Hello kitty chain hung from her neck and dangled in the sunlight. I looked up to see a new kid. I raised my eyebrows in slight confusion and curiosity. Noticing my expression, Hanna said:

"Oh, Buttercup, that's Mitch. He just transferred here."

"Yeah, look at his Converse. They're awesome!" Bella added excitedly, gesturing for me to peek underneath the table.

I peered down at his shoes. They were all black with neon multicolored graffiti on the sides. The laces were zebra printed. I gazed back up at him. He whipped his chocolate brown hair out of his cobalt eyes and smirked at me.

"Hey, Mitch," I greeted politely.


Then he winked at me. I felt my cheeks grow rosy. Hanna flashed her icy blue eyes back and forth at Mitch and I, her sheepish grin unwavering.

"Oooh, fireworks already, huh?" she teased, her platinum blonde hair with black streaks rustling in the breeze. I jokingly punched her in her arm as she doubled over in laughter.

We were all chattering about what we did over the summer break when the bell rang through our ears. We gathered our belongings and shuffled into the entrance. We quickly dispersed and filed into our classes. I had English with Mr. Stephenson. I gazed around the classroom and noticed that Mitch was right beside me. Our eyes met and we both blushed.