A new story. Only gonna be a few chapters long. 6 or 7. Crossover between Percy Jackson and Bioshock. I own neither.

There is something in the sea. Fifty years ago a man had a dream. He created the greatest marvel the world would never know, a city beneath the waves. But no one, save the gods, could predict how it would end. In less then a decade, the great city fell. It fell to a disease within, however there were greater forces at play then any had suspected. After several decades, many forgot about the great secret of Andrew Ryan. A new story began and ended in the world above. A story of a boy and the war he and his friends fought. For the safety of the world, the boy battled monsters and forces older than the gods. He made friends, lost friends, and fell in love. This is a new tale, of when the two paths crossed.

Percy Jackson sat on the shore of Camp Half-Blood. He swayed his hand back and forth and the waves followed suit. Percy was special. He lifted his hand like a large weight had been tied to it. He had been trying to do this for a long time. The water from the sea slithered up in the air and formed a small orb hovering just above his hand. See, Percy was the son of a god. He curled his fingers around the ball and it began to elongate. He was the favorite son of Poseidon, god of the seas. Percy heard footsteps behind him. The staff in his hand began to ripple, right before popping like a giant water balloon. He would be soaking wet if wasn't the son of Poseidon. He turned his head and felt his heart skip a beat. There was his girlfriend, yeah girlfriend. Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Unfortunately, it seemed the popping water stick had knocked her on her backside, she did not look pleased. He helped her up and concentrated his abilities. Every bead of water on her rolled right off of her. Her hair was a little messed up, but she still made it look beautiful.

"Really Percy? You still haven't mastered your new trick yet?" Annabeth said with a smirk. Percy stood and dusted the sand off his shorts.

"Oh don't you worry. I'll get it soon enough and when I do it'll be pretty amazing."

"Sure Seaweed Brain." Percy used get annoyed when he was called that, but the way she said it now made everything seem a little better. "Anyway, I got a messenger hawk from Thalia. She and the girls will be here in a few hours. Chiron says we'll play some capture the flag with them tomorrow."

Percy felt pretty good. Thalia was coming back. She was his cousin, and the daughter of the sky god, Zeus. She is now general of a group of hunters that serve under Artemis. She's been pretty busy this year. Monster activity was pretty high, mostly beasts trying to take advantage of the leftover chaos of the Titan War. Nico was staying here for slightly longer than he usually does. Nico, also Percy's cousin, was the son of Hades, god of the Underworld. He has been pretty much interning for his dad. He travels around the world with Thanatos (god of death and Hades' high priest) learning about his powers and the various processes of the Underworld. Grover, Percy's best friend and satyr, would be home from his inspection duties next week. As the newest Lord of the Wild he is tasked with frequently traveling to any place where a disaster strikes to organize the nature spirits. Juniper has not been happy with this. Tyson, Percy's half-brother and cyclops, had a break from the forges coming up. He and Clarisse weren't beating each other up as much. And he believed things with Annabeth were going quite well. Several other campers began to drift towards the beach to watch the sunrise. It only took a few more minutes. Annabeth rested her head on his shoulder, when she suddenly bolted upright. Her arm outstretched and pointed at something in the distance.

"What are those?" Percy could see what she pointing to now. Three objects that looked like large round submarines popped out of the sea and floated towards the shore. By this point some of the other campers had been moving closer to the shore line. They started to examine the first pod that slowly slid onto the shore. A few more campers, coming from combat practice made were making there way down.

A blast of steam blasted from the first orb as a hatch swung open. No one could react swift enough to what happened next. Three figures launched out of the ball. They looked like people. White and gnarled. Tattered clothes hanged off them. The one in the front held a large hook in each hand. The children at Camp Half-Blood were soldiers. Fighters. They had survived war, and were no push-overs. That's why it was so unbelievable when the gnarled man impaled a nearby camper. Panic broke out. The unarmed students began to scatter. The students that just got off battle practice charged in. One of the Ares campers tackled one of the creatures and slashed them with his blade. It passed right through however. The weapons at Camp Half-Blood were made out of celestial bronze, a material made for fighting monsters. It was unusable on mortals, which it appeared these creatures were.

The second pod had washed up on shore, and three more creatures crawled out. Percy focused on the water that washed up to his knees. He pushed his hands forward and sea wrapped itself around one of the creatures. He began screaming and cursing as he was pulled underwater.

"Percy, behind you!" Percy turned to see Nico plunge his Stygian Iron blade into the head of the creature that appeared behind him. Stygian Iron was more powerful than Celestial Bronze and affected mortals.

"What the hell are these things, Nico?" Percy blasted another wave at the hook wielding beast. The third pod washed up on the shore. He saw people fighting in the corner of his eyes. Clarisse used her new vamped up spear the electrocute one of the beasts, another student fell to one of the creatures. Percy was panicking, he couldn't see Annabeth.

"I have no clue," Nico responded parrying a swing from one the creatures lead pipes, "but they look human." Jake Mason had launched a ball of magic fire into one of the creature's faces; he ran screaming into the water. Percy took advantage and pounded a wave down on top of it. One of the Aphrodite campers held her hands on the shoulder of a fallen camper who had been shot. It was chaos.

Percy had kicked into high gear. Last year he took a dip in the River Styx, just like Achilles in the stories, and the curse turned him into a dynamo on the battler field. He felt the curse take him again. He ran through the battlefield kicking the deformed men into the waves and using his powers the burying them beneath the water.

Several hours had passed before some semblance of order had returned to the camp. The sun had begun to rise. Thirteen bodies lay before Percy. Thirteen campers had not survived the night. One of them he even considered a friend. Will Solace, head of the Apollo cabin. Annabeth rubbed her hand on Percy's back.

"Come on, Chiron has called all the head counselors." Percy took on last look at the sea. Three discarded pods lay there, casting long shadows into the camp.

"Chaos, unbridbled chaos!" Zeus stormed. An emergency council had for the first since the Titan war. All gods, no the Olympians, were in attendance. The room had expanded. In addition to the twelve seats of the Olympians, an amphitheater opened above the entrance. The seats filled with numerous gods and goddesses.

"Thirteen of our children are dead, because you allowed that infernal city to exist, Poseidon!" Demeter slammed a fist into her branch covered throne.

The god of the sea quickly stood to defend himself. "We all had children inside that city. And as some of you may recall I protested a city being built so close to my domain. Also let us not forget it was one of Athena's brood, that Ryan, who caused all of this."

"Silence! Arguing will get us no where. We all had children in Rapture." Hephaestus spoke up. "None of us wanted to admit our mistake so we just let it sit there at the bottom of the sea. Our unspoken shame." All the gods hung there heads.

"Hephaestus is correct." Zeus, ruler of the finally spoke, his normally blue suit looked dark grey. "This burden falls to us. We made a vow however, so we must tread carefully. What is to be done about the city of Rapture?"