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The group looked over the transportation. The submarine had been made around the 1940's and forgotten in one of the old Hephaestus cabin storehouses in the woods. Nyssa had done a good job with the time had. Percy looked over and saw her explaining the schematics to Jake and Annabeth. Nico and Thalia were loading in the gear. Clarisse was sharpening her electric spear. She figured her brothers and sisters would need all the weapons and ammo they could get to defend the camp.

"Percy I wish you all the best." Chiron stood next to the sea god's son, his hoof digging a hole in the sand. The two of them had spent the past few hours with Annabeth and Ms. Ryan discussing the layout of Rapture and all the things they should expect to find inside. There were some thinks she talked about that unnerved even Percy. They had said their goodbyes, but Chiron still worried.

Percy took a deep breath before turning to his mentor. "Keep our home safe, we'll do the rest." Percy walked off as the rest of the campers enter the submarine. Percy pulled in the tide bit by bit until the submersible was barely resting on its supports. With a pull Percy brought the submarine into ocean. He waded into the water, but turned to look at his home and friends. He swam to the submarine and climbed in the entrance.

"All right, let's get this done." Percy controlled the water while Annabeth and Jake operated the vehicle. They were rocketing through the ocean.

After several hours of barreling through the ocean at near silence Annabeth spoke up. "Alright these are the coordinates Mrs. Ryan gave us."

"63° 2' North, 29° 55' West" Percy confirmed with his nautical gifts. "Jake we need to go deeper take us down."

The craft dropped slowly, sinking further into the darkness. That was until light hit the small windows of the craft. The campers took turns pressing there faces against the glass to see the underwater city.

"It's amazing." Thalia started.

"It's like an underwater Manhattan." Nico chimed in.

"Look at the structures of those buildings." Annabeth examined with a keen eye. "It's classic early 1900's architecture mixed with some ancient Greek styling." She started to ramble on the way she did about how the buildings actually seemed far more architecturally developed then other buildings built around the same time.

They passed by what would normally be called sky scrapers. Some lit with neon signs, most broken and faded after the long years of negligence. Percy examined the area for an opening before pointing Jake towards what appeared to be a welcoming center.

The submarine popped up through a hole in the floor of a massive hall. There were several other holes lined along the walls, most likely meant for incoming bathyspheres. A great glass window was before them revealing a close up of several buildings. Percy examined the floor and saw faded signs. 'Rapture is Dead'

The moved left up a staircase only lit by a flickering glow. Annabeth pointed to a set of faded letters on the wall.

"It's blood" claimed Nico. I can see it somehow. "You should not have come."

"Well that's a bit disconcerting." Jake was having reservations.

We hopped a fallen column and pushed onwards. They crawled through a partially blocke entrance and up another flight of steps. At the top of the stairs were the twisted bones of one of raptures residents. Percy picked up the rusted lead pipe in his hands and handed it to Jake, giving a better sense of defense.

The walls were carved from beautiful stone and opened into a massive welcoming room. This room opened up again with a large series of windows. WELCOME TO RAPTURE. OPPORTUNITY AWAITS. The words sat proudly on the door in the center of the windows.

A TV above a nearby display flickered on as soon as the group passed by.

I am Andrew Ryan, and I am here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

'No,' says the man in Washington, 'it belongs to the poor.'
'No,' says the man in the Vatican, 'it belongs to God.'
'No,' says the man in Moscow, 'it belongs to everyone.'

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose...


A city where the artist would not fear the censor,
where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality,
where the great would not be constrained by the small.

And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city, as well.

"Well that seemed a bit overdone." Spoke Thalia.

"He was a kid of Athena," Clarisse chimed in. She got an aggravated look from Percy and Annabeth. "I mean come on, look around. Look at these signs. 'THE GREAT CHAIN OF INDUSTRY TIES AND UNTIES US ALL' or 'NO GODS OR KINGS. ONLY MAN' What kind of demigod would something like that."

Percy wanted to protest he could Annabeth did as well, but being here, seeing all this destruction. It was hard to put himself in Ryan's shoes. The large door in the window leading further into Rapture was sealed.

Jake spent several seconds analyzing the steel door. "Annabeth, I could use a hand." The two started poking at the electrical panel near the door a mumbling back and forth.

"We should be able to open it up Percy, just give us a few minutes." The other four members of the party split up to search the area. Nico was poking around in the rubble while Clarisse sat on a dust coated chair, put up her and begin snacking on an energy bar. Percy and Thalia climbed the stairs behind them, passed a slue of promotional posters for plasmids. In front of them was what looked like a vending machine. It took a few seconds for Percy to make out the now faded letters (and a few seconds more to correctly read them due to his dyslexia) to read the title Gatherer's Garden. Inside sat four glowing red bottles attached to syringes.

Thalia reached her hand through the broken vending machine glass and pulled one of the vials out. "These must be the plasmids that Elizabeth was telling us about." She turned one over examining it, and comparing it to the others in the machine. "Seems they come in a variety of flavors."

Percy looked at Thalia and believed he knew what she was thinking. They could use the Plasmids to give them additional powers, to better fight the splicers. "Put them back Thalia, there's too much risk in that stuff. Mrs. Ryan said it messes with our minds and bodies."

Thalia peered down at the scarlet bottles in her before she responded. "Okay Percy. You're right." She placed the bottle back in the machine. A large clang filled the air before Jake called out for Percy.

"Percy get down here now!" Percy responded and leapt over the banister seeing Jake and Annabeth had pried open the door which was now bursting with sea water. "Looks like the tunnel is flooded."

"Ya think so Jake?" Percy asked not expecting an answer. He held up his arms and felt the pull of the ocean in his stomach. The water begin to split to either side of the trio. "Nico, Clarisse, Thalia, we have to move now." Clarisse and Nico were soon in the dry spot next to Percy as water filled the rest of the room. A clatter came from above as Thalia rushed down the stairs to join the party. The water begin to rise up around the following Percy's hand, forming a bubble dome around the group.

They moved through the now flooded tunnels and saw the source of the incoming water. A small passenger plane (or at least a part of one) had smashed through the glass of the tunnel. The group maneuvered their way through the wreckage when they came across a fork.

"There's something out there." Nico pointed down through the glass tunnel to water appeared to be a diver, only much larger. His helmet lit with a yellow hue.

"Is that a person? Maybe a splicer?" Thalia ran several scenarios in her mind.

Percy and Annabeth looked at each other nervously. Annabeth spoke while Percy held back the water. "Not quite. Remember the Little sisters that Mrs. Ryan told us about? The kidnapped girls who were used to harvest the ADAM energy. Well according to her each girl had a protector. And others were placed around the city to guard it. They're called Big Daddys. The used to be human, but now...well just violent machines who have no purpose."

No one spoke a word. The bone-chilling cold air of the deep sea seemed to drop a few degrees more at the mention of the creatures. "Let's keep moving," Thalia said, No one argued.

Annabeth went through the maps they had reviewed in her head. "Alright, if we continue straight we will reach the elevator bay, if we head left we will get to Aracadia. I think that would be our best bet."

The group didn't second guess Annabeth and head down the left hall. The tunnel had an incline as they continued. After several minutes of strolling they came upon a similar steel door.

"Okay gimme a few minutes and I should be able to crack this." Jake spoke prepping his tools.

A spear tip came flying past Jake's head and embedded itself in the crack of the door. "No time for that." Clarisse poured her energy into her spear and worked it like a lever, forcefully prying the door open. The metal crackled with small sparks from the electric spear as the bubble passed through. "Much easier."

Jake sealed the door behind them as Percy lowered the bubble. That lasts of the water that had gotten in had spilled across the marble floors and begin to soak into the carpets. Percy waved his hands and pulled the moisture of his companions to try their clothes.

"What was that?" Jake looked up at the ceiling in a panic.

"What was what?" Thalia, Nico and Annabeth glanced upwards.

"I heard something, like a skittering." Percy had finished drying Clarisse and joined the others in examining the ceiling. As with a large portion of Rapture the lights in the room had failed over the years so the only was what came through the windows and dim glow of the bronze weapons the campers held.

"Are you sure you're not being-" A loud thud emanated as a figure slammed into Thalia's side. Nico and Jake grabbed her as the three remaining campers took up arms. The figure stood before the window to get a slight glimpse before disappearing again. It was a splicer, who seemed to be holding two massive metallic hooks. They heard the hooks digging into the stone ceiling above. Nico had rejoined the armed campers as Jake defended the downed hunter.

The figure swooped down again knocking Annabeth off balance. The seemed to sweep near Percy's face, but his curse allowed him to react fast enough. The splicer stayed on the floor for several seconds before leaping into the shadows again. Percy had enough. He concentrated on large puddles of water they were standing in commanding them to rise, when Annabeth grabbed his shoulder.

"No Percy. I know what we need to do." She turned to Clarisse. "Remember when we were coming up with defense plans we thought of one that was a little too risky? I think it might be time to give it a try." Clarisse seemed to mull it over in her mind before giving her trademark arrogant smile.

"Alright you little wimps back up, let a real warrior handle this." Nico and Annabeth begin to back off, but Percy stood steadfast until being dragged back by his girlfriend. The daughter of Ares now stood alone in the center of the dark room, being lit in short bursts by her crackling Maimer III. Percy noticed her bracing herself. The clicking disappeared as the splicer lunged at Clarrise, she took the brunt of the attack before knocking it back. The now stood on the wet ground as Clarisse smirked. "Gotcha." She leapt upwards as she brought the tip of her spear down. It clanged against the floor just before releasing a bright flash of light, the water surrounding her and the splicer lit up with electricity. The splicer convulsed before dropping to the ground. The warrior stood above her foe and removed a steel hunting knife from a strap on her boot. She finished the splice quickly before walking over to Annabeth. "So Plan Thunderstruck works like a charm. Not bad Brainiac." Annabeth seemed to smile at the compliment.

The group took a minute to catch their breathes before pushing opened the slightly rotted wooden doors.

"Unbelievable." The group stood in amazement. "It's an entire forest at the bottom of the ocean." Annabeth moved up to the first of the trees in Arcadia. "They're so beautiful." The rest of the group joined in and looked at the now overgrown gardens at the entrance to Arcadia. The moved deep into the room and the vegetation continued to get thicker.

Nico slashed a shrub from the path. "Annabeth, Percy, you two know the map, I can barely find my way through all these plants. Which way should we be headed?"

Annabeth responded, "I'm not positive. All the landmarks and places in the notes we read have become much harder to locate with all this overgrowth. I think we should head back to the entrance and then move along the walls. We should be able to recognize the general shape of the room to find the area where the exit will be." It seemed like a sound plan, so the group retraced their steps. However, they found no entrance, no moldy wooden doors. They searched for several minutes, before giving up in confusion.

"This doesn't make any sense, I followed our tracks perfectly," Thalia spoke with the pride of a Hunter of Artemis. The entrance should be right here.

"Maybe we just got turned around." Jake tried to sound optimistic but the worry in his voice was palpable.

"I don't think so." All eyes turned to Annabeth. "Something is definitely wrong here. This is the exact tree I came up to right in front of the entrance when we got here, I recognize the patterns in the bark. Look behind us though is a deep section of bushes and trees, no doors. I don't think we're alone. I think something is trying to trap us in here."


So there is a nice chapter for you fine folks. I tried to bring as much of Rapture as I could to the story. Devil's in the details, etc. I even brought back the classic zap the water to stun splicers trick that I loved to abuse in the game. Anyway, I'll keep writing, you keep reading.