Hey Guys! It has been like forever sincce I have been on here! I got a great idea for a spanking fic. So…. WARNING-SPANKING of child

So in this fic the Cullen kids are humans. And here are the ages

Rosalie- 9


Esme is the same age.

Just as a forwarning, this will be a one-shot.

Well on with the story.

Esme POV

I was in the kitchen putting the choclate chip cookies in the oven. My silly children talked me into them before dinner. I suddenly hear a scream. A little girl scream. Sigh , Alice. I put the cookies in and walk upstairs to the play room. I see Alice sitting in the floor crying and Rosalie standing above her with Alice's Binkie, a small blanket with a duck head on a corner Alice has has since she was a baby, with the whole duck head pulled apart from the blanket.

"Rosalie! What do you think you are doing?" I asked her sternly.

" Well, from the looks of it, I am holding Alice's stupid blanket in two pieces because she got into my brand new makeup set!" Rosalie snapped back at me.

I just then get a good look at Alice. Covered head to toe in bright pink blush and blue eyeshadow. Sigh well, I will give her a bath in a minute.

" Rosalie Lillian Cullen, she didn't know better. Give me her binkie and you go straight to your room and I will be in there in a moment. And Rosalie I mean STRAIGHT to your room. Do not stop and do not pass GO." I took a deep breath and pointed to the door. Rosalie threw Alice's blanket on the ground and stomped off. I rolled my eyes and then scooped Alice into my arms and soothed her telling her that binkie will be fixed and that mommy would fix it. She slowly calmed down and then I carried her to the bathroom and sat her on the sink.

" Mommy no take makeup off. Pretty makeup Mommy pretty." Alice kept smacking my hand away from her face while I was trying to wash it off.

" Alice, if you smack my hand again mommy will smack your bottom." I told her sternly.

I reached up again to wipe off the tacky dress up makeup. And she smacked at my hand and I looked at her with my "Mommy Eyes" and picked her up and then sat down on the toliet and pulled her over my lap and spanked her a few times over her skirt before pulling it up and spanked her harder over her new "Big Girl Panties". Then lifted her up to my shoulder and rubbed her back as she cried and said she was sorry.

" Mommy warned you Alice." I told her as I picked her up and sat her back onto the sink.

After I got Alice washed off and settled with a Barney movie in her bedroom with a cup of apple juice, I walked across the hall into Rosalie's room to find her listening to her radio and staring at the ceiling.

" Rosalie. " I said as I came in " Are you ready to talk?"

She nodded and sat up on her bed.

" Momma, I am sorry I ruined Alice's blanket. I was just mad because that was my new makeup kit that Gramma gave me for Christmas." She looked at her hands as she spoke.

"Well Rosalie, I forgive you and I think Alice will too. But what you did was wrong, You could have come and gotten me when you found out." I looked at deep into her eyes.

She nodded and looked up at me with tears in her beautiful blue eyes.

" Rosalie, I was going to spank you but seeing as you know what you did was wrong and you talked to me like an adult, Your punishment will change. You are grounded for a week. No phone, no computer, and no IPOD." I told my daughter gently.

She smiled up at me and quietly whispered "Thank you momma." As she reached up and hugged my neck.

" I love you Rosalie. And I hope you and your sister will get along better in the future. She wants to be like her big sister Rosie. " I told her as we hugged and she pulled away and gave me the biggest smile.

" We will momma, it is all just Sisterly Love."