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"What would you do if you're going to have a curse seal that can control you?" I asked them for an opinion. I wanted to know what to do.

The both looked at each other not simply knowing the answer. They shrugged their shoulders and continued back to eat. I sighed.

"And the only way to get rid of it is me... marrying your father" I slightly titled my head to the side waiting for a response.

"YES, YES, YES!" Hikari stood up with her hands on the table her face jolly and excited.

"…" I looked at Ryu with his jaw slightly dropped.

"What's the point of this? You're not telling me that we're going to have curse marks right?" He said not even stuttering out of nervousness. He was nervous but not showing it, I can feel it. Hikari dropped back to her seat staring at me waiting for answer at the same time.

"Please… please… forgive me, I just want the best for you" I started crying, I knew he wouldn't accept my decision.

"Kaasan" Hikari said as she pats my back, I leaned down to the tale to cry. "Niisan… just say you'll accept for her to marry Tousan" Hikari whispered to Ryu behind my back but I could hear.

I didn't seem to hear a response from Ryu. I wiped out the entire tear that formed and sat up properly. I looked over to Ryu who looks like he has a lot in his mind.

I heard the doorbell, Hikari walked towards the door. Looked at Ryu as he tried to not to cry.

"Tousan… Kaasan is crying because of Ryu!" I heard Hikari from the door. I quickly knew it was Neji.

"Tenten" Neji walked inside the kitchen looked at me then to Ryu. "I think I know why…" He said to me with a sad face that can nearly cry. "I'm just going to leave this here… just in case" He came closer and placed a small box in the table and he opened it.

"I can't… not yet at least Neji…" Tears started to flow out again but I stopped it by forcing myself

"I know… and I know you're going back to Suna soon, but I want you to have it… as a… remembrance or a token of my love" He left it there. He leaned in forward and kissed my forehead gently, he wanted to break apart but he can't he didn't want to. I know so. "I have to go" He quickly left saying those words left.

I looked at Ryu. "I hope you're happy now Ryu?" I stood up and went to the room and slammed the door hard. I can't help but cry now, I gave everything to Ryu when he was a little kid, and I gave him toys, gifts, clothes, and my love.

I want to blame everything on Ryu but I know it's not his fault for not growing up without a father and not wanting one. I need to think and blame it on me and forgive myself.

"Kaasan…" I heard Hikari opening the door since I seem to have forgotten to lock it.

"Hikari…" I said in surprise, she's holding the box with the ring on it. She was smiling, unlike Ryu, she wants a father.

"Tousan wants you to have this" She handed it over to me. It was beautiful, like a new born baby sleeping into your arms. "Tousan loves you very much" She continued.

"I know Neji loves you very much… you should make a decision for yourself… do yourself a favor and be happy and in love again" My Kaasan came and gave an advice. She usually comes at a time where I need someone for advice.


"It's been almost 7 years… Ryu is just a kid; he says what's on his mind… He'll fight for what he wants and if he doesn't get it… the worst thing that can happen is him throwing a tantrum and crying all day" Kaasan tried to cheer me up. I smiled at her last words.

"I guess I should" I said double crossing my mind. I don't know what to do… should I talk to Ryu about this after acting like a child in front of him? "I need to talk to Ryu first" I stood up holding the box with the ring on my hands.

I went to the kitchen where I know Ryu is. He was there, he's looking down. I approached him.

"I'm only doing the best for you Ryu" I said behind him. I kissed his head; his face remained down ever since I left him.

"I know… but, I don't trust him… he hurt me and Hikari and it was traumatic… it felt like he was going to kill us" His tear slid down his cheek. I wiped it away.

"I know… I saw with my own eyes also… I talked to him about it; he said he's sorry… He just wanted to know about your eyes" I explained. I know now he's going to ask about their eyes and how come it's different from normal

"What about our eyes?" He asked… I knew it.

"You inherited a powerful Kekkei Genkai of Konoha called the Byakugan. You can see chakra points with it if you activate it. But I never taught you or told you anything about it… I'm sorry" I hugged him.

He grabbed the ring from my hands and examined it. He felt down.

"Kaasan, I'm sorry… I know you gave me everything that I want… maybe now it's time I give you what you want" He smiled at me. I felt like it was my kid giving me a blessing unlike the grown up giving the blessing but… wow.

"Really, Ryu?" I asked grabbing onto his shoulders. He nodded. "What made you change your mind?" I asked him.

"Seeing you, Kaasan, crying… it makes me want to cry also, I want to slap myself for being a spoiled little kid. I feel like I'm growing up too quickly… I haven't even met the person and I already hate them… I learned a lesson today Kaasan" He smiled with glee.

"Ryu…" I hugged him and I wanted to cry. I hugged him tightly "You'll always be my little boy… don't ever grow up" I shut my eyes tight to just feel his warm body.

He hugged back and chuckled onto my ear.

"I think 'Tousan' is waiting for an answer" He broke the hug and admitting he has a Tousan. I jumped in shock. Instead of making a comment I smiled at him and kissed him forehead.

"I love you and… thank you Ryu" I murmured at his forehead

"I'll see you later Kaasan" He said. I nodded and grabbed the ring.

I ran out the door and out to find Neji around Konoha. I tried to look around the whole place and no sign of Neji. There's only one place left to look, the Hyuga compounds.

I walked towards there. I heard yelling, I'm thinking Hiashi? I walked inside asking permission to the guards of the mansion. They let me in.

I walked inside and saw Hiashi and Neji.

"I know you are never going to succeed the main house. The branch will always be lower than the main house" He told Neji. Jerk. "Finding a lover is the only chance you have and you fail?" He teased as he chuckled at Neji.

"Neji is already engaged to me Hyuga Sama… Tsuki Tenten" I bowed down gently.

"I see… Neji… is this true?" He asked clearing his voice making an embarrassment of himself.

"Y-yes… I'm engaged to her" He said

"As a matter f fact… you should know we already have kids… two 6 year olds" I went to Neji and he wrapped his waist around me. He smiled at what I just did for him.

"Six year olds?" Hiashi seemed stunned.

"Yes…" I quickly replied not even double thinking my words.

"They are to be sealed… but Neji… you proved to me… and as promised, I will give equality for the branch and main house…" Hiashi said stopping at a few sentences. He cleared his voice to speak wiser and elegant.

Big grins and gleeful faces filled us. The main and branch family are finally equal. I always knew I would have to do something to help Neji in helping his family.

"So does that mean… you'll marry me?" His face was inches against mine.

"Isn't it the guy who presents the ring and ask for the hand in marriage?" I showed him the ring and he took it gently. "Oh whatever… I accept" I quickly kissed him and he kissed back. Both of us alone in the Hyuga living room.

I came home wearing the ring on my finger. It shined while I walked home with Neji by myside, many people congratulated us for the future.

Neji came inside out house and welcomed himself inside. Ryu passed by and looked at him and smiled.

"Welcome home… Tousan" Ryu grinned widely at him. Neji couldn't help but smile widely finally Ryu accepting him as a father. Ryu walked away Hikari followed him.

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