" I Left my new torch in Narnia!" Edmund Exclaimed

They all laughed as the train goes by, It was only two minutes passed by when they were transported to Narnia

To make the Facing faster

Susan got accelerated the same level as Peter(But one thing that makes it all the worse for Peter is that they're in the same classroom)

Lucy got the top 1 at academics

Edmund became the school's Most Valuable Player in Fencing

And Peter held a Group where people learns to fight for their selves or let's say self defence

"What affects the magnetic field of our planet" Ms. Pollen said

4 of the Students raised their Hand

Two of them were Peter and Susan

"Yes, Susan" Ms Pollen said

"The inner core" Susan said

Making Peter's face pretty disappointed because she was right

"1 point for Susan" Ms Pollen said

Then after what Ms Pollen said The bell rang, That means its dismissal

Edmund Ran in to Peter and Susan and showed Susan a Poster

"Archery Contest?"Susan said "Yes, Well someone gave that poster to me, he said, If I ever know anyone who is good at archery I should recommend that person" Edmund said

"So, joining that?" Peter said "I really didn't want to split my time in these sort of things but if I can help the school building their name I would really love to join!" Susan exclaims

"By the way, where's Lucy?" Peter said "She's in her classroom, Eating of course" Edmund said

"We better fetch her" Susan said "Your right" Edmund said

As they we're moving in the hall a handsome guy blocked their path

His name is Edward He is Peter's classmate yet they are secret enemies, Why? Because this Guy likes Susan, And Peter is her brother; He always wants to protect his siblings

"What are you doing here?" Peter said But Edward Didn't Mind what he said

"Hey Susan, Want to go for dinner?" Edward said

"You see, she doesn't have time" Peter said

And Edmund was barely looking to them as the scene was going on

"I wasn't asking you, I was asking her can't you see?" Edward said

"Well, He's right, I don't Have time, I still have some practice" Susan said as she broke the fight between them

So they three walked past Edward and Edward's face is obviously burning with anger as he looked to Peter

(Peter was walking along the way, that means his back is turned away from him)

"Let's see how this comes further" Edward whispered

Let's Move on to Peter, Susan and Edmund fetching Lucy

"Hey, Lets go Home!" Lucy said

"Yes, We're going home, But after Susan enrols to the archery contest" Peter said

They signed up for the auditions and Susan auditioned and she was accepted

Then they got home and they slept but Peter is awake

*Knock Knock* Edmund is knocking on Peter's room and He opens it

"Name your Business, Intruder" Peter said jokingly

"Shut up" Edmund said "Yes, I know why you are here, You will ask about that guy" Peter said

"Smart" Edmund answered

"Well, He is a rich, arrogant and a bully" said Peter

"And?" said Edmund "He likes Susan, all the girls he liked ended up crying" said Peter

"You want to protect all of us" said Edmund "Of course" said Peter

Edmund puts his hand on Peter's Shoulder

"Pete, I'm with you, I will do my best to protect Susan and Lucy or Beyond my best" said Edmund

"Thanks for your help" said Peter "I think we'll need to escort them wherever they go" said Edmund