"You go with Susan, I'll go with Lucy" said Peter

Well that plan of theirs just worked after all,

So Susan was walking just along the dark streets, Of course escorted by his lovely strong brother Edmund

"I think I am thirsty" Susan whispered to herself

"I'll go buy you a drink" said Edmund "Well, you heard that?" said Susan

"I'm King Edmund the Just you know, As far as the world knows I am Just

And as far as Logic knows Just people are quiet people

And as far as I know Quiet People have sharp ears" said Edmund "My cleverness really is hereditary" said Susan

So Edmund anyway went alone to the pub and just bought some drinks

Well, Susan was left alone on that dark street

Someone is lurking over and spying on Edmund, after a while

While Edmund is inserting coins at the Vending machine that Guy hit him, Of course he hit him too

They began hitting each other but unfortunately He got Edmund's weak point, then he continued beating him until he lost consciousness

While on the other hand Susan is gently and patiently waiting for Edmund

"Where is he now anyway, He said he'd just go at the vending machine it takes too long" thought Susan

So she got and started walking on the road towards the vending machine

And unfortunately that man hit her, she lost her consciousness too

And then that guy brought him into a large van

After travelling an hour in that van she finally regained consciousness and realized who that man really was

It was one of her busted suitors, Edward

And on the other hand Edmund is still asleep along the road and finally a concerned Bartender brought him to their house

And when Edmund got to their house, Peter and Lucy was worried about him

"But, Where's…." said Peter while his sentence being cut out by Edmund

"Susan, I don't know! I failed! I didn't had the strength to protect her" said Edmund with his tears falling

Everyone on that house of Professor Kirke got emotionally

It was only the three of them though

Back at the van when Susan opened her eyes she finally saw him

"E-Ed-Edward?" said Susan "Yes indeed my little princess" Edward said

Susan was shocked that she was tied up hands and feet

Well Edward tried to kiss her but she pushed her hand on his face, Susan is strong but Edward is stronger, she just made a bruise in his lips, now he is really mad

But by that time the van stopped at his gothic mansion

Then he had guards to carry Susan

She is not calm this time; she just exactly had the thought of what Edward doing to her

But just by this time she also is thinking of Caspian, Peter, Edmund and Lucy

And everyone else that would be worried

Back to the house of Professor Kirke

"We have to make a move" said Peter bravely "Okay, Our first move is to locate where that guy would take Susan" said Edmund "Maybe I should be a little help" Lucy

"You cannot be involved in fighting like this, this one's serious, you are still young" said Peter

"I didn't say I will fight, I said I will help, My classmate told me that his brother is a main enemy of that Edward, Well his brother died because of fighting Edward, almost the same case, Edward likes his sister

So, Edward did what he would do, my classmate told me where is Edward's House" said Lucy

"I will protect all of you, Even if it means death" said Peter "Same" said Edmund

But a word from what Lucy said awhile ago alerted them

"Edward did what he would do"

That sentence or paragraph really started to struck Edmund and Peter

Most usually, Peter

Because he loves Susan more than a Sister but as a best-friend

Let's go back to Edward's mansion

Edward Finally untied Susan, but he brought her to his room saying

"This will be just the perfect time"

Those words finally got into Susan's nerves and she made an excuse saying

Wait a minute can I first go see the gallery? That gallery was of course simply stuffed with weapons

A bow and an arrow a sword and a shield a dagger a boomerang and all sorts

So she got the bow and arrow and got to Edward's room

She was making things slower, she knew by this time her family is making a move

"Can I have this?" Susan asked "Of course" Edward said

And Back with her family

"We need to rush it now before Susan loses her purity with some dirty guy" said Edmund

Only what Lucy can do now is to think of Aslan, If Aslan is here maybe he would help them

Now they Edward really is going to do it

But Susan knew what exactly was he thinking, So she kicked him then he accidentally sat on the rug while Susan is short-ranged aiming at his chest

"Now, look" said Susan "Can't you remember? I am five times stronger than you" Edward said

"You are, but you do not have any moves, if you know me very well I just won the Archery contest" said Susan

"It's an amateur contest" said Edward

Now it finally made Susan mad because everyone knows she could easily and perfectly go beyond amateur.

She released the arrow and it shot Edward's chest

That was the mistake of Edward, He gave the bow and arrow, but the thing is that was also Susan's mistake

Edward took off the arrow in his chest while bearing the pain; He readily pulled the sword in his room

They fought; Now Susan is cornered this time

But luckily Edmund, Peter and Lucy swept into the gothic mansion easily

And they kicked off the door on Edward's room

Peter attacked Edward; it was more like fighting a telmarines soldier

You wouldn't believe it because Peter is stronger than Edward

Edmund is just his perfectly matched opponent because they share the same level of strength

Lucy rushed into Susan and hugged her, While Peter and Edmund left Edward at his wine chamber and spilled many wines on his clothes

You Wonder why? Because when everyone comes in they will think Edward had all this bruises because he was drunk

"Are you okay, My Sister?" Edmund asked "As always dear brother" said Susan

"I'm surprised! He is pretty strong, he is as strong as Miraz but He is no match for me" said Peter

They all got home and tried to forget the things that happened

It is almost vocation anyway so they were successful forgetting it

And in one sunny morning Peter and Edmund decided to dig a place where they could plant

They we're digging but there is something unusual Edmund saw,

"Peter! Look!" said Edmund

"A green ring?" Said Peter

They both called Susan and Lucy but luckily Susan knows something about it

"Peter you may want to drop it" said Susan

"Why?" said Edmund, Lucy and Peter "That is a property of professor kirke's uncle" said Susan

"He is dead and it is buried" said Lucy "That is from ages and ages ago since there was atlantis" said Susan

"Such historical background, But if it is Uncle Andrew's why is it buried and why is it here?" said Edmund