Lab Angel: Well I promised this for my sister, she's a Kenpachi fan, and I wasn't originally going to pair him up with anyone. Well here you have Kenpachi and Ukitake's story.

Chapter One

With ichigo and Byakuya mated I don't have to worry about keeping my lord in check. I can face the sun with no fear about keeping the vampires from losing faith in themselves and everyone around them, with Senbonzakura and his mate checking in every few weeks Byakuya should be able to use his elder brother for counsel. My time is over I have no mate if I did he would have found me by now, unless he didn't want me. Who would? I am over one thousand years old and was born with a disorder that means that I take blood yet it cannot sustain me. I was told when I was younger that the blood of my mate would sustain me, or at least help me to sustain blood from another.

I had wondered for the longest time, when I was young when my mate would come for me. The older I got the more I thought that he either didn't want me or he just didn't exist. I thought I wasn't worthy of a mate, my best friend kept telling me he probably wasn't even born yet. Either that or his heat hasn't effected him yet. I can't wait for him anymore, it's getting to hard for me to wait. If he does want me, than he can find me in the afterlife, if he doesn't want me then I guess I haven't earned my mating right yet. What I have to do to earn it is beyond me. I will have to speak with Shunsui, he will know what's going on. There is hardly a time when he doesn't, I almost don't want to find out. If my mate rejects me I will walk into the sun, if he isn't ready for a mate I will understand, I just need some of his blood.


This damn heat is unbearable, I have fucked every demon and vampire that I could and still this heat keeps beating at me. I have yet to approach father on the matter, I expect he'll say something stupid. If he says something about mates than I will leave on another training mission, I don't need a weak mate. That's all mates are, their weak, I don't need a mate. It might be nice to have someone to pound into the nearest surface but the point is it's just someone to tie you down, like what happened to my brother, the vampire lord was weakened because my brother was taken hostage. If I were to ever find my mate he would have to be a strong mate, not get caught by some loser trying to take him hostage.

Not like I'll ever have a mate, a half breed doesn't deserve a mate, I hear it all the time. That or it's a monstrous brute like me doesn't deserve a mate, if it isn't one thing it's another, well all those people can kiss my ass. If I want a mate I'll find him, I hope I find him just so I can prove them wrong.


"Hey Kenpachi!" I turn hearing my name called and see Ikkaku carrying Yachiru towards me.

"Yea! What do you want?" I growl out, the little pink haired girl jumps from her dad's arms and runs towards me, jumping up onto my shoulder. I feel my heart melt at the thought of my own children, it will never happen though, mates are weak.

"Will you watch over Yachiru? I know I should probably ask Nemu to take her, I mean Nemu is Yachiru's nanny, but Yachiru takes to you more than Nemu."

"Yea, I'll take her." I say sighing as the little girl bounces excitedly on my shoulder, I give her a toothy grin and she giggles.

"Ne, ne Ken-chan! I want cookies!" The little girl shouts excitedly.

"Alright alright, let's go to the kitchens." The big man smiled at the little girl on his shoulder. "Just let me know when you want her back Ikkaku."

"Will do, thanks Kenpachi." The half-demon walked into the mansion and headed straight for the kitchen's with the little girl on his shoulder.

"Master Kenpachi, what can we do for you?" One of the cooks asks seeing the two half-demons enter the room.

"The kid here wants cookies, have any?" The cook shook his head.

"Not at the moment, but if you will give me twenty minutes I'll have them ready. What kind of cookies would you like Mistress Yachiru?" Yachiru closed her eyes tight in thought.

"I want sugar cookies!" She shouted and giggled.

"One batch of sugar cookies coming up." The cook yelled at the others in the kitchen for random things.

"I haven't had sugar cookies in a long time," The two half demons turned towards the voice to find that Ichigo had entered the kitchens.

"Ne, ne Icchi! Want to have some cookies and milk?" The pink haired girl asked tilting her head.

"I would love to Yachiru." Ichigo smiled at the girl then looked down at the little girl he held in his arms.

"Yay! Rukia!" Yachiru bounded off Kenpachi's shoulder and over to Ichigo where he sat down at the island they ate at.

"Shh, she's asleep now Yachiru." Ichigo said putting his finger to his lips, Yachiru mimicking the action.

"Okay." Smiling the little girl climbed back up on Kenpachi's shoulder when he sat down next to his brother.

"Ichigo, you might just have the answer I've been looking for."

"To what question Kenpachi?" Ichigo asked looking up away from Rukia to look at the towering half-demon.


"Kenpachi you can talk to me, I won't repeat it to anyone." Ichigo gave a comforting smile to his half brother.

"I know you won't Ichigo, I just know what you're going to say. So just nevermind." Kenpachi turned to one of the cooks and grabbed him as he was rushing past, the little brunette squeaked and blinked. "What's your name?" He asked of the little cook.

"Hanatarou." The cook squeaked his name.

"Fix me a sandwich." The half demon ordered, the little cook nodded his head enough that it looked like it there wasn't any bone, when released he went to do as Kenpachi had ordered.

"There's something wrong, just tell me what it is, I might be able to help." Ichigo pressed the issue.

"I've gone into heat several times in the last three hundred years, yet I haven't found a mate; Demon, vampire, half-breed or human that can satisfy me. That's my problem."

"My guess is you've only been looking at the lower ranks?"

"Yea, most of the damn nobles of any race are just weaklings."

"There are some pretty strong lords at vampire manor as well as here in our own mansion."

"Fine whatever, I guess that means I'm going to more meetings between the races."

"It might help." Ichigo looked down at the little girl in his arms when he heard a soft coo. "Morning Rukia or should I say good evening, it's almost dark, you slept the whole day away little girl."

"That's good it means she's awake when I rise for the night." The three turned towards the doorway where Byakuya, Yumichika and Ikkaku stood. The vampire lord wrapped his arms around his mate and kissed him full on the lips, before turning his attention towards the little girl in his mate's arms.

"Mommy!" Yachiru jumped down from Kenpachi's shoulder and into Yumichika's arms.

"Ichigo, let's go, we should be in the meeting hall before any of the lords arrive." Byakuya said, taking Rukia as Ichigo offered her. The Demon Prince stood up and looked at his brother.

"Will you be coming to this meeting Kenpachi?" He asked smiling at his brother.

"I may as well, I need to eat first." Kenpachi said nodding them all to go ahead without him. They waited in the meeting hall for five minutes before the other lords and ladies of vampire and demon alike started to arrive.


"Byakuya." The vampire lord looked up from where he sat holding his daughter to see Ukitake standing nearby.

"Master Ukitake, it's been a long time since you've been to a Demon and Vampire meeting, what brought you out this evening?" The vampire asked startled by the appearance of his mentor.

"I don't intend to stay for the meeting, I have come to say good bye to you Master Kuchiki."

"What are you saying?" Byakuya handed Rukia to Nemu who was nanny to both Yachiru and Rukia, the woman rushed off with the two girls in her arms. "You can't mean to leave, not when my second in command is off where the dark gift only knows where."

"It is time to say good bye Byakuya, I have already spoken to Senbonzakura and he has agreed to come back for as long as Nnoitra is gone."

"How long do you intend to stay away?" Ichigo asked from where he sat next to his mate.

"I don't mean to come back." The elder vampire said grimly.

"Master Ukitake!" Byakuya stood to face his mentor, wearing an expression of shock, surprising Ichigo and a few others in the area.

"I fully intend to walk into the sunrise in a few hours, maybe go to my old family home, the night flowers are in bloom."

"Jyushiro, am I hearing correctly?" The three men turned towards the Demon King when he approached a look of complete disbelief on his face. "You will not walk into the dawn, it isn't like you to be so grave, what has happened?"

"I would rather speak of this in private Isshin, as you have the meeting of the Demons and Vampires to attend to I don't see how that is possible, now I must leave before the night flowers wilt." Bowing to the Vampire Lord, his mate and the Demon King Ukitake turned and left the meeting hall.

"Ichigo." Said demon looked at his father. "Can you handle the meeting for a few moments?" The King of Demons was watching the white haired vampire with concern.

"Yea, I can handle it, I have Byakuya here as well. Go ahead." Ichigo waved a hand at his father, with a nod the older demon left catching up to the vampire quickly.

"So speak." Isshin said to one of his long time friends.

"I can no longer wait for my mate, he or she either doesn't exist, or they don't want me." The vampire said voicing his opinion to someone other than himself, hearing it said aloud now it sounded silly.

"That's no reason to walk into the dawn, maybe he or she hasn't been born yet, go into the hundred year sleep." The demon suggested calmly.

"I cannot, not again, he or she will find me in the next life. Or maybe the Shadowland." The vampire sighed before turning to look at his long time friend. "The hundred year sleep is for young vampires who can't bear the heat of yearning for their mate, that heat has long since passed for me, I am no longer warm to the touch and if I cannot take blood I will fall into the eternal sleep. Either choice takes me to the eternal sleep, I would rather it be of my own volition than happen when I least expect it."

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