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Chapter 2

"Hey Ichigo! Where'd the old man go?" Kenpachi asked as he looked around the room before the meeting was due to start.

"Problem with an old friend, why what's up?"

"Figured I'd talk to him about going off on another training trip."

"What happened to what we were talking about a little bit ago?" Ichigo asked surprised.

"I'd rather go train for a few more months. Now which way did the old man go?" He asked turning before he got an answer, leaving the meeting hall and following a scent that played with his senses, as he left the meeting hall the scent lingered along with Isshin's scent. With a slight growl he hurried towards his father's office where the scents both lead to, the door's flew off their hinges as he pushed them in.

"Kenpachi, what is the meaning of this?" The half breed looked up at his father shaking his head and making the bells at the ends of his gelled hair jingle furiously.

"I did wanna talk to you about something but I forgot what it was." Kenpachi shook his head again, the bells starting another furious melody. It was then that the half breed noticed the vampire sitting in the chair across from the elder demon, brown eyes filed with shock at the half demon that towered over even Isshin.

"Can it wait?" Isshin asked with a frown. "I am visiting with an old friend."

"Yea, yea it can wait." Isshin gave his son a worried look before waving him out of the room, Kenpachi turned and walked out still in a state of shock. Upon seeing the vampire, something in the half breed had clicked and staring into those deep brown eyes he had, right then and there decided he wanted to stare into those eyes for the rest of his life.


The shock that settled through the vampire had the demon worried as he stared at the door his eldest son disappeared through and one of the few vampires that he called friend. Ukitake was stunned the moment the half-breed had burst through the door, at first because someone was brutal enough to throw the door from the hinges, and then because the half breed that came through the door made something in him shift. With a startled gasp, Jyushiro realized that the eldest son of the Demon Lord was his mate, it surprised him.

"Something serious happened." The vampire knew that the demon king was just being polite by making it seem like a question, he wasn't fooled however, the demon king may act like an idiot but he was no fool. "I guess this changes your plans to walk into the sun." Isshin laughed as Jyushiro glared.

"This is no laughing matter Isshin, your son is my mate." The vampire stopped talking long enough to think about that for a second time.

"I understand that Jyushiro, what I'm asking is if that changes your plans?" The Demon King stopped his friend from talking. "Think about it, my son hates weak demons, vampires and humans; you giving up and walking into the sun damns you."

"He felt the pull as strongly as I did, I might hang around for a while longer and find out what his move is going to be." The Demon King nodded before the two looked at the young demon standing in the ruined doorway.

"Yes Toshiro?" Isshin gave his goofiest smile to the other demon.

"There's been an incident at the meeting, even with Lord Kuchiki at his side Prince Ichigo is having a hard time settling everyone down." He reported in a quick voice, than turned and headed back to his post at the doors to the meeting hall the Demon King and Ukitake following close behind. The moment the doors were opened their ears were assaulted by various arguments in place, looking around Isshin saw that Ichigo and Byakuya were indeed having problems calming all the demons and vampires. Isshin saw The Vampire Lord look at him and shake his head, at the same time the two released a burst of energy that stopped all conversation and left some of the younger nobles breathless.

"Now will someone tell me what the arguing was about?" Isshin asked patiently, looking to his youngest son who nodded and stood.

"Kenpachi has gotten all of the information possible from the rebels and from what was told the idea was not their own but they were forced to do it by a noble of each side." Ichigo stated for the second time that night.

"This is a serious accusation Ichigo." Isshin looked to the nobles in the meeting hall and honestly didn't put it past one or two of them. "You will stand by Kenpachi's word that these rebels were threatened into doing this?"

"I would stake my life on it." Ichigo looked to all around the room.

"What if what was said was just a ploy?" All eyes turned to Kurostuchi, who sat with his arms crossed.

"Kenpachi is in the process of getting the names of the nobles if it's possible."

"There will be no more questioning, suffice it to say that the rebels are currently undergoing questioning of their motives." Isshin stated moving to his spot at the head of the meeting hall, the rest of the meeting went by in a blur to Ukitake who sat at the back of the hall listening to everything that was said. The meeting ended and the demon and vampire lords sat mingling amongst themselves, Byakuya went to his mentor who had yet to leave.

"Master Ukitake? Are you still going through with your plans?" He asked a touch of concern and fear in his voice.

"Worry not Byakuya, my plans have changed."

"The reason for this change?"

"My mate."

"Who is your mate Master Ukitake?" Ichigo asked from where he still sat at the Vampire Lord's side.

"Your brother." Ichigo's eyes widened visibly.

"Kenpachi is your mate?"

"I can hardly believe it myself..." Ukitake paused and looked up towards the front of the meeting hall, where he met Isshin's eye. "If you'll excuse me." Turning the older vampire left the meeting hall, following his sense of the dark gift, though tainted by the demon blood he could sense the elder son of his long time friend.

"You are Kenpachi of the Zaraki vampire clan and of the Kurosaki demon clan?" Ukitake asked in a formal voice, wanting to get tedious introductions out of the way.

"Yea. What's it to ya?" Kenpachi turned from where he stood overlooking the training fields. "I bet your gonna be all surprised and shocked, hating that fate or god or whoever the hell decided we'd be mates. Like all the other vamps and demons, you're gonna deny that you're the mate to a filthy brute, a damnable half breed. Go head say it! Every last word that I've heard since my first heat three hundred years ago!" The half breed's voice raising with every sentence spoken.

"I don't think any of that." Jyushiro stated in a soft voice. "I am Jyushiro of the Ukitake vampire clan, my clan have been the mentors and advisors of the Vampire Lords for the past millenia. I don't ever remember scorning a demon or a half breed in the entirety of my thousand years, if you believe nothing else believe that I would rather have you than any other person; vampire, demon, half-breed or human."

"Jyushiro?" Kenpachi looked up from where he had looked down at the ground.

"If you will not accept me as your mate, please at least allow me to feed from you. Your blood alone will allow me to sustain the blood of others." Jyushiro was shocked by the growl that came from the large man's throat. "Are you okay?"

"Yea, sorry, but when I thought of you taking the blood of others... I couldn't stop the growl." Jyushiro hesitated, then moved towards the half-breed, stopping a foot away from him. Sitting the half-breed still came just above waist high to the vampire, Jyushiro couldn't believe how tall the half-breed was. He felt arms wrap around his waist before the half breed turned his head to the side. "If you need to feed." Was the simple statement, the vampire leaned forward breathing in the scent of his mate.

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