Everyone was, just like when I was the new shiny toy, flocking around me. Mike, the Labrador, was in a bad mood since Tyler was on his territory – me. But he hadn't peed on me, so he had nothing to complain about.

That brought forth a memory from Phoenix. I'd heard how some guy had made some kind of disgusting and not fully comprehendible, for me, pee bomb. In other words, this guy indirectly peed on his friends, like some kind of joke.

Anyway, therefore it would kind of be a little tiny bit, maybe, logical if Mike peed on me, because he certainly is friendly towards me, and he would probably like the idea of marking me.

I'm glad he hasn't, though. Maybe it's some kind of male bonding thing. Or it's another rule. Ruler #1: thou shall put bros before hoes. Rule #2: thou may pee on bros, but not on hoes. I'll have to come up with something more catchy. Bro – hoe. Pee - …. Hmmm.

Eric felt the same way about Tyler as Mike, so I'd have to be on the lookout for he pulling down the zip too, I guess.

I saw Eric and Ben glaring at Tyler at the same time, then at me, and then back again. It got me thinking about some saying – something about true lovers don't look at each other all the time, but in the same direction. It would be handy for me, killing a bird with two stones and all, if it was true and they would hook up. With each other, I mean, without me. Ehh… let's leave that right there.

I don't include Edward in flocking 'everyone'. Maybe he thought that I would forget his promise if he just ignored me, but I do not have a memory like a sieve. I think my grades would be a lot worse if I had it.

Besides, Renée calls me stubborn. I prefer words like determined, decided, steadfast and loyal, but whatever. I stick to my decisions, beliefs and friends, even if I sometimes would be better off if I didn't. It might be hard and take some time to make the decisions or friends and form the beliefs, but they were strong when they were made. Crushes were strong to, and they could not be reasoned away.

I'm the perfect set-up for some guy who enjoys breaking hearts.

Back to the topic of Edward. His reluctance to answer questions automatically increases my curiosity and induces my hidden detective. I do like to go right to the source to get information, but since the source in this case is avoiding and ignoring me, I'll have to deal with some second-hand information.

Hence, I might as well try to get some information from 'everyone' when they're already crowding me. They ask me questions about the accident. I forward them to Edward, since I can't remember after knocking my head and apparently gaining some brain damage and a leak in my memory. I ask them questions about Edward and they answer me. It's all about giving and taking.

Yes, that was supposed to be sarcastic.

I didn't want to raise suspicions about the Cullens before I knew more, though, so I let them think that I had some hero-crush on Edward. And while I brought up the subject with myself, I decided that I would not crush on him. I don't think that he is someone I would want to unconditionally and irrevocably fall in love with, and I have no third parent to run away to live with to save my heart if I entangle my emotions with him.

My class mates couldn't tell me more than I'd already heard or could observe myself, so I didn't have much of a lead yet.

I took a walk in the woods behind Charlie's house one rainy afternoon in February. I had followed a narrow trail and was some meters from the trail, looking for somewhere to sit, when I heard a noise from above me. I looked up and quickly jumped over some branches to get away from the tree that was falling towards me. I backed away and the tree landed on another tree's trunk. I stood still, letting my heart calm down. Just when my pulse was mostly normal again, the tree sank down some more. The fallen tree was now positioned at a perfect height for me to sit on, so that's what I did.

The thinking, brain-storming and decision-making could commence.

First, what do I know about Edward?

He's very pale.

He has uncommon eyes, shifting in colors from golden yellow to black and back. He's tense or angry when they're black.

His family is pale too, and might have the same eye color. Doc has golden eyes, at least. And they're all very beautiful. Doc especially.

Back to Edward, who's… fast. He's fast.


He doesn't eat much. Which is strange for him being a guy.

He can multi-task, multi-think and multi-feel. Does he use more of his brain or is something really wrong with him?

He's anti-social.

He's got, as they say and I think but never say, a stick up his ass.

Hmmm. It really wasn't much. Could the saving-my-life thing be explained with science? That he had an adrenaline kick or something? No, then he wouldn't have told me that no one would believe me, and he was way too defensive for such a natural explanation. So, was it something unnatural? Where do you come across supernatural things? Religion, comic books, mythology, legends, Harry Potter: gods, half-gods, Superman, Spiderman, disciples with some extra power, witches, werewolves, vampires, druids, fauns, demons, the devil.

I've never heard or seen him, or any of his family, preaching or doing evil things, and he did save and not take my life, so I cross out the religion dudes, demons and the devil. Remus Lupin does sometimes have yellow eyes, so werewolf is an idea. Snape has black eyes and was rumored to be a vampire, but he was supposed to be ugly. Or everyone thinks he's evil just because he's evil. Witch could be explained by him being a vampire. But would an evil vampire be allowed to teach children? Not if he was evil, but if he only was a vampire? Who didn't drink the children's blood? Like Angel, who got his soul back and therefore could control himself.

At that point, I thought I had let my fantasy run amok enough for this time. I needed more information, and I couldn't make a decision about anything now.

I cleared my head and headed back home. From thinking about what to make for dinner, to thinking that I had probably cooked dinner enough times to make Charlie like of having me here and remembering that I could cook some more to thank him for the truck, my thoughts went to Jacob. I couldn't remember making any mud pies with him; I mostly remembered playing with his sisters. Not so strange, since us girls are the same age and he was the annoying three years younger brother.

Maybe I should go see Rachel and Rebecca, before they graduate and move away. It does feel strange that they are a year above me in school, but that's what happened when Renée took me with her to Florida.

Doc is a doctor. The thought just popped into my head while I was pondering visiting Rachel and Rebecca. He works at a hospital, where there's a lot of blood. Blasted, there went the vampire theory. He would have easy access, but … no. I couldn't picture Doc slurping blood from patients or blood bags. He was too sophisticated.

Maybe they're werewolves?