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It was a sunny day in Konoha nothing in particular happen on these occasions. No but today was different, today in Konoha is holding on of the biggest celebration of the year. The streets filled with cheery people. If one were to come to Konoha for the first time today, they would think that Konoha is one of the happiest places on earth.

But to know of the history of this day would be a great day for most people, but for the rest it would be one of the saddest days for them. For today is October 10th, the day of the Kyuubi attack which is also a little blond name Naruto's birthday. But October 10th also marks the day of Naruto's death. October 10th is the day Naruto died. At the age of six.

Konoha Village Gates

Two mysterious figures walked into the gates of Konoha. The gate guards saw them and stop them.

"Halt. State your name, rank, and reason why you are here." Said one of the guards when he looked up to see who it the figures were the fainted. The other guard notice his ally fainted and went over to him.

"Hey Izumo! Hey what happen!" asked the other guard who name is Kotetsu Hagane.

"What did you do to him!" yelled Kotetsu, then he attempted to glare at the two figures but when he saw their faces he also shared the same faith as his friend and fainted.

"I guess we should have expected that." Commented one of the figures.

"That what you get for being so famous in this village." Replied the other figure.

"Hey you were also famous!" argued the other one.

"Still! Not as famous as you!"

"Fine fine you win. We should put on our hoods until we get to the Hokage office. We don't want to be starting a commotion now do we?" said one of the figure changing the subject due to losing the argument earlier before. The other figure simply nodded. And they both put on their hoods and began to walk into the village.

During their walk they couldn't help but smile. The village was very lively. Everyone children, adults, moms and dads everyone was happy. Everyone was having a great time just talking and relaxing telling jokes and laughing. They are even having a celebration today.

"Today is his birthday isn't it?" said one of the figure smiling.

"Yep it sure is, and it seems the village is celebrating it." Replied the other firgure also smiling.

"Ohhh I can't wait to see our baby boy!"

"Neither can I, we should hurry to the office." They both quickened their face and reach the Hokage office eventually.

Hokage Office

"Another year of this shit celebration. Damm village when will you ever learn." Growl the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Ever since the villagers learned of Naruto's death they always had a big festival on his birthday to celebrate the dead of the demon. When they first started this Sarutobi was furious and demanded that they all go back home and continue with their daily lives, but since Sarutobi didn't have a backbone the villagers just ignored him and continue mostly because of the council told them to since it was an important day.

The only people who didn't take any participation on this day were only a handful. Mostly people consist of guarding Naruto from harm. They were Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai Yuhi, Hana Inuzuka, and Yugao Uzuki. Kakashi Hatate didn't because he knew what his senei wanted, for Naruto to be seen as a hero. Also his son Asuma Hiruzen he was Naruto's caretaker when Naruto was an infant till he was two where he was sent to the orphanage. Most of the clan head didn't either but most people in their clan did. There were a few more.

Sarutobi was staring at a letter in his hands. It was a letter from Naruto on the day death. "He would be 16 by now wouldn't he? I can't help but feel guilty for this, if only I had a backbone this would have never happened. I'm sorry Minato, I failed you." He thought to himself. Right when he finished thinking there was a knock on the door.

"Leave! I will not be seeing anyone today!" yelled Sarutobi in a strong voice. This would get most people to leave even low-leveled Jounins. But there was still a knock on the door. Sarutobi got annoyed and was about to get up and see who is was until he heard a yell from the other side.

"What are you a pansy! Just kick it open!" yelled someone from the other side of the door and moments later the door flung opened to reveal to figure. When Sarutobi saw who it was his eyes widened and he started to get pale and fainted.

After a few minutes he recovered from his black out.

"Ugh what just happen?" he groaned rubbing his head.

"Well you saw us and then fainted." Replied someone. Sarutobi looked over to see who it was and his eyes widened once again.

"Minato? Kushina? Is that really you?" he asked still not believing who he is seeing.

"Yup! Alive and not dead." Both Minato and Kushina replied simultaneously. Sarutobi got up from his couch and straightened himself.

"How are you still alive?" he asked.

"Do you want the long story or short?" replied Minato.

"I'll take short."

"Well after we sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto. Shinigami-sama said that my heart is pure and that I would still be alive but at a cost. Which is that me and my wife would be in a coma for six teen years. After we woke up we went straight to Konoha to see how much he has grown. Sarutobi just nodded. He seemed to take it in one at a time.

"So where my baby boy?" asked Kushina in an excited voice eager to see her son, Minato too. Sarutobi then had a frown. This confused both Kushina and Minato.

"I'm sorry Minato, Kushina." Said Sarutobi sadly looking down ashamed to face them.

"Why what happen?" asked Minato

"Naruto was hated by the village. Everyday there would be mobs that would beat, rape, abuse him till he was nearly almost dead. Naruto had scars, cuts, bruises, burnt marks anything. There were even assassinations attempts on his life. I was even worse on his birthday. I'm sorry Minato, Kushina I couldn't protect him." Minato and Kushina eyes widened. They were shocked to hear this, they thought that Naruto was a hero instead their son was beat until he was almost dead.

"Then why are they celebrating! Why are they celebrating Naruto's birthday!" yelled Kushina, she was furious, enraged at the village for them to let this happen to her son.

"That is because today is a celebration of Naruto's death." Said Sarutobi very sadly.

"WHAT!" Both Minato and Kushina yelled it was so loud that that the whole village heard this.

Outside the village

"Hey what was that?" asked a Konoha shinobi.

"I don't know but lets keep celebrating!" replied another shinobi. "Today was the day the deman died! HORAY!"

"HORAY!" cheered everyone.

Back to Hokage Office

Minato and Kusina were furious! Dam straight pissed off. So mad that they could go into the village and just kill everyone and not give a dam. Sarutobi on the other hand was scared for his life. He is on the verge of almost pissing himself. They were giving glares at Sarutobi.

"What happen to by Naruto!" roared Minato. Sarutobi almost squealed.

"During his six birthday there was another assignation attempt. Naruto mange to survive and tried hiding but some ninjas found him and brought him to the center of the village. There he was beaten and was lying on the ground blood all over the ground." Kushina tried to say something but Sarutobi cut her off.

"It doesn't end there. After they finish they threw a barrel of oil over his unconscious body and burned him alive." Said Sarutobi as he took a breath meaning he was done. Kushina and Minato were speechless. They got even madder then before.

"Why didn't you do anything about it?" asked Kushina who clearly had anger in her voice.

"I tried but the council always found a loop around everything, and when some of the clan heads tried to adopted him they denied it." He told her.

"I'm going to make them pay." Growled Minato. He was just about to bolt out the door with Kushina following him.

"Stop! Minato! Kushina!" said Sarutobi in a loud voice. They both stopped and glared at him.

"What do you want." Growled Kushina

"This." Sarutobi gave his hand out with the letter Naruto gave him ten years ago. Minato and Kushina walked over to him and took the letter and looked at it confused.

"What is it?" asked Kushina

"It was from Naruto." Replied Sarutobi this shocked both Minato and Kushina and quickly opens it and read what it said.

Dear Jiji

Goodbye Jiji

Love Naruto

When they finish Sarutobi told them how they put out the fire and he brought Naruto to his office hoping that he was still alive. When he took a restroom break he saw that Naruto was missing and that there was a letter on his desk. The handwriting was messy but they could make out the words. Tears started to do down Kushina and Minato eyes. A ray of hope has just opened up for them.

"Does that mean he is still alive?" asked Kushina hoping to get a positive aswer.

"I don't know yet, I've been sending out my most trusted ANBU and shinobis to look for him every time I can but they couldn't find a trace of him. I've even tried Jiraiya but he also failed." Sarutobi told her.

"Then we will just have to buff up the search then!" said Minato slamming his hand on the desk. Sarutobi looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" he asked. Minato had a grin on his face that shows he was planning something. He simply explained and he told Sarutobi and Kushina his plan. In the end they both grin at his devious plan.

"I like it!" said Sarutobi with a laugh and now smiling.

"Me to!" said Kushina now clining onto her husbands arm.

"Now lets give Konoha some hell." Said Minato and they walked out of the door.

"Oh yeah one more thing Sadaime Hokage." Said Minato

"Yeah what is it?" asked Sarutobi.

"Grow some fucking backbone!" he yelled and Sarutobi started to sweat a little.

Council Meeting Room

There was a sudden call for a council meeting. All the people there was grumbling and complaining about how they were interrupted during their party time. Then the Saidaime Hokage came in.

"What do you need us for Sarutobi, you interrupted us on our party time." Complained one of the villagers.

"Yeah seriously Sarutobi today is the death of the demon child." Complained Homura Mitokado who is one of Sarutobi partners.

"First of all you will not address me as Sarutobi but as Hokage-sama. I am sick and tired of you little worthless shittards and your dam disrespect. This is mostly addressed to the village council so don't take anything personal clan heads. Said Sarutobi, the clan head just nodded. While everyone else was scared. "When did Sarutobi get a backbone?" thought one of the members.

"Anyways I am here to introduced someone you all know" he said pointed at the door. Suddenly the door opened wide and two people appeared it was the Yondaime Hokage, and Konoha Red Devil. Everyone in the council room frozen there standing in front of them is two of their beloved ninja.

"Yondaime Hokage is that you?" said one of the village council who happened to be Lily Haruno.

"Yup it is, flesh and alive." He replied but there was a lot of hate in his voice. They village council members got scared. While the clan head just smirked, they somewhat knew why.

"That great new! Yondaime Hokage after this we can celebrate!" said the councilmen and a few more started talking about karaoke and bar and drinks.

"SILENCE!" roared Minato then everyone was silent. They could see Minato face showed anger and they didnt want to risk it.

"Now I have something to tell you all." Stated Minato. "I will be taking the position of Hokage again." Everyone start to cheer but Minato yelled out another silence and they shut up.

"What about Kushina? Will she become a shinobi again?" ask Konaru. Minato glared at her and their little group with Homura and Danzou. Sarutobi told him about them and when he in office he was going to take care of them personally. Especially Danzou, especially Danzou.

"No my wife Kushina-" said Minato until he was cut of my Tsume Inuzuka.

"HAH! Hand over them moneys boys." Tsume Inuzuka shouted. Yamanaka Inoichi, Choza Akimichi both grumbled something about women and money as they reach into they pockets, while Shikaku mumbled troublesome as he also reach into his pocket. In the end they pulled out about a few bills of ryo and handed it to Tsume who gadly accepted it with a grin.

"You were betting on my marriage?" yelled Kushina

"Yeah sure why not I mean I know you guys were going to get married sooner or later it just that these idiots didn't believe me and we made a bet." Replied Tsume who is now counting her money. Kushina sighed and let Minato continue.

"As I was saying my wife Kushina will be a shinobi but she will not teach any children, and will only answer to me not to you idiots, also she will only go on mission I tell her to not anyone else." He told them, everyone was shocked most people wanted the Red Devil to teach their children to become great ninja but apparently that gone.

"That absurd!" yelled Lilly Haruno. Minato glared at her and she became quite.

"Let me continue. My wife Kushina will be going on one mission and only that mission until she completes it. She will not be going on any other mission no matter what, only if the mission is related to her assign mission. You may help her if you like but you have to report to me first and I have to agree." Minato continued. Everyone was confused about what the mission is.

Hyuuga Hisashi who was quite the whole meeting spoke up. "What is this mission Hokage-sama." Minato looked at his friend and then smiled.

"The mission is to look for my missing son Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto."

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