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Few miles away from Konoha stood the massive army of Iwakagure and Kumokagure. In front of the army were Tsuchikage and Raikage with their bodyguards.

Onoki the Tsuchikage stood in front of his giant army with two of his bodyguards, his granddaughter Kurotsuchi, and the other name Akatsuchi. Onoki had a wide grin on his face. "Hehehe today Konoha fall! As will the Yondaime also! Hahahaha!" laughed Onoki. He was about to achieve his revenge for what the dam Yondaime Hokage did to his men in the third shinobi war. Now he had a chance to crush the village the man ruled and protected also killing the man. Onoki probably the happiest man at the moment.

Next to Iwagakure's army stood an equally massive if not more massive Kumogakure army. In front of the army stood the Raikage A, and his two bodyguards. One being his brother Killer Bee also the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi no Kyogyu (eight-tailed giant ox), the other is Yugito Nii the Jinchuuriki of the Nibi no Bakeneko (two-tailed cat).

A was looking at the grinning Tsuchikage, truthfully he didn't really like the man. He had a feeling that Onoki always seem to be scheming something behind his back. Why he was still in an alliance with them was the council's fault. Since Iwakagure was one of the five great hidden villages, the council demanded they had an alliance with them, since Sunakagure was in an alliance with Konohakagure. Kirikagure was still in a civil war or that's what the report said, so it made them the weakest of the five great hidden villages.

"So what's the plan?" asked A. Onoki stopped laughing and looked at A "Simple, we leave about one thousand shinobi back, and we attack the main gate. Then they will think that all our troops are at the main gate. After a while they will send most of their troops to the main gate to support the other shinobi. That's when our one thousand men will attack the west gate and break through and kill the shinobi from the inside weakening them." He told A.

A thought about it for a minute and thought it was a good plan to say the least then something came up in his head. "What about the east gate?" he asked. Onoki smirked but A didn't see it.

"Don't worry about the east gate I got it all covered." Onoki told A. A raised an eyebrow "What does he mean by that? I know you're up to something old man." Thought A.

"Well then shall we get the invasion started?" asked Onoki. A just nodded, and turned his head towards Konoha. Onoki turned to his army and smiled "CHARGE!" shout Onoki. The Iwa ninja started charging seconds later Kumo followed. Thus started the invasion.


In the distance the Konoha shinobi could see the massive army of the combine force of Iwa and Kumo. The leader of the main gate was the third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi in his battle suit. With him stood the Rookie 12 (Sai replaced Naruto). The Rookie 12 where known to be year with some of the finest shinobi, Konoha ever produced. Also most of the shinobi stood at the main gate ready to protect it with their lives. In total they had about three thousand men guarding the village.

The Rookie 12 consist of Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, Sai, Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Tenten, Neji Hyuga, and last Rock Lee.

In the west gate, Kakashi Hatake was the leader. With him stood Asuma Sarutobi, and his rival Gai, and about one thousand shinobi.

The east wing, consist of the kunoichi who went with Kushina on the mission to find Inazuma, with Yugao as the leader since she is an ANBU captain. Also Hana was there. They too had about one thousand shinobi guarding the gate.

Main Gate

"Everyone get ready! They're coming!" yelled Hiruzen. When they saw the massive army of Iwa and Kumo they were shocked to their core, there were at least about three thousand to five thousand men charging at them. They got out of their shocked and prepared for the attack.

When the shinobi came into range Hiruzen shout out "Now!" with that a few hundred ninja did a couple of hand signs, took a deep breath and shout "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Grand fireball jutsu)" blowing out a line of giant fireballs at the enemy.

Most of the combine forces of Iwa and Kumo dodge the fireballs but some, were unfortunate and got caught killing them of. The many that survive continue to push on.

"Iwa now!" yelled Onoki, some Iwa shinobi did a few hand signs and grab the ground, shouting "Doton: Asusheika (Earth Shaker)" they grip their hold on the ground and lift a giant part of the land and chuck it at the Konoha nin. The Konoha nin had to break their line to dodge the many giant piece of land, giving an opportunity for they enemy to charge at them and enter into the village.

Hiruzen seeing the army charging at him shout, "Stay firm and don't let them past!" The other nin recovered from the attack and prepare for the assault that is to come. Second later the ninjas were engaging in a heated battle both side not giving up. You can see weapons flying everywhere and elements being shot out.

Hiruzen just killed an Iwa shinobi with his bo staff. The number of shinobi seems endless and he was starting to get tired. Hiruzen jumped and dodged three Kumo and Iwa shinobi who were holding swords, he then swung his bo staff down at them. Hiruzen then dodged kunai heading towards him and went through a few hand signs. "Katon: Karyuu Endan (Fire Dragon Flame Blast)" shouted Hiruzen and took a deep breath and blow out a giant lane of fire, killing about twenty Iwa and Kumo nin who got caught in the fire.

After an hour of constant fighting Onoki noticed that there are more Konoha shinobi coming to support the main gate. Onoki smirked and ordered his ANBU member to tell shinobi that were on standby to start the attack on the west gate.

West Gate

Kakashi, Asuma, and Gai were getting tired of waiting. They been waiting for more than an hour since the invasion started and it seemed like all the fighting took place at the main gate. It seem suspicious to them but they send almost half of the shinobi over to support the main gate.

"When are they coming?" Asked a jounin. Just as he wished for, in the distance Kakashi noticed ninjas heading their way and fast.

"Get ready there coming and by the looks of it we are outnumbered." Announced Kakashi and all the ninjas got ready.

"Why are they coming now when we are short on numbers." Asked Asuma as he took out his trench knives.

"I think it was part of their plan." Replied Kakashi.

"YOSH! YOUTH SHALL PREVAIL!" yelled Gai and all the konoha ninjas sweat dropped.

Kakashi turned to Asuma and asked, "Want to make a bet?"

"Sure." Replied Asuma.

"Person with the most kill has to owe the other person a whole night of drink at the bar."

"Your on!" and they shook hands Gai hearing the conversation yelled "I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE MY RIVAL!" Kakashi and Asuma sweat dropped but just shrugged it off. They turned back to the incoming ninja and got into fighting stance. When the enemy got close enough the dash off to intercept them.

Kakashi ran and threw some kunai hoping to at least get one of the ninjas but they dodge it like nothing, he quickly assumed that they were at least high chunin or higher. A Kumo shinobi went through a few hand signs and said "Raton: Kaminari kairo (Lighting circuit)" waves of lighting came from the shinobi's hand heading straight toward Kakashi and ninjas. Kakashi manage to barely dodge the attack but about five shinobi weren't as lucky. Using the opening some Iwa and Kumo nin rushed past Kakashi and some other shinobi who were still recovering.

"Shit! Don't let them pass!" yelled Kakashi as he tried to recover as fast as he could but was stop by another lighting attack. Kakashi looked up to see three Iwa nin and a Kumo nin charging at him. Quickly going through a few handsigns "Katon: Mystic Fire Flower" shooting out small fireballs ball his opponents. The fireballs hit the nin but it didn't kill them just wound them with severe burn.

Asuma and Gai were surrounded; Asuma with his trench knives in his hand while Gai was in his taijutsu stance. Asuma had his trench knives covered with wind chakra and blocked a Kumo ANBU sword. "Futon: Wind Blade" shouted Asuma sending a wave of blades made out of wind at the ninjas killing them off.

"Konoha Reppuu (Leaf Spinning Wind)" shouted Gai kicking two Iwa shinobi making them fly back hitting other Iwa/Kumo shinobi. Gai jumped into a group Suna and Konoha shinobi that were being surrounded and kicked a Kumo shinobi that was about to attack a Konoha shinobi.

The Suna and Konoha shinobi were trying their best to fight back the other shinobi, but they were clearly outnumbered in forces and skill seeing as their opponents' skills were ranging from high chunin to ANBU. Seeing as a lot of the invasion force passed them Kakashi had to order a retreat so that they could help the main gate or other gate.

East Gate

Outside Konoha boundaries stood a man with pale skin, long black hair, yellow slit eyes, wearing a plain brown kimono with a purple shash/holder around his waist. (Sorry don't know how to explain his clothes) His name Orochimaru, standing with his army consisting of Otogakure shinobi. An Oto shinobi shunshin in front of Orochimar, bowing. "Otokage-sama, we receive information that the invasion force has just attack the West Gate." Said the Oto nin still bowing.

"Kukuku, get our forces ready we are attacking in five minutes." Replied Orochimaru with a devilish smile. Today we will get revenge on that bastard Yondaime and his sensei Hiruzen for not choosing him to be the Yondaime.

Minutes later Otogakure was ready to attack Konoha. Orochimaru gave the signal to his ninjas and he his right hand man, a white hair man wearing circled glasses name Kabuto, they charged onwards to Konoha with the intent to make it fall.

At the Konoha's East gate stood about seven hundred ninja, since they too had to send some ninja to support the main gate. An ANBU member wearing a bear mask shunshin in front of Yugao. "Yugao-san we have spotted Otokagure ninja charging this way." Said the bear masked ANBU.

"Thank you bear-san, tell everyone to prepare for the attack. We will protect this village at all cost." Replied Yugao. "Understood" The ANBU bowed, and shunshin to warn the other ninjas about an attack.

"So the Snake-teme is back hehehe" smiled Anko with a sadistic smile on her face. The smile on her face made the ninja around her take a few step back.

About ten minutes later the Oto nin were in view, and the combine forces of Konoha and Suna went pale. In front of them was a force consisting of about two thousand wins. The worst part is that the army was made up of a bunch of missing nins and some of Orochimaru experimented ninjas.

"Don't be scared of their numbers we will protect this place no matter what." Yelled Yugao trying to bring the moral up, after seeing the sheer number of ninjas they have to fight, many ninjas started to feel like giving up and run away.

Yugao sent one chunin to ask for support, and minutes later the chunin came back with one to two hundred to help them. That's when the Oto nin threw a barraged of kunai at defending troops. The defending troops responded by throwing their kunais deflecting the kunai, and dodging the others that they did not get. Though some got wounded overall they were untouched. They charged at the Oto nin who where only half a mile away.

Kunais and jutsu could be seen from the battle. Yugao charged at two Oto nin and used her sword to slice them. She then swung her katana to the side to block two kunais charging at her. Jumped to dodge a Oto nin trying to slice her with his own sword, then slammed her sword on the Oto nin while she was falling killing him immediately. Then she threw three shrunken to her side hitting three Oto nin in the head who tired to attack her.

"You cannot defeat me with each shinobis like these." Stated Yugao who just killed another Oto nin with her katana. Then she went back to defeat as many nin as she could to protect her village.

Kurenai dodged three kunais coming at her, and threw two of them at the attack Oto nin. Seconds after she cast a genjutsu trapping people around her in a genjutsu. The nin who got trapped slumped down unconscious. She continued to defend herself against the shinobi.

Anko went through a few hand signs "Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Jutsu)" she shouts, taking a deep breathe and blowing out a giant wave of fire killing every nin in her path. There was one man standing when the fire cleared. Anko narrowed her eyes glaring at the person in front of her. It was her former sensei Orochimaru, S-ranked missing nin of Konoha.

"Kukuku Anko-chan it seems you gotten stronger." Said Orochimaru with a sinister smile on his face.

"That's right and I'm going to kill you!" said Anko with her signature sinister smile. She shot her hand out and shouted "Insho- tekina kage no hebi (Striking Shadow Snake)."

"We'll see about that." Replied Orochimaru. He jumped to dodge snakes that came charging at him courtesy of Anko, who shot the snake out of her trench coat.

"You have to do better than that Anko-chan." Said Orochimaru making Anko growl. Anko did some fast hand signs and shout "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu" blowing out a giant fireball at Orochimaru. The fireball hit Orochimaru dead on. When the smoke cleared Anko cursed, "Shit Mud-clone." Quickly she looked for Orochimaru only for Orochimaru to appear behind her from the ground.

"This is taking too long. Sorry we could keep our reunion longer but I have a Hokage to kill." With that Orochimaru activated Anko's curse seal making her scream in intense pain. She clutched her shoulder what was showing the curse mark, while kneeling down in pain.

Two Oto nin appeared in front of her, smirks on their faces. "Maybe we can have some fun before we kill her." Said one Oto nin. Anko couldn't do anything only hoped that someone would save her.

Hokage Monument

At the Hokge monument, on top of the Sandaime Hokge head stood a figure. You could tell that the figure was a man since there wasn't anything visible at the chest area. He stood at a height of 6'2"; you can't really see anything about him since he covered himself. Wearing a gray trench coat with a hood, using the hood to cover his face. The trench coat also covered his body so you also can't see much either.

"Never thought I would come back here." The man said to himself. He took a deep breath and sighed, truthfully he didn't want to be here it's only because of his sensei that's he is here. He looked at the fighting that was happening beneath him. He from his point of view he could see the battle that was happen, from the main gate to the east and west gate. Though he was more intrigued in the East gate battle more than the others.

"Might as well get this over with." Sighed the man and he jumped off the head and headed towards the battle, more exactly the East gate.

East Gate

Anko was about to get attack by the two Oto nin. Kurenai and Yugao, saw their best friend in pain and was about to get attack by the Oto nin. They ran towards Anko, hoping to save her. But they were to far to reach her in time.

Before the Oto nin could attack, in an instant they were killed my two kunai flying at speed unheard off, hitting the nin in the head killing them instantly. Both Kurenai and Yugao saw a tall figure wearing a gray trench coat, jumped down and picked Anko up. He quickly dashed off leaving the battlefield and a shock Yugao, and Kurenai.

"Hurry we have to follow the person before he can do anything bad to Anko-chan." Said Kurenai. Yugao nodded true she should be staying and giving orders, but she had to save her friend. Quickly Yugao called for her boyfriend Hayate and told him to keep command while she went to find Anko. Hayate nodded and hope her luck. Both quickly dashed off to find and protect her friend.

Yugao being the sensor type could trace Anko chakra and it seemed like she stopped moving and was away from the battle. Then she sensed another chakra near her and her eyes went wide. "Anko-chan seemed to stop moving though I sense someone with her, someone with a lot of chakra though I can tell the person is holding back." Kurenai nodded at this and was going to dash off until Yugao continued, "Though the person's chakra seems familiar."

Kurenai was shocked, but quickly put it away the only thing in her mind at the moment was saving her friend who was not that far away, from what Yugao told her.

With Anko

Anko was now lying down on the ground. She was in an abandoned shop where she could hide in. Currently with her was the person that took her away, who at the moment was preparing for something. She didn't trust the guy and wanted to fight back, but she was too weak to do anything at the moment. Truthfully speaking while she was bring carried off, she sort of felt his body and slightly blushed, sure she was with Iruka but she just couldn't help herself when she felt his body.

"What the hell are you doing?" Anko shouted loudly. The man simply ignored her and continued what he was doing. "Don't ignore me I'm talking to you!" He still ignored her. When he finished Anko could see a paintbrush, ink, and a bottle.

He then turned to Anko, though Anko still couldn't see his face only his chin, which irritated her to no end. "Let me see your curse mark." The man said, shocking Anko, what can he want with her curse mark? Receiving no answer the man answered her question as if he was reading her mind "I am going to remove the curse mark."

Anko eyes went wide with shock. 'Remove the curse mark? Not even Yondaime or Jiraiya can do that and they're the best Seal master around!' she thought to herself not believing what the man was telling her.

"Are you going to let me see it or not." The man said getting irritated. Anko broke out of her thought and turned her attention back to the man. "How can I trust you." she replied.

"It's up to you or not whether you trust me. If you do then I'll remove the curse, if you don't then I won't and I'll continue on my way." Answered the man, shocking Anko since she was not expecting to get an answer like that. In her head she thought of a plan to get to know the man better so that she could decide to trust him or not.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm a simple traveler." He answered. Anko frowned at the answer and was about to ask more until the said man interrupted her. "I don't have all time. Do you want me to remove the seal or not." Anko cursed she still haven't decided whether or not she trusted him. Then she remembered all the pain she had because of the mark, the nightmares, and the villager's act towards her. She decided to trust him giving him a nod.

The man then asks Anko to show him the seal, which she did. When he saw it he asked Anko to lower her trench coat so that he could perform the necessary to remove the soul. Anko did as she was told hoping to get this over with soon.

The man went over to his paintbrush and dipped it into the paint. Quickly he went over to Anko and drew seals around the curse mark. Anko tried her best to hold in her laughter since the brush touching her skin tickled. When he finished she stopped feeling pain on her shoulder were the curse mark was. Thinking it was over; she turned around only for him to twist her shoulder "We aren't done yet." He told her.

Anko turned around again hoping it was over soon. Suddenly her eyes shot open and she started to scream in agony. She turned her head around only for her eyes to widen in shock. What she saw horrified her. She saw the said man nails inside her skin transferring his chakra into her. What shocked her though was red chakra coming from the man, red chakra. 'The only person who has red chakra would be…' she thought until she was brought out of her thought by even greater pain.

The man started pulling his hand out of her. As he pulled out his hand, there was a stream of red chakra following him, then the tainted purple chakra right after. Soon after a small snake was formed from the tainted purple chakra.

The chakra snake looked around and noticed that it was outside its host. When it saw Anko it tried to jump at her only to be stabbed by a kunai, and was stuck on the ground. In reality the chakra would disperse and form somewhere else, but this kunai had seals written all over it, making it impossible for the chakra to disperse.

The man watched as the snake slither, trying to get free. He quickly went to the bottle and opened the cap. "Osen o mippu (seal the tainted)" he chanted and suddenly the chakra snake got sucked into the bottle. The man put the cap on write a few seals on the bottle to make it unbreakable. He then went through a small hand seals and did a small fire jutsu burning the bottle, and killing the chakra with it.

Anko who was watching the whole thing was speechless. She wasn't expecting anything like this would happen. When the chakra left she left like a great burden was lifted.

She turned to see the man stood up and was about to leave. "Wait!" she called out. The man stopped where he was and turned to her. "Yes?" he replied.

"Can I see your face at least?" The man took a deep sigh and took of his hood. At first Anko didn't know who it was but when she saw something familiar she gasp and was about to say something. The man put his hand on his lips, before she could say anything signaling her to be quiet.

She didn't listen to him and before she could say anything he disappeared in a wave of wind. Seconds after she her friend Kurenai and Yugao came into the shop worried for Anko.

"Anko-chan are you ok?" asked Kurenai worriedly.

"I'm perfectly fine." Replied Anko.

"Did that person do anything to you?" asked Yugao, jumping into the conversation.

"No he didn't, well he did remove the curse seal." Replied Anko, both Kurenai and Yugao eyes went wide. They didn't know that removing the seal was possible, since no onee as ever done it before.

"No way! Show us!" yelled both Kurenai and Yugao in disbelief. Anko did as she was told and to all their shock the curse seal wasn't there.

"I can't believe the seal is gone." Stated Kurenai, while everyone nodded in agreement. "Do you know who did it?" she asked Anko, which Anko nodded.

"I was Naruto-kun." Said Anko, making Kurenai and Yugao eyes go wide in shock when they heard this.

Main Gate

The battle at the main gate was going horribly. The east and west gate were overwhelm so they were surrounded from front and back. The Raikage, and the Tsuchikage with their bodyguards both dashed of into the village when they saw an opening. Hiruzen couldn't stop them because he was too busy dealing with the other nins. Right now though they were in a bad situation, they were surrounded and outnumbered at least 3 men to 1.

"Dammit!" yelled Hiruzen as he saw another Konoha shinobi die. Hiruzen was dead tired and barely had little chakra left. He looked over to the other shinobis, the shinobi from the west gate came over to support the main gate. He could see Kakahi, Asuma, and Gai starting to get tired themselves.

"We need a miracle." As if his call was answered mist started coming in, confusing everyone.

"What the hell! Where did this mist come from!" yelled a shinobi. Then a cry of pain could be heard and sound of blood spattering could be heard, making every shinobi alert. Then more sound of spattering blood, making every shinobi on their toes.

When the mist cleared every shinobi had their eyes wide in shock. There on the ground was the dead corpse of Iwa and Kumo. There body dead with blood covering their body.

"What the hell!" yelled a scared Iwa shinobi. They weren't fighting anymore instead they were looking at the dead bodies, with scared shocked looks on their faces. Hiruzen was examining the area, and then something caught his eyes. A group of shinobi ready to right, what shocked him though was their headband. On their headband was the sign of Kirigakure the hidden village of the mist.

"What is Kiri doing here?" asked Hiruzen loudly making everyone turn to him. Then a Kiri ANBU appeared in front of him.

"Sarutobi-san we are instructed by our Mizukage to help you with the invasion." Said the ANBU shocking Hirzuen. Last time he heard about Kirigakure was that they were in a civil war because of the bloodline purge. He still thought that they were in the civil war; did the civil war side win?

"Is your Mizukage here?" asked Hiruzen the ANBU only nodded and seconds after the Mizukage appeared with an army of Kiri nin. The Mizukage is a beauty; she had a body of a goddess, and a bust that rivaled Tsuande. With a slender body and an hourglass figure, having curves at the right place. She had long auburn that reached to her ankles, and covered her right eye, also some of it tied up at the top. She wore a blue dress that showed a bit of her cleavage. Wearing a weapon pouch around her waist, and high-heeled sandals. She also wears dark blue nail polish and blue lipsticks. Overall she was drop dead gorgeous, making men died of a nosebleed, while making women jealous.

When the smoked cleared the fighting started again though it seemed more even now since Kiri joined to help. The Mizukage ran towards Hiruzen, with her two bodyguards.

"We have come to help, only because someone asked for it. This is not for a treaty after this we will continue to remain neutral." Said the Mizukage. Hiruzen only nodded.

Mei then called for two ANBU, who appeared in front of her kneeling.

"Hai, Mizukage-sama" said an ANBU with a shark mask.

"I want you to find Uzumaki-san." Said the Mizukage the ANBU nodded and disappeared in swirls of water. The Mizukage then turned to one of her two bodyguards, the one with an eye patch.

"Ao I want you to find Naruto-kun, he owes me a date." Said the Mizukage, with a smile though behind her she was giving off this deadly aura that just scream 'FIND HIM FAST OR YOU DIE!'

"H-h-hai Mei-sama." Replied Ao shakily, then he put his hand into a seal and said "Byakugan!" then vains started to appear around the eye patch.

Hiruzen who was there, his eyes went wide 'Byakugan! How is that possible!' then he remembered what the Mizukage now named Mei said before. 'Naruto? Naruto-kun here?'

"Mei-sama I found a man with large chakra source heading towards a group of large chakra I believe is where the kages are." Said Ao turning off his Byakugan. Mei nodded.

"Good then we will go to where the kages are, Ao, Chujuro let's go!" said Mei, then she dashed of with her bodyguards following right behind her. Hiruzen wanted to come along but he had a village to defend and won't leave his post until it was over.

On top of Chunin stadium (I used it because it's a bigger place to fight than the Hokage Tower)

On top of the Chunin Stadium stood the Hokage and the Kazakage with the bodyguards. Minato had Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kushina, Inazuma, and Akane while Gaara had his siblings Temari and Kankuro. All of them were watching how the invasion was going, they wanted to go and help but they somehow knew that the kages would go after them so they had to be separated from everyone else, so that they won't kill unnecessary people while they fought.

"You know Kazakage-san, my son would have been about your age by now." Said Minato. Getting a small growl from Akane, and a raised eyebrow from Gaara and was about to respond until the Raikage and Tsuchikage appeared at the end of the tower, opposite of where they were standing.

"Hahaha today Konoha will fall as well as you Yondaime!" laughed Onoki, making Minato glare at him. Everyone got into their battle stance, Minato took out his special kunai, Kushina her katana, Tsuande her fist, Jiraiya in his battle stace, Akane her katana, and Inazuma his katana. Gaara pulled the cap off his gourd, Temari her out her fan, and Kankuro took out his puppets with chakra string attach to each of them. While Onoki started floating, Kurotsuchi, and Akatsuchi got into their fighting stance. A's body started being envelope in lightning, Yugito into her fighting stance, and Killer Bee took out his swords getting into his sword style.

Then they started charging at each other with the intent to kill, well everyone except for Akane and Inazuma, but Minato and them were too busy to notice. As they were charging a man in gray trench coat with his hood covered appeared in the middle of the battle. Everyone saw him but they didn't stop, if he was going to get in the way, then he can die. Before any attack to reach him or each other, the man did a few hand seals at speed unreal.

"Fuuton: Senpu bakuhatsu (Whirlwind Outburst)" he shout and wind started to swirl around his body and seconds after it burst sending shockwaves of wind around him making both side fly back to where they were before.

Both side were shocked by the power that attack had. All of them looked at the man still in the middle with his hood still on.

"Who are you!" shout Onoki angry at loosing his chance to kill Minato. The man didn't move an inch, not turning his head towards Onoki, which pissed Onoki even more. Instead he turned his head towards A and his bodyguards.

"I didn't know you worked with Orochimaru, A-jiji." Said the man, gaining a tick mark from A. No one calls him that well no one except one person but he was still training from last he heard.

"What do yo-" said A until he was interrupted by a sound of broken tiles. He saw the middle area suddenly had smoke, shocking everyone including himself. When the smoked cleared you can see Orochimaru his hand extended with snake covering it.

As for the man he was holding his throat as if he had gotten bitten. The man then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Kage Bushin eh?" chucked Orochimaru, he pulled out his sword the Kusanagi to block a kunai aiming for his head. The man landed a few yards away from Orochimaru.

"You have to do better that mysterious shinobi." Said Orochimaru and he dashed of to the man, his Kusanagi ready. Orochimaru trust the Kusangi forward, but the man sidesteps to dodge it. The man took out a kunai and holds it in a reverse grip, and tried to slice Orochimaru head. Orochimaru somehow dodged it and slithers his way behind the man where he found an opening.

"Kukuku now you shall die for being a torn to my side. Goodbye shinobi." Said Orochimaru, and he swung his Kusanagi downwards and sliced the man, getting gasps from everyone watching.

Orochimaru smiled when he sliced the man, but instantly frowned when he felt no flesh. He looked at what he sliced, it was the man's gray trench coat. He looked up to see the man standing a few yards away from him without anything to cover his face. He along with everyone else eyes went wide in shock.

In front of them was a man that looked like a carbon copy of Minato. He had spiky hair like Minato only a shorter. He had a handsome face with ocean blue eyes and a angular face, though it still had some baby fat on it. His body was very well toned, he didn't have big muscle, but his muscle was toned and made for speed. He wore black jonin pants, with a weapon pouch strapped onto his left leg. On his upper body was a gray long-sleeved with pockets at its side. The long-sleeved wrapped around the man's body showing his muscles and his developed six-pack abs, which Yugito, and Temari, and Kurosuichi all blushed to. But what the most reveal thing compared to the Minato was three whisker marks on each side of his face.

"Man that was my favorite coat!" the man whined. Everyone sweat dropped.

"You done with your training gaki?" asked an amused A. The man turned his attention to A.

"Hell no A-jiji! Naruto Uzumaki never done training!" the now known Naruto said loudly, shocking the Konoha nin.

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