Chapter 21

Marik and the dark spirit of the millennium ring were still standing in the alley, and had just completed their little "shadow duel" to determine which one of them was strongest. It turned out that they were nearly evenly matched. This hadn't surprised the Egyptian, as his item sensed a tremendous evil force.

Marik gave an evil grin. His mind had just concocted a diabolical scheme regarding Yugi and his friends. "Now, to put together the plan."

Yami Bakura cocked an eyebrow. "Just to be clear, which plan are you speaking of?" He hoped it was one involving what he and Marik had just discussed regarding the items they both sought. Waiting was not something the dark spirit enjoyed doing.

Marik gave a wicked grin. "I am glad you asked. Our little agreement is just a backup plan, in case my current one doesn't work."

The dark spirit's grin faltered. It seemed Marik was trying his patience on purpose. "Look, Marik, I don't have time for this! There is work to be done."

Marik gave the spirit an amused look. 'How demanding he is.' "Patience, my friend. You will be involved in this scheme as well. " Truth was he had just thought of the idea and found it convenient that he crossed paths with the dark spirit.

Yami Bakura's temper subsided a bit, but he still looked at Marik warily. "And just what scheme is that?"

Marik gave another wicked grin. "Well, I intend to use Little Yugi's friends to crush him and I will need your help."

The sinister spirit of the ring knew where Marik was going with this. Usually he would have snapped something like, "Do it on your own" but for the first time he felt compelled to cooperate with the cornsilk haired young man, and he knew how closely his hikari was connected to Yugi and his friends. "I see…you want me to inflict harm on my weaker half so you can have a reason to cross paths with those fools."

Marik's grin widened. "Precisely." 'Pharaoh, I hope you're prepared to meet your demise.'

The evil spirit smiled. "I think that can be arranged." He reached into his pants pocket and took out a small dagger. He plunged the blade of the dagger deep into the bicep of his left arm, gave a grimace and pulled it out. It stung terribly, but the spirit was oddly turned on by the feeling. 'After all, my weak side will suffer much more than I will.' Blood immediately squirted everywhere. Some almost got on Marik's shirt, but he stepped back. It was a good thing he did because soon there was a small pool of blood.

The blonde young man smirked. 'Excellent. I will gain the trust of those fools for sure.'

The evil spirit disappeared, letting his hikari take control. Feeling weak from the blood loss and overcome by excruciating pain, the young man collapsed.

(Battle City)

Joey was bursting with excitement and pride over having obtained all six locator cards in a timely manner. The part which made him most proud was the fact that he made it by defeating three of the most experienced duelists.

"Tèa, lend me your cell phone please," said the blonde. "I want to check on my sis."

Tèa sighed...she didn't feel like digging in her knapsack for her phone. Plus she wasn't sure how much longer the phone's battery would last. She reached into her bag, pulled out her phone and handed it to Joey. "Just don't talk on it for too long. The battery is low."

"Don't worry, I won't be long." He took the phone and dialed the number to Serenity's room.

'Ring, ring.' "Hello, Serenity speaking."

Joey gave a wide grin as he thought about the news he had for his sister. "Hey Serenity, it's your big brother."

"Hey Big Brother! What's up?"

Joey noted how excited Serenity sounded. 'She must have some exciting news as well.' "Guess what?! I've made it to the finals!"

"That's great, Joey! I knew you could do it! I also have some great news!"

'So I was right.' "Oh yeah? What is it?"

"Well, the doctor told me I have almost completely recovered and my eyes have healed enough to take off the bandage any day," answered Serenity. "I will also be released from the hospital."

Joey's excitement grew, but he opted to control it as best as he could since it was a telephone conversation. "That's awesome news, Serenity."

'This is perfect timing. For a little while I was worried I wouldn't get to take off the bandages in time.' "I would like to see you duel in Battle City. And would you teach me how to duel as well?"

"Sure! I think that can be arranged!" answered Joey, to both questions. 'Not that I know quite everything there is to know about dueling, but thanks to the teachers I had, I can teach her a thing or two.'

"Great! See you later then."

"Later." Joey hung up the phone and could not contain his excitement any longer. He tossed the phone into the air.

Tèa gasped in horror as she saw Joey do this. 'Such a careless clod! If my phone battery dies, he's dead meat! I should never have lent it to him.' It was about to hit Vicki in the head but luckily Tèa caught it just in time.

"Hey!" yelled the short-haired brunette. "My phone is not a toy to be tossed around, you know!"

"Do you have any idea how expensive cell phones are?" added Vicki.

Joey looked sheepish. "Sorry. I am just excited because Serenity is doing well enough to remove her bandages and be released from the hospital today."

"Oh! That's wonderful news!" exclaimed Tèa.

"I have said many prayers for her," said Vicki.

"Thanks guys. I appreciate the support and I know she appreciates it too," said Joey. "She wants to come to Battle City, but there is one problem. I don't know when I will have the time to pick her up. "

Tristan looked at his best friend strangely and pointed to himself, trying to give Joey a hint. "I'll pick her up, you goof ball! After all, you didn't let me spend any time with her yet! This will be my chance to get to know her!" He ran off before the blonde could object.

Joey shook his fist. 'That little sneak…he had better not flirt with her or else!'

"Calm yourself, Joey," said Vicki. "It won't be so bad."

"It had better not be if he knows what's good for him," answered Joey.

"Oh no! Look!" Joey, Mr. Mutou and Vicki heard Tèa exclaim. They looked to see why. A young cornsilk blonde man with tanned skin, dressed in effeminate clothing approached them, with a severely wounded Bakura. Bakura looked extremely pale and his left arm appeared to be bleeding, even though it was bandaged. It was such an upsetting sight.

"What's the matter with Bakura?" inquired Vicki, going over to the two young men. 'Well this day is just great! Here I thought it would be a wonderful day and one of my friends gets hurt. If anyone had dared to lay a finger on him, they will live to regret it.' She was fuming, but didn't show it, for fear of scaring the stranger away, whoever he was.

Marik smirked discreetly. He couldn't believe his luck with the plan to ensnare Yugi's friends. 'Trapping these fools will be a piece of cake. They trust me already. Quite frankly, kindness is a sickening emotion, but it is part of the plan.' There was no way he would tell them he caused it. What type of believable story could he concoct without risking losing their trust? It quickly came to him.

"I am not entirely sure," Marik lied. "I just found him lying on the ground. I did my best tending to his injuries. Do you know him?"

"Yes! We're buddies," spoke up Joey. He went over to Bakura.

Bakura slowly opened his eyes. "Joey," he said weakly.

"Bakura! Who did this to you?!" demanded Joey. He clenched his fists, thinking about how he would find the culprit, and if he did, things would not be pretty.

The white haired young man clutched at his aching left arm. "It happened so quickly…I cannot remember." What was more frustrating than the memory lapses was the fact that he did not know why his arm stung so much.

"He should seek further medical attention as soon as possible," said Marik.

"You are right, young man. I'll take him to see a doctor right away," said Mr. Mutou. He opened the passenger side of his car. Joey took Bakura's unconscious body from Marik and helped him inside, shutting the door. Mr. Mutou drove away.

'Hang in there, Bakura. I don't know who did such a thing to you but I hope you will be all right,' thought Joey as he watched Yugi's grandfather drive off.

Now that Bakura was taken to the hospital, Vicki used this moment to take a good look at his rescuer. She was star struck by what she saw and felt weak in the knees. 'Oh my...those purple eyes, his Egyptian jewelry…he is very attractive. I hope this laddie is as beautiful inside as he is outside.'

"Thanks a lot for saving Bakura. Your name is…" Joey gave an embarrassed grin. 'I only wish I knew this guy's name.' He wasn't sure how to ask Marik.

Marik was in such an uncomfortable position. He was being asked to introduce himself by a friend of his greatest enemy. 'However, I dare not reveal my real name to these fools…I will have to come up with a false identity quickly.' "Oh, you must pardon my poor manners," said Marik, plastering an uneasy expression on his face. "I'm Namu. What's your name?" He extended a hand towards the blonde.

"The name's Joey." He shook Marik's hand.

"I'm Tèa."

"And my name is Victoria, but you may call me Vicki if you prefer." Vicki was finding it difficult to look Marik in the eye, which had almost never happened to her when speaking to a guy before.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all," said Marik as he shook the hands of Tèa and Vicki. 'I have to admit, the girl called Vicki is rather attractive…a pity she will become one of my pawns.'

"Hey, is that a duel disk on your arm?" asked Joey. 'Just my luck. It would be cool if he were a duelist as well. Maybe we could play Duel Monsters sometime.'

"Yes, but I am not a very good duelist, I'm afraid," replied Marik, pretending to sound modest. "You are not challenging me to a duel, are you?" 'Not that you would stand a chance against me.'

"No, I don't have to," answered Joey proudly. "I already have all six locator cards."

'Excellent. You will be perfect for dueling on my behalf.' "Impressive. You must be quite talented. Would you mind giving me a few dueling tips? I would like to win at least one duel in Battle City."

Joey laughed nervously. He didn't want to be a show-off, but he was flattered by such a request. "No, not at all. I will be able to fit you in, now that I don't have to duel anymore until the finals."

"Thank you so much. I appreciate it," said Marik.

"Don't mention it. Just let me know when you're ready."

'Naïve fool, your advice will be needed sooner than you think,' thought Marik, sneering inwardly.

All of a sudden, Joey's tummy started growling. He hadn't eaten anything yet for the day and he was beginning to realize just how famished he was. 'I hope Namu didn't hear that. What was I thinking, dueling so long without eating? It's a miracle I was able to function at all. I'd better get some grub before the finals start.'

"Guys, if I don't get some food soon, I'm gonna pass out," Joey said to Tèa and Vicki. At that moment, the growling in his stomach became even louder.

Tèa rolled her eyes, whilst Vicki simply said, "I am surprised you hadn't said anything sooner. I didn't expect you to duel on an empty stomach for as long as you did. I could have brought some munchies just for you."

Vicki mustered up the nerve to look Marik in the eye. "Well, Namu, I guess we'd better get going now." 'Okay. That wasn't so bad.'

"Smell ya later," said Joey. He, Vicki and Tèa walked away. "Seems like a nice enough guy, doesn't he?" the blonde commented.

"Yes he does," answered Tèa.

"I think so too," agreed Vicki. Her face flushed as she spoke. 'That was odd. Why do I feel so shy around that lad? And why was my skin tingling when he shook my hand? Surely it can't be love. I just met him.' Was it a crush? Possibly.

Marik gave an evil grin as he watched Yugi's friends leave. 'Those fools have no idea of the danger that's in store for them. Their naivety will be their undoing.'

Yugi, with his yami still in control, went to the aquarium with Kaiba. Kaiba felt compelled to assist him in locating his friends with his tracking system, and the aquarium was where Joey's duel disk was tracked.

Unfortunately, there was no trace of either Joey or the remainder of the gang. There was just a crowd of people watching the killer whale do its tricks.

Yami frowned. 'This is strange. Kaiba told me they were here. Why would the tracking system say Joey is here when he isn't? Could the tracking system be wrong?' Kaiba had no reason to lie to him—unless he was just appeasing the ancient spirit in order to get him to accept the duel challenge, which was a great possibility, given that the CEO was not keen on helping in the first place. But if that were the case, why did the former world champion volunteer?

"Kaiba, it seems as though you were wrong," said Yami gravely.

Kaiba gave his rival an indignant look. 'My tracking system wrong? Impossible! My equipment is state of the ark.' "Relax, Yugi. I am constantly getting signals from Joey Wheeler's duel disk. There is nothing to worry about."

But Yami was not so sure. 'Joey could be in danger as we speak.' He frantically ran off.

Kaiba laughed huffily, amused by his rival's behavior. "I fail to see what Yugi sees in that small fry of a duelist," the young ceo pondered aloud. He followed Yami. 'After all, without my assistance, Yugi could be all day searching for those goody-two-shoes ditzes.'

Marik had signaled to his rare hunters that it was time to put the next part of his diabolical plan into motion. Before he completely lost sight of Joey and the others, he ran after them at the last minute. The henchmen stayed nearby.

"Joey, I don't mean to be an inconvenience to you, but will you give me a few dueling tips right now, before you go?" Marik called after the blonde.

Joey, Tèa and Vicki stopped in their tracks and turned to face Marik. A group of robed men proceeded to slowly walk up behind them and Marik. 'These numbskulls don't even know we are behind them…this ambush will be simpler than I thought,' thought one of the rare hunters.

'Rats! Now getting some grub will have to wait.' "Sure I will," answered Joey, trying his best not to be annoyed about having his lunch break interrupted. 'He must want me to die from hunger or something.'

Joey was thinking about which tip to give his new "friend" when all of a sudden, he heard Marik yell, "Joey! Look out! Behind you!" A rare hunter grabbed the cornsilk blonde from behind. He feigned a frightened look. The rare hunter punched him in the face, threw him on the ground and proceeded to kick him in the stomach and back, knocking the wind out of him.

"Huh?" Joey spun around to see what Marik was talking about. He saw a robed man preparing to strike him. He got out of the way in time, but just barely. But he saw a couple men beating up Tèa. He punched the rare hunters in the jaw. "Let go of her! Didn't your mother ever teach you that guys are not supposed to hit girls?!"

One of the still standing rare hunters grabbed Tèa in a tight hold, preventing her from escaping. She tried her hardest to free herself, but it was no use. He was much too strong. "What do you want? Let me go!"

As Joey prepared to attack the robed man who got a hold of Tèa, the ones he had attacked pushed him down.

Vicki took one look at what was going on, and was not impressed. 'Oh no, there are too many of these scumbags. Although I am not supposed to do my martial arts, it seems I have no choice. I won't stand for this.'

"Look, there is another girlie we can have some fun with," said one of the rare hunters, after they were through with Joey. They smirked and walked towards Vicki.

'Not if I can help it.' "Take this, you dickheads! Heeya!" The chocolate haired teen ran towards the rogue men and did a split leap kick. The rare hunters fell to the ground. She stomped them on the back. She saw that there were still a couple of the robed men beating up Marik. She kicked one in the crotch and tripped the other one.

All of a sudden Tèa's cell phone started ringing, but it was in her small knapsack. A rare hunter with longish bluish green hair laughed. "Too bad your friend won't be speaking to you." He took her bag from her.

"Get out of my stuff!" ordered Tèa, annoyed.

This incensed Vicki more. She despised invasion of privacy. "I'm afraid that doesn't belong to you!" She played her Ninja Bomb trap card. The ninja threw the bomb and an explosion ensued. The rare hunter was so taken off guard that he dropped the bag.

"Aha!" Vicki snatched up the bag, unzipped it and pulled out the phone. She hid in a corner and answered it. "Hello? Oh hello there, Yugi. No, this is Vicki. Not too bad, but had to fight off some of those robed freaks who are after Joey and Tèa. We are in the center of Battle City, by a large tree. All right. I will see you soon. " The young teen flipped her hair over her shoulders. 'Gee if I knew all this was gonna happen today I would have put my hair up.' Her hips started to ache from all the martial arts skills she did. 'Oh well. It had to be done. Speaking of which, I wonder how Namu is doing. I should go check on him. '

Mokuba was on the way to meet up with his big brother. He had decided to help find Yugi's friends as well. 'After all, they have been good to me, even though we had our differences at first. That guy Yugi had to duel sure was creepy. I hope he will be all right.'

All of a sudden, the young boy got this eerie feeling that he was being watched and something terrible would happen. He looked around and saw no one. 'I guess I am just imagining things and scared over nothing, even though one can never be too careful with all those rare hunters around the city.' Mokuba shuddered at the thought of facing the rare hunters head on. 'I hope that's not why I feel this way.' He kept on walking.

Unbeknownst to Mokuba, a group of robed men were spying on him from on top of the building. One of the men laughed to himself. 'That little brat doesn't even know we're here. This kidnapping job is a piece of cake. Now is our cue.' He gave his colleagues the signal that it was time to let their presence be known. They leapt from the building, a few feet in front of the raven haired young lad.

Mokuba's eyes widened with fright at such sudden noise. He looked up only to see a rare hunter. He felt his stomach beginning to churn. 'Just great. What could these creeps want with me?' "Who are you?" he cried.

"Someone who is about to become your worst nightmare," answered the rare hunter. He looked at the little boy. 'Master Marik will be pleased when I capture this wimp!'

'We'll see about that! If these jerks think they will mess with me, they had better think again!' The frightened little boy took off running. He hadn't gotten very far when suddenly, he was tripped down. It was Odion.

"AAAAH!" screamed Mokuba as he fell on his derriere. He dropped his briefcase as well.

"What's the rush?" asked a deep voice. "You will not escape us, little boy."

Mokuba slowly looked up to see who said and did that. It was a tall man with tan skin and a tattoo on his face dressed in a cape like the other rare hunters. 'This jerk is so big and buff…no way will I escape him.' "Leave me alone! You're one of those rare hunters, aren't you?"

"Perhaps I am, and you're our prey," answered Odion. The other rare hunters let loose evil laughter in agreement. They surrounded Mokuba, grabbed him and carried him off. Odion picked up the brief case.

Although this was a simple task, Odion felt a bit ashamed for lowering himself to such a level of evil when he thought about his last conversation with Keren. He had no doubt that if she saw him now, she would definitely despise him. She would despise him for capturing Mokuba, if not for any other reason. 'I have no time for such idle distractions. There is work to be done.'

Ishizu saw the vision of the kidnapping with her Millennium Necklace, and knew she had to find her final opponent, now or never. Of course if her necklace was correct, that would not do any good, but at least she would be one step closer to saving her brother from the darkness. There did not seem to be any potential opponents in the midst of Battle City, so she and Keren went elsewhere.

Keren noted that the younger woman seemed a bit pensive ever since they both left the museum. "Is something the matter, Ishizu? You seem troubled."

Ishizu wondered if she should tell the Israeli what was going on without risking worrying her. 'Hmm. I don't have to tell her all. A version of the truth will do.' "According to my necklace, Odion is up to no good once again, and Kaiba and Yugi are facing danger."

"Oh dear…" Keren placed her hands over her head. 'To think I was starting to have hope.' She wondered if Odion was trying to appease her the last time she saw him. A part of her was glad she wasn't with him at the moment. "It's hopeless."

The Egyptian gave Keren a hard look. "Don't ever say such things. You must remain optimistic."

"If you say so." Keren wasn't so sure.

The two young women came to a park where some children were dueling each other. A little boy of about eleven years old was searching for a potential challenge.

'Oh rats! There doesn't seem to be a person available…at this rate I will never make it to the finals...not that I ever had a chance, anyway.' The little boy was about to leave the park and head for home when he spotted Ishizu and Keren. 'Oh, I have seen that lady before! She used to work at the Domino Museum and she had all those cool items! And she has a duel disk on, too! Maybe she will duel against me.' He walked up to Ishizu.

"Hi there. My name is Shiro. You are Miss Ishizu, aren't you? I remember you from the show you held last week."

Ishizu looked a bit surprised. It was nice to know children were interested in her work. "Why, yes I am."

Shiro nervously twiddled his thumbs and looked at the floor. 'I hope she doesn't think I'm a bother.' He felt tongue-tied. "Oh! I have been waiting to meet you for a long time," he managed to say. "Will you duel with me? An official Battle City duel?"

"I certainly will." The Egyptian woman activated her duel disk.

Shiro was so happy that he felt like jumping up and down, but decided it wouldn't be exactly mature to do that in front of someone as refined as Ishizu. "Oh thank you so much! Let's do it!"

"You're welcome." 'For this duel I will not rely on the powers of my necklace for my victory. He is only a child.' She took off the necklace and placed it in her pocket.

"Duel!" The two duelists took their places on the playing field and drew their 5 cards. Keren stood next to the bench. "I can watch from there,' she thought.

"I'll let you go first," the little boy offered. 'I can't wait to see what this lady has in store. '

"How gentlemanly of you." Ishizu drew a card. 'Not too bad. But it won't be of any use to me right now.' "I summon Keldo in defensive mode." An unusual looking fairy appeared on the field. It was aquamarine and gold. "I also activate the powerful magic card, Michizure of Doom! This card requires for both of us to choose two cards for the opponent to discard. I choose Jinzo and Heavy Storm."

"What on earth? How does she know I have those cards?" Shiro muttered to himself. 'This lady is giving me the creeps…is she psychic or something? She can't be cheating as she never saw my cards...but somehow she is right. ' Mystified, Shiro sent the cards to the graveyard. "You show me your cards, too."

Ishizu did so.

"Send Exchange of the Spirits and Swords of Revealing Light to the graveyard."

"Very well." Ishizu discarded the chosen cards. "That ends my turn."

'Wow, Miss Ishizu sure is good. But I will try my best to beat her. I definitely can't let her little trick psych me out,' thought Shiro. He drew a card. "I play Petit Angel in defense mode and end my turn." (900 def)

'Very strange...this boy seems to be playing it safe. I cannot hold back.' "I summon Agido in attack mode! (1500 attk) I switch my Keldo into attack mode as well. Keldo, attack his Petit Angel!" The defense monster was destroyed. "Agido, attack his life points directly!" Shiro winced as the attack hit him. He lost 1500 lifepoints from the attack and was down to 2500 life points as a result. "It's your turn."

'Man, this lady is tough! How am I gonna beat her now?' Shiro wondered to himself. He began to wonder if he was wrong to challenge Ishizu in the first place. 'No. I can't doubt myself now. Even if I lose to this woman, maybe I can learn a thing or two from her.' He drew his card. 'Cyber Harpie…she is powerful enough to beat Agido, but that's the best I can do now.' "I call Cyber Harpie to the field in attack mode!" (1800 attk) The female semi-humanoid, semi-vulture monster with long red hair materialized. "Cyber Harpie, attack Agido!" The female winged creature slashed the Egyptian-style fairy with her deadly claws. Ishizu lost 300 life points as a result, bringing her life points down to 3700. "Let's see what you've got. "

"Impressive." Ishizu drew a card. 'I will hold this card until the time is right.' "I summon Mudora in attack mode!" (1500 attk) She also played a magic card, Sword of Dogra, which raised his attack points to 2000. "Mudora, attack his Cyber Harpie!" The female bird monster was slashed, making Shiro's life points drop to 2300. "Keldo, attack his life points directly!" Shiro lost 1200 life points, bringing him down to 1100. "I shall place one card face down. That ends my turn. The end is near for you. What will you do now?"

'She's right. There is no way I can fight back now with my life points so low. Even so, I will not quit!' He drew another card. 'Awesome! I can use this card to help block any attacks from her monsters!'

"I activate my trap card, Muko!" announced the Egyptian. "It requires for you to send the card you just drew to the graveyard."

"Oh man!" moaned Shiro. 'That was one of my best cards.' Shiro reluctantly discarded his Gravity Bind card.

"I summon Zorga!" (1700 attk) This fairy looked like a cape with a head on top. "I also switch my Keldo into defense mode and end my turn." (1600 def points)

'Okay...this is my last chance. Have to make the most of it!' "I give up 800 of my life points in order to activate my magic card, Premature Burial! I will use it to bring back my Cyber Harpie!" Cyber Harpie reappeared on the field. "I equip her with a magic card, Arrow Nail! It raises her attack strength by 300 points!"

"I am ready for your attack," said Ishizu.

"You got it!" Shiro drew a card. "Cyber Harpie, slice her Keldo to bits!" The female bird monster stabbed the fairy with her nail weapon. "Make your move. I can't wait to see it."

Ishizu gave the boy a reserved smile. "You fought very well for someone on your level. However, this duel will end with my victory." She drew a card. "I sacrifice Mudora and Zorga in order to summon Wing Weaver!" (2750 attk) A very regal female fairy emerged. "Wing Weaver, attack Cyber Harpie!"

Shiro watched as his monster was destroyed and his lifepoints dropped to zero. His face was emotionless.

Ishizu had expected Shiro to be at least mildly disappointed at his loss. After all, he was just a kid. She was a bit surprised when he came over to her and said, "This duel was fun! I'm glad I got to duel with you."

"Likewise. You did an admirable job. Keep practicing and your skills will improve," said Ishizu.

"Thank you. It means a lot." The copper haired young boy flipped through his deck and took out his rarest card, Sacrifice's Blast. He handed the rare card as well as a locator card to the young woman.

"Thank you." Ishizu took a look at the rare card given to her. 'This card will be of wonderful use, when it comes to destroying the most powerful monsters.' She slipped it into her deck and started to leave.

"Wait! One more thing!" Shiro called after his opponent.

Ishizu stopped in her tracks. "Yes?"

Shiro took out a book from his knapsack. "Is it possible I can have your autograph?"

Ishizu looked embarrassed at such attention, but the boy's eyes were so kind and innocent, she couldn't turn the request down. She took the book from him and wrote on the inside cover, 'Best wishes to Shiro, from Ishizu Ishtar.' She handed the book back to him.

"Thank you so much!" Shiro was so excited he nearly fainted.

"Of course." Ishizu looked around for Keren and found her standing by the bench. She walked over to the older woman. "Let's go."

"Wonderful dueling as always, Ishizu," Keren congratulated Ishizu as they left the park together.

"I could not have done it without your support." With all six locator cards, Ishizu felt more prepared than ever to save her brother.