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Author's note

Reading all the fan fictions out there, I realized none had taken the story up after the Final End of Fate/Stay night. I realized how much potential there is left for Emiya Shirou. While Saber may or may not be a Servant, I figure that Shirou could still be summoned as a Servant himself. With that thought in mind, I decided that the road Shirou walks is still not over yet. While he will always return to Saber I death, he still is going to be called upon. The Shirou I intend to create followed the Fate/Stay route, however, I feel that Shirou is now comparable with Archer in strength and ability (meaning he is able to perform UBW). In this story, however, Shirou has not made a contract with the Earth, and there for he is not a Counter Guardian, but an actual Hero. There will be modifications of the Natsu verse and the Naruto verse, sorry.

I decided to crossover Fate/Stay Night with Naruto after a really interesting dream of Naruto summoning Saber instead of frogs. I enjoyed the dream so much that I decided to write out a story similar to it. In my opinion, however Saber would not have been comparable with Naruto, but Shirou could be. There will be something that all of you readers will want to ask, calmly read to the end of the chapter before you flood me with the same question. Please note that I do not own either franchises. In the meantime enjoy my first fanfic. Note: 'italics' = thought

How long had he been searching? It was hard for him to remember sometimes.

The countless battles, the pain, the bloodshed, within his mind the suffering and struggling had become blurred.

No matter the odds, no matter the enemy, he continued searching, continued fighting.

How long had she been waiting? At times it was hard for her to remember.

A life that had been filled with sacrifice, with duty, with uncompromising ideals, followed by a slumber so deep that it seemed nothing would ever be able to wake her from it.

But even in the endless sleep, she had dreamed, of him to come and find her. And so she waited, always waiting.

And finally, after all the searching, he had found who he was looking for. Just as she, after all her waiting, had finally awoken to the arrival of the one she had waited for.

At the edge of a golden field, a man stood. In front of him, stretching endless were fields of the softest grass he had ever stood on.

Above him, the gentle blue sky stretched out endlessly, the warm sun beat down on him, warming his face, and easing his heart and soul as it did so.

Behind him, in the endless battles he had fought he had left a great weight, a weight that he had shouldered for so long.

In front of him was a woman. Her long hair, as gold as the sun above him blew in the soft breeze that rustled the grass of the field.

In a white dress as pure and untainted as her soul she stood, and she was smiling. After so long apart they were together.

They stood there taking in the sight of each other overcome with more emotions than they could identify. She looked at him, and she smiles. He smiles back.

"I'm home, Saber."

"Welcome home, Shirou."

How long were they together in that field of gold? An hour, a day, a hundred years? Each second was forever, each moment an eternity.

They talked, they smiled, they laughed, they cried. They were together; then it happened.

They were sitting on the porch drinking tea. Over the years he had become a master at brewing tea.

They did not have to eat or drink, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. They were reminiscing about Rin and how she had always been terrible at getting up at the morning when Shirou began hearing a ringing in his ear.

It started low, at the edge of his hearing, but it was getting louder.

"Saber" he spoke suddenly, breaking the conversation.

"What is it Shirou?" she asked noting how he was looking around.

"Do you hear something?" He asked

"No, what does it sound like?" she asked curiously

"It sounds like a buzzing, now that I think about it, I feel like something is tugging my sleeve, but there's nothing there." He states with increasing curiosity.

Her eyes widen. "Shirou... your being summoned." She states with both wonder and horror.

Shirou looks at her, worry fills his eyes, his stance becomes tight.

After everything he went through, he was being taken from her. This wasn't right, he had fought so hard, for so long, why should he be summoned, he had no reason to answer the call, no unifying purpose to link a Master with a Servant. Everything he wanted, everything he needed was here beside him. "I won't go." he said firmly. He was done, he had fought enough, he deserved his rest.

She looked at him, her redeemer, her love, her life, her reason for being, the one who told her she had done enough.

"You should go" she said, sadness etched into her voice and her eyes. "You are needed Shirou, someone needs your help."

She knew he would answer the call, his very being, his very existence was to help others.

"Saber..." he started to say, but he stopped.

He saw her expression, he knew that she would think less of him if he did not go, if he did not help.

He would think less of himself if he did not go. How could he face himself if he rejected helping someone for the first time.

Sighing, he tells her "Wait for me"

"Always" is her reply.

She watches him get up and walk.

As he goes, his body begins to fade, less substantial.

He stops in the middle of that golden field He turns around and comes back.


He leans down and kisses her passionately.

His whole heart is in that kiss..

The kiss breaks.

"I love you" he says softly, sweetly.

"I love you" she replies softly.

He turns back to the fields and walks away fading completely from her sight.

A tear rolls down her cheek "I love you" she says quietly. A soft breeze embraces her, and she waits.

Outskirts of Konoha

"Alright" Naruto says "I've got the Shadow clone technique down, now lets see what other techniques this scroll has on it."

Naruto scans the forbidden scroll he stole. There are so many different jutsus listed, it's amazing.

Where to start next. 'Whats this one here? Rasengan, looks hard maybe if I have more time. Flying Thunder God technique, that might work' He thought to himself.

Something goes right past his face. Naruto jumps back instinctively, causing him to unfurl the scroll.

Naruto looks around and sees what caused him to Jump 'Stupid owl, gave me a heart attack'. Looking back at the scroll, completely unfurled. At the very end of the scroll is a circle with weird drawings in it.

He looks at it closely. 'Summoning ritual... by making a contract, able to summon aid your side.' Looking at the instructions, he saw that the whole thing was relatively simple.

Unfortunately, Naruto missed reading the word UNTESTED marked next to the circle.

Using a few hand jutsus place a blood stained palm on the circle and insert as much chakra as possible into the circle. This was an easy one.

'Lets do this one quickly then work on another one' Following the instructions, Naruto bit his thumb and smeared blood onto his hand. He placed his palm on the circle and tried pushing chakra into the circle.

The circle lit up, and Naruto felt as if all his energy was being sucked up. He tried to remove his hand, but this only caused the scroll to raise up with his hand.

"Hey, let go".Naruto shouted trying to remove the scroll from his hand, uncaring if he made noise or was discovered.

Iruka who had come looking for the would be thief heard this and dashed to Naruto's location.

"There you are Naruto" Iruka said with anger in his voice 'You've got a lot of explaining to do young man'

"Iruka-sensei? Help!" Naruto shouted trying with all his might to free his hand from the traitorous scroll.

Iruka noticed the forbidden scroll and paled, "What have you done Naruto?" 'Don't tell me he's releasing the Kyuubi.'

Naruto shouted fragrantly "I was trying to learn a New Jutsu. Mizuki said if I did you would let me graduate. Please help me."

Naruto was starting to cry, his left hand was beginning to feel like it was on fire.

"Why would Mizuki-" Iruka suddenly sensed danger and threw himself at Naruto. Iruka was able to get his stupid student out of the way of the kunai but he was not so lucky. "I see, so he lead you here to take the blame and then remove you" Iruka said while removing two kunai from his back.

Mizuki landed into view and looked at Naruto "Quit playing around and give me the scroll Naruto."

"Naruto what ever you do, don't give him the scroll" Iruka shouted. His back was screaming in pain, any attempts to move were futile. His body was wracked with pain and muscle spasms 'Dammit I can't move, Naruto is not even paying attention. How can I get him away from Mizuki'

Naruto was at the edge of consciousness, the scroll was stealing every last ounce of energy from him. His left hand felt like it was on fire and it was glowing.

He raised his trapped hand at Mizuki "Get it off, please just get it off. You said I could graduate if I completed a jutsu." His hand was getting brighter

Mizuki glared at Naruto "Can't you do one thing right you monster? It's bad enough that you're the fox demon, but why can't you just drop the scroll and die."

Mizuki pulled out his large shuriken and prepared to throw it at Naruto

Naruto saw this as his eyes widened. 'What does he mean fox demon? What is he- no I don't want to die, I don't want to die, please anybody help me'

His hand is almost blinding now, his body is at the end of it's limit. He has no strength to move, much less get away. His hand is in so much pain reason is becoming elusive.

Time slows down, the Shuriken is racing towards him. Death is imminent, he is going to die here, now, before he becomes the Hokage.

No this can't be.

His hand was too bright, he can't even see it.

The pain is too much.

Then, the pain is gone, the light fades.

Something red back and white races forward from the scroll. A mighty clang resounds, the shuriken is sent flying, and time stops completely.

For the rest of his life Naruto will always be able to perfectly remember what he saw. A man in a red wielding a set of sword, one of darkness and a sword of light stood before him.

His hair is as white as the moon behind his head. His eyes are grey as iron. His skin is darkened, somewhere between a tan and a burn.

He wears a leather armor beneath his blood red coat which is fluttering in the breeze.

The man looks at Naruto calm, cold, like a god deigning to look down at a mortal. His mouth opens and says

"Servant Saber. Upon your summoning I have come forth from time and space. I ask of you are you my Master?"

Naruto could only stare at him 'Servant? Come forth? Saber?' what was this titan talking about.

"I ask again, are you my Master?" Naruto tried to ask him tried to answer him, but his body would not work. It felt so heavy, it was all he could do to open his mouth and breathe.

The titan looks back at Mizuki but his words are for Naruto "I will continue this in a moment, please find some cover while I deal with this one."

Mizuki sneers 'Wherever this one came from, he is no match for a ninja.'

Mizuki begins to pull out another kunai when the red man rushes forward; fast, too fast.

Mizuki tries to dodge, but the man in red pins the swords around his neck, any movement would result in his neck being sliced.

"Don't move." The man in red says calmly. Mizuki knew this man was too much. 'He doesn't threaten, he doesn't need to threaten.'

"Look, lets make a deal." Mizuki began

"Shut up" the stranger says his voice becomes cold.

"That man is a criminal" Iruka proclaims. He had also been mesmerized by the man in red. The man in red glances at Iruka.

Iruka continues cautiously. "He is responsible for the theft of a secret document and the attempt of murder."

"Wait Naruto is the one-" Mizuki begins, but the man in red hits his neck with the flat of his blade.

Mizuki crumples unconscious. The stranger turns Iruka and walks forward, slowly, calmly.

Naruto is barely hanging on, his body is so tired, but he won't let Iruka be hurt.

Using his last reserves he uses the only other technique he learned from the scroll. "Kage Bushiun no Jutsu" Five clones, five very tired clones push each other up and pull out a kunai. "Leave Iruka sensei alone."

The man in red stops and stares at this technique. 'An illusion? No, looks like a form of self replication.'

The stranger nods his head slightly and says "As you wish Master."

he sees the clones vanish and his master pass out on top of the fallen scroll.

Turning back to Iruka he says "Will you be needing assistance?"

Iruka visibly relaxes and nods his head. "I have a basic med pack here" Pulling it out, he offers it to the white haired man.

The self-proclaimed servant begins patching up the wounds when he visibly tenses.

He abandons Iruka and covers his tired Master swords at the ready.

Four Anbu and the Hokage surround the stranger.

"Who are you?" Sarutobi demands.

"Saber" he replies calmly. Nodding to the unconscious Mizuki "According to the injured one, that one is a criminal"

"He helped me and Naruto Hokage-sama" Iruka coming to his defense.

Sarutobi nodded once and asked "What is your purpose with Naruto?" 'Could he know about the Kyuubi?'

"Upon his summoning I have come forth from time and space to serve him."

'Summoning? Like Monkey King Enma?' The Hokage thought

"Might I suggest that we continue this later, my Master has worn himself out summoning me and the other, Iruka I believe, is injured."

'Master, what is his relation to Naruto? A contract maybe?.' "Very well, please hand Naruto over to us and we will discuss this at the village"

The red man shook his head slightly keeping himself in a defensive stance and said "I cannot allow you to separate me from my Master, I will allow you to treat him, but I must be by his side at all times."

"How dare you contradict the Hokage" one of the Anbu growled.

"Enough, let him remain by Naruto's side" The Hokage snapped "Two of you secure Mizuki for questioning, and one of you go get back up"

The man in red relaxes and the two swords vanish.

'His ninjitsu is strange.' Sarutobi thought 'The way they disappeared, I've never seen it done that way.'

The man in red carefully picks up the boy from the ground and begins to move to the Hokage.

"Wait" Iruka says suddenly. Everyone turns to him.

Removing his head plate "Give this to Naruto, he earned it."

"Why do you say that" The Hokage questioned.

"He was able to summon that man and create five Kage Bushin" Iruka stated with pride disregarding his own pain.

Humping quietly, the Hokage said "Very well" 'This is going to be a lot of paperwork. The scroll stolen, a flunked student performing complicated jutsus, this strange man calling Naruto his master'

Taking the scroll from one of the Anbu "Lets go home"

Naruto then dreamed...

He saw a fire, no a fire was an understatement, he saw Hell.

A boy, not much younger than him stumbling through the disaster.

Bodies lined the path he walk, some dead, some not.

Voices wailed in the night, the dead and the dying asking, praying for salvation.

Praying for deliverance.

Praying for death.

The boy walked, how he walked Naruto could not tell. The boy's body was in ruins, third degree burns covered his body, his head was leaking blood, his eyes were unfocused.

'Is this a nightmare? Is this because of Mizuki and that man?'

The boy kept walking.

If he were to fall, it would be forever, so he kept walking.

Hands kept waving at him. Asking, demanding for attention.

To warn the boy, to urge the boy on, to damn the boy, or maybe to drag the boy with them.

Faces stared at the boy, melting in the heat, staring at him who was still walking.

'I don't like this. I don't want to see this... Please stop it... Please show me something else. Anythign but this'

The boy kept walking.

Past the bodies of people he might have known, friends he might have had, family he might have lost.

The heat scorched the boys clothes, melting them into his flesh. Finally, it was too much.

The boy fell.

Looking up at the sky the boy saw a smoke filled sky.

The voices were becoming silent, and the boy knew he was going to join them.

'Please, make it stop.'

The boy saw a face, a man, smiling. The boy could only look at the one saving him and envy the man.

The boy wished he could have that happiness.

And so something in the boy broke...

Authors note again. First off, let me thank L33t hojo for being my beta. I'm not the easiest person to work with. I decided to change Shirou from Archer to Saber for several reasons. First, Archer (the one Rin summoned) would be compared to this Shirou, who went down a different path. Next, I felt that the saber attributes (increased speed, agility, regeneration) would be better suited for this story than the archer attributes (increased sight, independent movement, long range enhancement). Besides Naruto is a close range specialist as well, so might as well keep Shirou next to Naruto to keep him alive.