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Kaoru's POV

What is it about the Host Club that I find so absolutely...boring? Is it the fact that the fangirls only like me cause they think I'm in some kind of forbidden relationship with my twin brother? Or is it that fact that no matter what we do it's always the same thing? Maybe it's because -

"...ru! Earth to Kaoru!" My eyes snap open and I find myself staring into liquid gold. Hikaru's face is only inches from my own and I find myself jumping back from his confused expression. "Ah! What? What happened?"

"Club's over. You kinda...fell asleep. On my shoulder. Made the girls go crazy you shoulda seen it I think even..." I tune out what my twin is saying and let my gaze wander around the Third Music Room. Tamaki is holding up a frilly pink dress and it appears that he's yet again trying to force Haruhi into. Her bored expression makes me smile slightly as I continue my observation of the room. Hunny-senpai is devouring cake (as usual) while Mori-senpai stands in the shadows close-by, stone silent. The pair always makes my heart melt a little, I have to admit. Such polar opposites, yet their bond appears as strong as that of mine and Hikaru's.

My eyes continue with their journey and come to rest on the final member of the Host Club. I can almost feel my skin prickle at the sight of the Club's "Shadow King" writing in his ever-present black notebook. Everyone always wonders about what he could possibly be writing in said book...well everyone except for me. I couldn't care less about anything that he does or says or anything. I'm not one to hate people, but Kyouya is definitely on my list of people that I dislike. Strongly. He's arrogant and rude, not to mention extremely selfish. Plus, I can't understand how people think he's the "Cool" type. What's so cool about him? Certainly not his looks...his steely gray eyes are dark and uninviting and his hair is dull and colourless.

My thoughts stop dead as those lifeless eyes turn towards me. Noticing my stare, he tilts his head so the light catches his glasses and glares off of them. I avert my gaze and turn back to my still completely confused brother.

"What's gotten into you?" He says with a chuckle and ruffles my orange locks. "You're so quiet lately, are you alright?" His smile fades and he grips me tighter, holding my chin so that I can't look away. I continue to cast my eyes downwards, refusing to look into the pools that I know I'll be lost in at the slightest glance. I mumble my response. "It's nothing, I'm fine." He pulls me into a hug and I feel like my entire being is on fire under his touch. His hot breath caresses my neck and I shudder, relishing in the glory of it all. The hug doesn't last long enough, and I find myself suppressing a whimper when he releases me and takes my hand. "Let's go home ok? Then we can talk in privacy." I nod and I trail behind my twin like an all-too-willing puppy on an unneeded leash. Catching one last glance at the Club, I can just barely make out the smallest of smirks dancing on Kyouya's lips. I glare in response and turn my back on him, trying to block him out.


When the limo drops us off in front of our house, Hikaru smirks and gives me a look that I have to admit frightens me. "W-what?" I manage to stammer out before I'm swept into his strong arms. He carries me bridal-style up the front steps to our mansion and although I'm struggling, I love the feeling of his arms around me; holding me above all else. "Hikaru what are you doing? Put me down!" I pretend to want to get out from his tight grasp, and he simply chuckles and carries me all the way to our room where he plops me unceremoniously on the bed. "What was that for?" I cry, rubbing my head where it hit the headboard. He grins and pushes me down onto the bed.

"I know you've been avoiding the world, Kaoru. I want you to tell me what's wrong." My heart pounds in my chest and I can feel my face heat up as my brother straddles me and brings his lips closer and closer to mine. I can't resist any longer, I've put it off too long...I reach up and press my lips to his gently and pull back slowly. He's looking at me with a mix of emotions, none of them identifiable to me. "Sorry..." I whisper and try to move out from under him. He grabs my face and prevents me from leaving. Without a word, his lips slowly attach to my own and his hands move to either side of my face in a gentle embrace. My eyes slide closed as he deepens the kiss, and I feel his tongue slowly graze my bottom lip, asking for access. I part my lips and suddenly my mouth is filled with...Hikaru. I taste the sweetness in his ragged breaths and it makes me shudder with pleasure. Our mouths move in synchronization and our hands wander all over each other; chests, arms, legs...somehow our shirts have come off and I can't understand how it's happened, not that I care much. Soon moans and pants reverberate off the walls and the touches become more desperate. Hikaru sucks on my neck and I whimper in a state of pure bliss, sighing his name. A spark of an idea comes into my head and I smirk at his expression as I reverse our positions so that I am now straddling him. Without giving a second thought I ravish his neck with kisses and light nips, and soon he's the one who's moaning. I begin to suck hard, hoping to leave a big red mark when without warning, Hikaru throws his head back and practically screams, "Tamaki!" I stop dead, my mouth still attached to his neck, eyes wide, holding my breath. Slowly, I lift my face so that I can see his expression, and what I see is exactly what I expected: his usually pale skin is dyed a dark crimson red, eyes wide, mouth moving uselessly while words evade his mind. Suddenly he pushes me off and runs into the bathroom, leaving me to simply sit there with my own thoughts...

Kyouya's POV

I can't understand Kaoru's fascination with looking at me. I always happen to catch him staring and he'll blush and look away. I know that he doesn't particularly like me and that I don't exactly like him, but it seems that we have some kind of strange connection that I cannot explain. Perhaps I'll ask him about this after the Club meeting tomorrow. He's really starting to bore a hole in my skull with his glares and it's kind of pissing me off.

I always smirk at people and just shake my head when they ask what I'm writing in my little black book. I like to keep people in suspense, it keeps me entertained. It's not like I'm writing anything important; it's just all my observations and thoughts. I think of it as a kind of journal or diary that I keep so that my head can stay focused on the important things like school, Host Club finances, and keeping up with my father and his ever growing expectations. I find that I can keep my head in the game more when I'm not distracted by petty and useless thoughts about people that I honestly couldn't care less about. The only reason I want to know about Kaoru is cause he's lowering his Host Club potential by being so distracted. It's hard for us to make money off of the "Brotherly Love" package when one of the brothers is constantly getting distracted. And really, the money is all that matters...right?


I do my usual speech for the meeting and let Kaoru know that I wish to see him later on. I can't help but smirk at how his eyes widen and his cheeks grow red. For some reason I can always tell when his blush is fake, like in the twins' act, and real, like now. This observation annoys me since I don't honestly care about anyone else's attributes but my own, and I can't help but feel like this knowledge brings me closer to him. I do also notice that he isn't sitting on or even close to Hikaru like he normally would be, and this annoys me further. If they're fighting, it will definitely bring down profits...I sigh and call the meeting to end, watching with satisfaction as Kaoru gulps and remains seated. I allow the room to empty and pretend like he isn't there just to make him more uncomfortable as I shuffle my papers together and gather my things. He clears his throat, obviously trying to get my attention. I look up at him but allow the light to reflect of my glasses in my usual manner, so that he can't read my expression.

"Uh...why did you ask me to stay, Kyouya-senpai?" He asks, blushing and tugging at his sleeves nervously. I chuckle humorlessly and grab the chair next to him, turning it around and straddling it. With my signature smirk I push up my glasses and rest my chin on my hands. "So Kaoru..what are you and Hikaru fighting about?" He lowers his gaze and I realize that his eyes are quite the unique golden colour, a lighter shade than Hikaru's and a little more...beautiful. I mentally facepalm. What the hell...I can't be thinking like that. Ever again.

He turns an even darker shade of red and mumbles something that I can't understand. "Hm?" I use a finger to lift his chin. "What did you say? Look at me when you're speaking..." He tries to avert his gaze and I can see the fear hiding behind it. This makes me laugh darkly. "Do I frighten you, Kaoru? Why are you so scared?" I flash my most evil grin just too see him shrink back.

"I-I'm not sc-scared...I j-just..." I can see tears forming in the corners of his eyes and suddenly I feel a stab of...guilt? It can't be, I haven't felt guilt almost my entire life. The tears begin to leak down his face and he sniffles lightly, closing his eyes. I drop my hand from his chin and just stare at him; he's so weak and pathetic that I feel almost ashamed to be sitting next to him. I get up and walk away, gathering my bag and my laptop. "I'm sorry I asked you here. You can go now," I say and begin to leave the room. About half way down the hallway I feel a hand on my arm and I turn around. Kaoru is holding a paper up to me and I look at it nonchalantly. "What's that?" I ask while pushing my glasses up again.

"You...you dropped this..." he says shakily and hands it to me, his gaze still on the floor. I thank him and put it in my bag, continuing to walk away. I can sense that he is still in the same spot, not that I honestly care where he goes or what he does...until I hear his weak voice behind me. "S-senpai?" I stop but don't turn around. "Can..can I..." I sigh and spin on my heel. "Can you what, Kaoru? Just spit it out..." He looks up at me with those sad, golden eyes. "Can I stay at your place tonight?" His voice is like a child's and he's pouting slightly. I let the light reflect off my glasses. "Why should I let you do that?" I ask in my most indifferent voice, although his question does slighty pique my interest. His expression changes to a hurt one and he returns to his scrutinization of the floor. "Never mind it was a stupid question. I knew you'd say no anyways.." He begins to turn around but I grab his wrist. Why am I doing this? Get ahold of yourself, Kyouya!

"I never said no. I just want to know why." My voice still holds an air of arrogance even though I'm trying to sound like I give a shit. I lift his chin again and ask him a little more nicely. "Why do you want to stay at my house, Kaoru?" His face reddens again and he worked his mouth uselessly. "I uh..uh-um...I-I..." I roll my eyes and drop his chin, crossing my arms impatiently. "Do you have a reason for wasting my time, Kaoru, or can I get on with my life?" He squeezes his eyes shut. "I'm in love with Hikaru and I can't stand being around him cause he loves Tamaki!" His outburst catches me off guard and I stare at him in shock. "Oh...well..." I rub the back of my neck awkwardly and stare at the ceiling, lost for words. When I finally look back at him to see if he's going to elaborate, I find him staring at me curiously and chewing on his bottom lip. He blushes and looks down again, still nibbling his very raw looking lip. "Uh...alright Kaoru here's what I'll do." I grab a paper from my notebook and neatly write my cell number on it. "Here's my number. No, you can't stay over at my house. Go home. Talk to Hikaru. Sort things out. Come back tomorrow ready to put on an actual convincing act. Text if you have to." I hold the paper out to him and he sadly takes it, looking up at me pitifully. His lip has a drop of blood on it, causing me to smirk as I turn on my heel and walk away. "You might want to fix that lip or Hikaru won't want to kiss you again." I hear him gasp at my knowledge and I push my glasses up as I exit the school, leaving him to wonder at my intelligence.

Kaoru's POV

I pace back and forth as I wait for the limo to come pick me up from the school. How the fuck did he know? I continue to ask myself the same question over and over, knowing that Kyouya was expecting this reaction from me. "That bastard!" I yell at no one, kicking a pebble in my frustration. As if I really needed more complication in my life, let alone from him of all people. My hands ball into fists as the car pulls up and I slam the door behind me, chewing furiously on my ragged lip. The driver repeatedly looks in the mirror at me with concern, but he knows better than to question anything me or Hikaru do. As soon as the car is stopped in front of the mansion I get out and storm up to the door, into the house, and up the stairs to my room. I close my door with as much force as I can muster and I hear the wood crack. Tch, not like I care. I sit on my bed and begin to take off my uniform jacket and shirt, not caring about the droplets of blood that stain them. When I am stripped to nothing I grab a towel and go to the en suite to shower.

"You should really stop biting your lip like that. It'll never heal." I yelp and jump at the voice, flicking the light on to see Hikaru perched on the edge of the tub and looking at me with his deep golden eyes. "Jesus Christ Hikaru! What the fuck are you doing in here sitting in the dark like that? You nearly gave me a heart attack..." I glare at him as my breathing returns to normal and he smiles apologetically. "I need to talk to you." He states firmly, and I know that I'm not going to like where it goes. I try to act nonchalant and turn on the shower, dropping my towel and stepping into it. "Talk away," I say plainly as I grab my bottle of shampoo and pour the sweet smelling substance into my hand. He sighs and I hear him sit down on the seat of the toilet. "Kaoru about what happened the other day-"

"It doesn't matter." I say, cutting him off. "I understand that you like him. Fine. Whatever." I have never been so mean to my twin and I can't stop the feeling of guilt that pools in my stomach when I hear him sniffle a little. "Hikaru I...I love you. Alot. Too much. More than I should." My confession hangs in the air and for a split second I wish I could take it back, but there's no way to now. He sighs and stands up. "I know, and I'm sorry Kaoru but...I don't feel that way about you." Even though I knew it was coming, his answer still stings like a slap to the face. I cover my mouth to hide my sob as the tears mix with the water falling on my broken expression. "I'm sorry Kaoru. Really I am." Those are the last words that he speaks to me as my other half. From that moment on, I knew that we would never be the same again. He closes the door behind him and the sound is like the cracking of my heart. I wait until I'm sure he's gone before I let the sobs wrack my body. It doesn't take long for me to be reduced to a snivelling ball on the floor of the tub, the water still cascading onto me as I cry.

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