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Kyouya's POV

Shock sets into my stomach but I try to keep my face neutral and I clear my throat awkwardly. "Kaoru I-" I cut myself off with a sigh and push my glasses up my face. "What was between us was something that never should have happened. It was merely a speed bump in our lives, and you need to just forget about it." Tears begin splash onto the table below him as I speak. "You can't be serious Kyouya," his voice is weak and I nearly lose my facade, but I know that this has to be done. "You mean to tell me that...that I meant nothing to you? That what we had and shared together wasn't special at all?" I shake my head, "Kaoru we went on one date, and yes we had sex and yes it was wonderful. But you couldn't honestly think that we would have been together forever. I'm married now, and I'm trying to have a son. Like a normal family. I'm sorry if you expected more of me Kaoru." I stand up and shrug back into my slick black trench coat, my movements stiff and cold. "Good-bye Kaoru." I leave him at the table as he cries, and I keep my back turned so he can't see the tears that run down my face aswell. I have never hated myself more than at this moment. I would give anything to run back in there and sweep him into my arms and shower him with kisses and just tell him how much I love and miss him. Anything. But I can't. I have a responsibility, no, a duty to my father, my wife, and myself. This is how my life is supposed to be. This is what I've worked so hard for. This life. My mansion, my schooling, my family, all of it. I can't let something as ridiculous as a silly high school relationship ruin everything I have. It wasn't even a relationship! It was nothing more than...than an experiment! Nothing more!

My feet drag and I somehow find myself in a park, at night. When did it get dark? How did I get here? I was so busy trying to convince myself that my life is perfect that I didn't even realize where my feet were taking me. There's a bench illuminated by a lamp and I plunk myself onto it with a heavy sigh. Seeing him today meant...nothing. I refuse to let myself get torn up over this. But his face...he was heartbroken. No. It was just a fling. He isn't really in love with me. He was crying for you. He hasn't forgotten. I'm sure that he'll find someone else. He's...he's got to... Now that you've broken his heart, how will he ever open up to anyone else? I'm not gay! I...love my wife. And my life is perfect. Who cares about some...some kid! He loves you Kyouya. You're going to be miserable if you don't go back to him. You know that you love him too. Stop trying to convince yourself otherwise and listen to what's really in your heart. I begin to sob, tucking my knees up under my chin as I cry. I do love him...and now it's too late. I've fucked it up and now I can never have him. Just pick up the phone...and call. My hands shake as I do what my heart is telling me, dialing his number that I somehow have never forgotten.

"H-hello?" His voice is hoarse and I can tell he's been doing nothing but crying since I left him. I take a deep breath before pouring my heart out to him.

"Kaoru I am so sorry, I didn't mean a thing that I said. I've missed you so much but I was being selfish. I was only thinking about making my life perfect but I've realized that my life will never be perfect unless it revolves around you. I need you, I crave you, you're everything I'll ever want and more. I would give up everything I have if I could spend even just one day with you. I love you Kaoru, I'll always love you." By the end of my little speech my breath is coming in short pants and I wonder if I've maybe said too much. I bite my lip and wait for him to say something, anything at all. "K-Kaoru?" All I hear is a strangled sob and the line goes dead. "Kaoru!" I quickly redial the number, but he's turned his phone off. "Shit! Kaoru!" Jumping from the bench I catch a taxi - a taxi! - and order the driver to take me to the Hitachiin estate, and I mean now. I need to tell Kaoru to his face, and I will stop at nothing to hold him again.

Kaoru's POV

"I love you Kaoru, I'll always love you." My breath hitches as I hear these words, and my heart soars. He loves me! He LOVES me! Is what my mind is saying. But in my heart I know...this can't be real. He's just playing around with me, the cruel bastard. Before I can really start to cry I hang up on him and shut off my phone, throwing it across the room without a care. Then I collapse on my bed and cry my heart out into my pillow. There's a knock on the door and Hikaru steps in silently, his footfalls muffled by the plush carpet. His hand runs through my hair and he rubs my back, showing affection towards me for the first time in more than a year. It feels like we're little again, and big brother Hikaru is cleaning the scrape on my knee from falling off my bike. I turn to face him and he smiles with sadness in his eyes. "Hey..." he says, and I burst into more tears as he gathers me in his arms and just holds me. "Ssh Kaoru. It's all going to be okay I promise," his voice is soothing and it calms me down some. My sobs soon turn to hiccups and I begin to shiver, suddenly cold despite my twin's arms around me. He gently lays me down in the bed and slips in behind me. The covers are pulled up to our chins and his arm snakes around my waist to hold my trembling body to his. "I still love you Kaoru, so much baby brother." He whispers to me, and the words lull me into a shallow sleep.

It's about 20 minutes later when I hear a car pull up in front of the house. I sit up and rub my eyes, going to the window. "A taxi? Who on earth..." My words fade out as I see the dark haired man exit the car and run towards the front steps. I turn and make my way to the front door, tearing it open and staring once again at Kyouya Ootori. He smiles a little, snowflakes making a white crown in his hair. As if in a dream I slowly walk towards him, cautiously reaching out to place my hand on his chest. He brings a hand to my face and I notice his wedding band is gone. "Kyouya...?" He puts a finger to my lips to silence me. "I truly, honestly love you Kaoru. I always have," he says quietly before replacing his finger with his lips in a kiss that I only ever thought existed in fairytales. He literally sweeps me off my feet and into his strong arms, holding me tightly as we break apart for air. The snow falls around us and he laughs as he spins me around. We fall into a snowbank and just lay there, laughing and smiling and sharing little kisses. No words are needed, the moment is so magical that it's unnecessary to talk. I rest my head on his chest as we look up at the dark sky and the snow falls on top of us, covering us with a fine white blanket. Seeing the snow in his jet black hair is a beautiful sight, the contrast so stunning that I can't help the grin that plasters itself onto my face. I lean up and tenderly press our lips together with a feather light kiss, so soft that I'm sure he's missed it until he smiles at me and kisses back with a fire that melts the snow on our faces. We rest our foreheads together and simply soak up the moment before us and finally I interrupt the loud silence that fills the humid air. "By the way...I love you too."