1) Retirement


Viktor Krum, 18, retires from the Bulgarian National Team (as well as the Bulgarian Bears) due to injuries suffered during the Reign Of Terror. His agent, Del Fox, has announced his retirement from club and International Quidditch. However Krum has agreed to be on call for important matches as and when required by his national team.
Krum is the youngest player to hold a record of an unbeaten streak. Each match played by this young man, has culminated in the possession of the snitch by his side. Though this has not always ensured his side a win (Last Quidditch World Cup Final v/s Ireland), it has made him a player to feared and admired by his rivals. Krum also holds the record of being the youngest player to ever announce conditional retirement from international Quidditch. His fans, young and old, will surely miss his presence on the field. For his efforts to bring Bulgaria on the Top Ten, the Bulgarian government has announced a stipend of 3,000 galleons. Though this money in essence is of no value to Krum (his assets stand at 5.2 million galleons, excluding his family mansion and property) the gesture is certainly a kind one. Viktor Krum was not available for comment. (For more pictures of Viktor Krum, subscribe to Daily Fan Mail.)

Viktor Krum read the article and then sighed discontentedly. Throwing the paper down he got up to pour himself another shot of vodka. His leg
twinged and he ignored it. The vodka was warm and tepid and he disliked it but it helped ease the pain better than the medicine. Throwing open the curtains he let the sun in and surveyed his dusty apartment. His clothes lay strewn about along with empty Cranbeer cans and Firewhisky bottles. It was, clearly, a mess. He turned his back on it and glanced out of the window watching the Muggles scurry about doing their business. He downed the rest of his vodka and settled himself to cleaning up. Reaching for his wand he muttered the incantation and flicked his wand. The clothes rose, folded themselves and fell into neat piles. The bottles lined themselves against the wall while their caps screwed themselves on. The dust flew up and out of the window and the paper cut itself in half, folded itself twice and fell into the rack. Now, the flat looked depressingly clean. He flopped himself on to the couch and threw his wand beside him.

The doorbell rang shrilly disrupting his daydream. He propped himself on one elbow and grabbed his wand with the other hand. Lining up the door in his sights he called out 'Enter.' The door opened and a man of medium height with light brown hair walked in and stopped short at the sight of the wand. 'What a way to welcome a guest Viktor.' He said. Viktor didn't smile. He lifted the wand higher to point at the man's heart. The man smiled and simply said 'ring.' Viktor relaxed visibly and sat back down on the couch. 'What?' he asked. The man shifted the clothes pile to a side and sat down. You can't hide here forever you know.' Viktor frowned. 'I'm not hiding Jeff.'

Jeff sighed and said without preamble 'You're going to finish your education; I'm sending you to Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall has agreed.' Viktor looked at him in surprise and then anger. School? What the hell? 'I'm eighteen, what am I going to do in school?' Jeff replied 'Finish your education.' Viktor stood up getting angry. 'Education? Why the hell do I need education? I'm a fucking Quidditch player for chrissake! That's my education and that's all I need!' Jeff didn't react 'Quidditch is not your life Vik, not anymore. The injury has seen to that' he said, pointing to Viktor's leg. Viktor turned away 'It's a scratch; I don't know why you're all over-reacting. I'll be fine in a year.' Jeff stood up. 'You're not fine Viktor, and you're probably never going to be. You leg is not going to heal and Quidditch cannot be a career for you anymore.' Viktor didn't say anything. He was annoyed. He wished Jeff would leave; it was his apartment after all. 'Finish your year in Hogwarts, find something else to interest you, it's time you got on with your life. You can't stay here in this prison forever Viktor, it'll drive you insane!' Jeff's tone turned pleading.

Viktor stood still, his gaze fixed on the window. Jeff took out a sheaf of papers and left them on the bed. 'It's all about Hogwarts; anything you need to know about the school is in this. Be at platform nine and three quarters at eleven on the first of September. Do you need transport?' Viktor turned slowly away from the window. 'No.' Jeff nodded and made for the door. 'I'll see you there then.' Viktor shrugged his shoulders. Jeff nodded once more and left the apartment.

Viktor snorted and flicked his wand causing the door to lock. He wasn't in the mood for anymore guests. He glanced at the sheaf and picked up the top leaf. The picture of Hogwarts seemed fairly impressive. The castle stood at the edge of a forest while a lake nestled in its shadow. Viktor squinted at the small type which announced that Hogsmeade, the only all-magical town was a short distance from the school and everyone above the age of thirteen was allowed to visit it regularly. Viktor snorted and threw the page down. He reached for his vodka, lit a cigarette and settled himself back into the couch.