It's times, much like these, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Ysabella or any of its characters.

You always taught me

To see the good in living

And in other people's actions

And hearts


You know

I struggle at times

And I even stumble.

I know I'm only human

And so are they

Him or her, over there

They're only human, too

But it hurts me

It hurts me, mum

It hurts me so deeply

And I can feel so alone.

You still love me, don't you?

You'll never forget me, will you?

You'll still remember that I love you, too, won't you?

I do

I do

And I need you –

I need someone –

To know

I'm only human, too.

I love you

And I love life

But it's hard, sometimes, you know

Yeah, I know

You know

It's hard


I miss you, mum

I miss you.

I love you

But I miss you.

I love you.