The heaviness of a breath within my breast, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Breath or any of its characters.

It's hard to breathe

In here


It gets harder

Every time I try

Each breath I take

Telling myself one more lie.

The lies I've spun

Over you and over me

Over this world we've come to live in

You'd think I'd be cosy warm

Here inside this lie

Here inside this half truth, half untruth

But it's stifling me again

So that I can't think

And I can't breathe

And I can't move.

Will you come

And break me out

Set me free?

Will you come

To save me?

Another second drags by

Another lie drips from my thoughts

My mouth does it again

Lie, lie, lie

Like it's a way of life

For me


I feel my heart beat harder

That familiar drumming in my chest

That hurts each time

And know I'll either live

Or die.

Save me!

Save me!

I cry out to no-one

Because I don't cry out at all

My words get lost

They're locked in my throat

Just like every time before.

I can't breathe

Can't you see?

I can't breathe.

Help me, please.