So, when I read Case of Nanaki, I couldn't help but find it adorable. Sad, but adorable. I think I love him a lot more now, and he doesn't really have all that much love on here to begin with - so I thought I'd contribute to the little Red XIII fandom. Based on the Case of Nanaki, kinda, so yeah. Read & review?


It was a thought he was often confronted with, but never entertained. He didn't want to think about it and experience the way it dug into his heart and bled black thoughts and future memories. He preferred to fill his mind with other trivial matters, little tidbits of nothing to ease the anxiety.

The days passed slowly – the nights even slower. Though stargazing was a beautiful habit he avidly encouraged, it seemed the stars whispered nightmares and hopeless loss until it swam in his every thought, making it impossible to succumb to the sleep he so desperately needed.

By day, he was an active member of the community, including himself in every going-on that happened. He would actively include himself in any gatherings that were arranged, anything that concerned his hometown, his place to protect. He would never let Grandfather down, ever.

By night, he was a lost soul, watching the stars for an answer, until the empty pit in his stomach filled and filled with loss and sadness and grief and got so full that he had to turn away and look elsewhere.

He was the last of his kind, as he was told. He had no mother, no father, as they had passed away protecting what was theirs, what they loved. These very stars they had stared at, and it made him sad to know that so much could change in one place, but remain constant in another, as though nothing could ever affect it. Untouchable, one might say.

He was still young – old, but young. He matured faster than he should have, as the burden on his shoulders roughly weighed him down, making escape impossible. He was young – and his friends were old, and getting older faster than he was. It wouldn't be long until they were gone for good.

These were the thoughts that pierced his mind and ravaged his system, causing the gaping hole in his heart to infect his whole self: body, mind and spirit. What would he do, when his only friends in the whole of Gaia were gone? Who was he to share his joy, his sorrows, his discoveries with?

Humans had such fragile life spans. So short, so easily taken away in the slightest moment. His friends – they were all human, weren't they? Well, most. Vincent wasn't. That eased the bleeding blackness, but it started again just as quickly as he reminded himself of how that would hurt his friend, knowing that the only decent humans he knew and felt relatively comfortable around would perish as well. Such was the way of life, he reasoned, but it still didn't seem fair.

They had saved the world together, a feat that bonded people deeply. He felt strange ties to these people, these people who had saved him and opened his eyes to a world he had yet to explore.

After they had parted ways, everything went back to grey. No more exciting adventures, observing the bizarre mannerisms these certain humans had, bonding with people who didn't judge him for what he was. He found that he… missed it.

A deep stir of something black and hungry struck in his stomach, clenching his heart and weakening his limbs. He lowered himself onto the ground, a small whine escaping his muzzle. He didn't want to be alone.