Chapter 6

The next day, things were back to normal, in an act of disregard against the previous night's conversation that only Souichi could produce. Well, almost back to normal. There was a little less conversation than usual, and, was it just Morinaga's imagination, or was Souichi being a little…nicer? Okay, perhaps 'nice' wasn't the word for it, but a little less tyrannical. Either way, it didn't really make Morinaga feel any better – if Souichi was ignoring what had happened the night before, did that mean that he didn't care?

Of course, this wasn't the case. Souichi did care. A lot. The only thing was, he still wasn't entirely sure why he cared so much, what he was actually feeling, so it was easiest for him to act like he was feeling nothing at all. He didn't really see that that wouldn't help the situation at all.

After a day of both men living in their own little world of contemplation, whilst trying to act normally, they arrived home. Souichi opened the door and walked in, but paused when he heard Morinaga walk in, shut the door, and then stop just inside the entrance way. He turned to look at him with a questioning expression on his face, to find Morinaga staring at the floor, looking uncomfortable as he fiddled with his own set of keys.

"Senpai," he said slowly, in a tone that was clearly supposed to be non-offensive, "I think…I'm going to go and see Masaki." He winced as he said the last word, expecting Souichi to lash out again.

Upon hearing the other man's name, Souichi's temper flared, but, for the first time in perhaps ever, he tried to keep it under control.

"Why?" he asked through clenched teeth, unable to say any more without loosing control.

"I just…want to see what he has in mind, as far as apartments go…you know, sizes, number of bedrooms, etcetera. Because, you know," Morinaga paused, taking a deep breath, "perhaps that might be the best thing, for us."

Souichi stood less than a foot from the other man, frozen, unable to speak. Morinaga sighed and turned to leave. However, he was stopped as a hand reached out to grab his own at the last second. He turned to find Souichi clutching his hand, looking down with his hair hanging forward so Morinaga couldn't see his face.

"Don't…" he murmured, still looking down.

"Senpai…?" Morinaga asked uncertainly, pulling his hand free so he could turn around properly and face him.


Morinaga watched a single, sparkling tear fall to the floor. "Senpai…I…" Morinaga began, completely thrown off by Souichi's reaction. "Look, I don't really want to, I still love you. But I don't…I don't think I can handle this anymore."

"But you shouldn't start living with someone you don't have feelings for if they have feelings for you!" Souichi snapped, looking up, so Morinaga could finally see the blush across his cheeks and the tear tracks down his face. He looked so…vulnerable.

Still, he couldn't help but give a small, sad laugh at Souichi's hypocritical words. "Why not, you did, didn't you?" Morinaga pointed out.

Souichi said nothing, simply averting his eyes.

"Well, you don't love me, do you?" Morinaga pressed, as more of a statement than a question. He was determined to prove a point, not only to Souichi, but to himself.

Souichi did nothing, said nothing.

"Senpai, this is your last chance; do you love me?" Morinaga's heart raced, a last hope flaring for just a moment.

But Souichi said nothing, and his hope quickly faded to a crushing sense of disappointment and sorrow.

"That's what I thought," he sighed, his voice impossibly sad, and he turned to the door once more.

And then, a single word, barely audible, slipped between Souichi's lips. "Yes."

Morinaga spun around instantly to find Souichi with one hand clasped over his mouth, cheeks crimson, eyes wide as they looked down at the floor, looking almost as shocked as Morinaga.

"Senpai?" Morinaga murmured, astounded. He stepped forward and took both of Souichi's hands in his own, lifting his chin so Souichi was practically forced to look Morinaga in the eye.

"Did…did you just say what I thought you said. Did you just say yes?" Morinaga asked anxiously, trying unsuccessfully not to get his hopes up.

Souichi was silent, incapable of speech, taken aback by his own actions.

"Senpai please," Morinaga begged, his own eyes unable to hold back the tears any longer, "Do you love me?"

Souichi could do nothing but close his eyes and…nod.

For one long moment Morinaga just stood there, staring at Souichi, struggling to comprehend what had just happened. And then he abruptly let go of his hands to pull him into a crushing hug. Souichi opened his eyes in shock and stood motionless for a moment, before wrapping his arms around Morinaga and pulling himself even closer, clutching his shirt and burying his head in his shoulder. After a minute Morinaga pulled back slightly, causing Souichi to look up. And as soon as he did he found Morinaga's lips pressing hard against his own.

This time, Souichi didn't even try to pretend that this wasn't what he wanted. He kissed him back, grazing his tongue on Morinaga's teeth as he pressed himself even more firmly against him. Whether it was the heady kiss or the relief of finally admitting everything to himself, Souichi didn't know, but he was soon feeling weak and sunk to the floor, pulling Morinaga with him.

This worked for Morinaga just fine. He pushed Souichi back onto the floor and straddled him, when he felt something press against his leg. He paused inches from Souichi's face, a slight smirk on his face.

"Senpai, are you hard already?" he asked, a spark of amusement joining the desire blazing in his eyes.

Souichi's response was to reach for Morinaga's collar and pull his face down that extra few inches so that their lips collided once more.

"Shut up," Souichi murmured as they broke off their passionate kiss for a moment to breathe, "So are you."

Morinaga had nothing to say – it was true after all. Instead he moved his mouth back to Souichi's, catching his lower lip between his teeth, causing the older man to moan. He moved from Souichi's mouth to his neck, dragging his tongue from his jaw to his collar bone, and pinching the skin between his teeth every so often.

Whilst his mouth was busy with his neck, Morinaga's hand moved under Souichi's shirt, pushing it up to reveal is chest, and, more importantly, his nipples. He dragged a nail lightly back and forth over one nipple, and was rewarded with another moan. Taking this as a sign to continue, he moved his mouth from his neck to his chest, sucking and licking one nipple whilst one hand pinched and twisted the other.

Souichi squirmed, but this time with pleasure. He didn't know what it was that made his nipples so incredibly sensitive, only that Morinaga's actions felt like they were turning his blood to liquid fire, and most of the fire was rushing downwards. Yet something wasn't quite right.

"Ahh," he cried as Morinaga bit one nipple particularly hard, "Ngh, n-no…st-stop."

Morinaga paused to look up at Souichi, one hand still playing with a hardened nipple. "But Senpai, don't you want this?" Morinaga asked, a little confused. He thought that they were past the denial now.

"N-not here," Souichi panted, "It h-hurts."

Morinaga looked down at the hard, wooden floorboards Souichi was laying on, and understanding dawned. Wordlessly, he pulled Souichi to his feet and dragged him into his bedroom.

Moments later Souichi was pushed back onto Morinaga's bed. He watched hungrily as Morinaga stripped hastily, finally freeing this throbbing erection. He only had time to think that his own pants were becoming increasingly uncomfortable before Morinaga was on top of him again, kissing him and grinding against him.

"Better?" Morinaga whispered in Souichi's ear just before he divested the man of his shirt.

Souichi nodded, unable to form a cohesive sentence.

"Senpai," Morinaga began, before pressing his lips to his chest, "those pants" – another kiss, moving down – "are looking" – Morinaga ran his tongue over Souichi's belly button, making him moan – "uncomfortably" – he ran his hands up and down Souichi's chest, his teeth nipping at the skin just above Souichi's wait line – "tight". And as if to prove a point, Morinaga pressed a hand against his restricted member, massaging him through the material.

"Ah, hng," Souichi cried, "Mori...naga...take…them…off…"

Morinaga liked to tease Souichi, but he couldn't deny such a blatant appeal. He swiftly removed the rest of his clothing, finally leaving Souichi unrestricted. And since he already had his head so close to Souichi's hardened member…

Souichi gasped loudly as he felt Morinaga's tongue lick the length of his shaft. His heart rate picked up even more, his whole body quivering with anticipation – he already knew how good Morinaga's mouth felt. He wasn't left disappointed; seconds later his hard on was engulfed by the sweet, moist heat.

"Unnn…hah…" Souichi was unable to hold his voice back as Morinaga's tongue worked its way from base to tip, lingering on the more sensitive spots. Souichi gripped the bed sheets, trying to hold back. But he could feel the fire building in the pit of his stomach, and knew that if this continued for much longer he would…But suddenly, disappointingly, the heat was gone. That damn Morinaga, he always knew exactly how far he could push it without pushing him over the edge.

Morinaga, knowing he'd taken Souichi as far as he could without letting him come, moved his tongue back to a sensitive spot on Souichi's neck, and tapped two fingers on Souichi's lips. Knowing where those fingers would soon be going, he opened his mouth and let them past his teeth, sucking on them and running his tongue over them, making sure that they were thoroughly coated in saliva.

Though it was only his fingers, the sensation was enough to make Morinaga give out a small, involuntary groan. Upon hearing this, a peculiar thought entered Souichi's head. Why should he be the only one moaning here? That hardly seemed fair. So, keeping Morinaga's fingers in his mouth, he reached down between them, slowly, shyly, and ran two fingers gently down Morinaga's shaft.

"Aaahn," Morinaga cried out at the sudden contact. And far from being disgusted by his actions, hearing Morinaga's voice like that only made Souichi harder. He suddenly understood why Morinaga loved hearing his voice so much. Wanting to hear more, he wrapped his hand around Morinaga's dripping member and dragged it gently up and down, still sucking on his fingers as well.

Morinaga was drowning in ecstasy. To have Souichi here, completely willing, was amazing enough, but this? He'd wanted it forever, but hadn't imagined it would ever actually happen. And whilst this was Souichi's first time, he'd had it done to him by Morinaga often enough to know what to do, what felt good.

"Sen…pai…feels so…goo-AAH" Morinaga knew he was yelling, but he didn't care. It felt wonderful, so wonderful, but he was getting dangerously close to the edge. Gathering every last scrap of will power, he pulled his fingers out of Souichi's mouth and pushed his hand away.

Souichi was about to protest, but all coherent thoughts were forgotten as Morinaga's slick fingers pressed against his entrance. Morinaga glanced up briefly at Souichi and, upon seeing the man's frantic nod, pushed inside.

It felt strange for Souichi, but not in a bad way – he was used to it now, and knew what to do so it didn't hurt. He relaxed his muscled as Morinaga pushed in further, stretching him and looking for that sensitive spot.

"AUUGH!" Souichi cried out as pleasure racked his body. "Nuhhh….there…"

"I know," Morinaga whispered, giving Souichi a fiery kiss as he hit that gland again, adding an extra finger as he both prepared and pleasured him.

"E-enough," Souichi moaned after a minute or two, "stop - ah! - teasing...m-me."

Morinaga was about to disagree, to say he wasn't ready, when he remembered that Souichi found a little bit of pain anything but a turn-off. That, and his own quivering member was screaming out for that tight warmth. So, knowing what position Souichi seemed to gain the most pleasure from, he turned him over, and, wrapping one arm around his chest and the other around his waist, thrust into him.

"AHAAA" Souichi yelled, at first from the pain, but then the intense pleasure as Morinaga's erection found his prostate. Morinaga could empathise completely – the sensation of thrusting into the tight, delicious warmth that was Souichi was….indescribable. He almost came right then, but he managed to hold back, not wanting to come before Souichi.

Instead, he drove into him with more force, unable to hold back, hitting Souichi's prostate every time. Souichi was trembling, unable to stop his voice getting louder as Morinaga did everything right. The hand around Souichi's waist snaked down to stroke his member gently, which was dripping in anticipation. This extra stimulation pushed Souichi right to the edge where he hung, wavering, waiting for the slightest thing to push him over the edge. Morinaga, sensing how close he was, pulled him closer and, with one particularly deep thrust, whispered in his ear, "Now!"

That was all it took to push him over the edge. Souichi came, hard, practically screaming as he coated Morinaga's hand in the sticky substance. As he did so every muscle in his body tensed, including the ones surrounding Morinaga, and the extra pressure pushed him into an orgasm of his own. He held Souichi tightly as he rode the waves of pleasure, and he knew he'd never had anyone as good as Souichi.

Exhausted, Morinaga collapsed sideway, pulling Souichi down onto the mattress with him. Souichi turned around so he could wrap his arms around Morinaga, the way Morinaga had his arms wrapped around him, and pull himself closer. Both men said nothing for a moment, the only sound in the room their laboured breathing. Then Morinaga pulled Souichi's hair gently, making him look up, and gave him a gentle, tender kiss.

"I love you Senpai," Morinaga murmured, pressing his lips against the top of Souichi's head.

"I…love you too," Souichi muttered in response. He hadn't really meant for the younger man to hear, but it was clear from the way Morinaga suddenly hugged him even tighter that he had. Oh well Souichi thought to himself, a little surprised that he actually didn't care, it's true after all; I do love him.

The End