This is femslash so if this offends you, don't read it.

They had hiked for what seemed like hours, right along Taylor's Stitch, following Homer into Hell. The jokes and laughs had subsided not long into their trek, their energy being focused on where to put their foot next, their minds bouncing around. Ellie used her time to gaze at the back of Fi's head, when she could see it over her pack, or her legs, eyeing the tanned skin with a lustful hunger.

Ellie had tripped three times while following behind the blonde.

All she could think after every time she stumbled was, 'How long left until we get to Hell, Homer?'

It was four hours of walking in the unbearable humidity when Homer finally announced that they had arrived. The groups first afternoon in Hell was spent cooling down and setting up their tents, getting a fire going to cook and keep them warm.

Fi asked the young farmer help her put her second marshmallow onto the stick, and Ellie blushed, hoping that it wasn't visible in the dim light. Ellie made jokes and Kevin playfully insulted Homer as they sat down to roast marshmallows for desert.

"So now I'm a moron!" he laughed, turning his marshmallow over above the flames.

Ellie shook her head at the young Greek as he threw back a soft insult. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Fi lean forward, hunching as she laughed at the comments dancing over the fire. She blew on her marshmallow to cool it down and her head turned to take in the image of the blonde.

'Beautiful.' The firelight was illuminating the strawberry blonde of her hair, before it melted away into the shadows and distant moonlight behind them. Even while eating something as sticky and as gooey as a burnt marshmallow, Fi still seemed to be graceful and elegant. Her laugh was light and Ellie felt her heart flutter and her cheeks burn for the second time.

When she turned back to her roasted lolly, she caught Corrie staring at her with her eyebrows raised suggestively. Busted. Ellie had a feeling that she was going to be having a deep and meaningful conversation with her best friend at some point during their stay in Hell, but for now smiled sheepishly and went back to picking at her food.

It wasn't until they all decided to head to bed that Ellie realised she was meant to be sharing a tent with Fi and Robyn. Her eyes widened before subtly suggesting to Homer about sleeping by the fire.