Jules & Grayson – One Less Lonely Girl

It was a cold day in the gangs central. Jules Cobbs a real estate agent awoke seeing her boyfriend, Grayson snore next to her chest "oi sunshine" She rubbed his shoulder slowly stirring him awake as he the hand symbol they created for "coffee" "Nice try" Jules laughed.

Jules got up kissing his forehead before walking downstairs trying to tie her dressing gown around her body securely "Morning" her ex husband replied. Recently every morning he'd be round her house filling up the coffee pot and catching up with the latest fishing or golf shows on the television. "Don't you have a home Bobby?" Jules asked watching as he put his feet up on her cream sofa. "I do J-bird but why not come round" he laughed, his accent speaking so fast his words blurred before switching off and concentrating on the screen.

Jules started pouring the coffee into 4 mugs awaiting for her other friends to arrive she looked at watch seeing was a minute to 8. Just as her watch turned 8 she saw her front door open welcoming her co-worker Laurie and her oldest friend Ellie and her husband Andy. "Where's Grayson?" Andy asked grabbing his coffee joining Bobby on the sofa."So what's new Jules?" Ellie asked she loved knowing everything about everyone it was like her addiction. "Your getting nothing outta me" Jules insisted, holding her face behind her coffee. "Truth guns Jules" she blackmailed her. "I think I'm going to be sick" Jules replied, her face turned pale and lifeless. She ran towards the stairs just as her son, Travis walked in through the front door. He was back from university for the week.

"Mum?"he shouted, he followed her ups the stairs passing Grayson on the way up "I wouldn't go up there mate" Grayson ran down the following stairs grabbing a glass and filling it with fresh water for Jules, before rushing back up to comfort his girlfriend. "Ellie what are you doing?" Laurie asked her, seeing as she searched her hand through Jules bin. "Oh shut up pighead, I'm just seeing Jules ate anything dodgy last night" she smiled. Laurie and Ellie had always not got on, recently it was turning into more serious remarks.

Upstairs Jules laid on her bed, her body sinked into soft mattress and duvet beneath her weak figure. "Here you go Jules, little sips" Jules shaked her head avoiding the glass of water Grayson held in front of her. "I'm fine" she insisted, grabbing onto his hand, pulling him down next to her as she moved her head onto his head listening to rhythm of the beats from his heart.