Three Maxes and a Guy

What if instead of Max turning into a girl Alex turned into a GUY! Looking like a guy on the outside but being a girl on the inside is hard. Pulse raging hormones, angry werewolves and jealous boyfriend.

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" Alex are you sleeping with your wand" mutter Harper half asleep. Alex opened his eye's and looked under the cover's he had his very first boner and it was poking Harper.

" Umm, yeah sorry it's a Wizard thing to make sure we're safe from... umm the boogeyman" said Alex as he lied hoping to god that Harper believed him.

" Fine just move it away from my ass" said Harper as she started to snore again.

" How do I get rid of this thing." said Alex as he looked at his full hard on. He thought of what he learned in Sex Ed but remembered Harper did his homework for that Class. Alex looked over at the sleeping redhead. It was better to have a angry Redhead then him asking his brother's or his father what to do with a boner .

Alex poked Harper on the head a couple of time's till Harper grabbed his hand.

" What the fuck do you want Alex I'm trying to sleep. First you poke my ass now my head what the hell " growled Harper as she gave Alex a death glare.

" Umm, how do I get rid of this" said Alex as he pointed to his erection. Harper looked down and tilled her head to the right.

"Hmm, I don't know ." said Harper as she looked at the erection.

" Come on your the smart one. Think of something to help get rid of this thing it kinda hurt's" said Alex as he started to panic. Harper got out of bed and brought her red Toshiba laptop to the bed.

" Let's go online and find out. But I think you might have to jack off or have sex." said Harper as she turned on her laptop.

" Sex with who, fucking Mason broke up with me because I'm a guy and he's not gay." said Alex as he started to get angry thinking of the stupid werewolf.

" I wish you didn't have to go threw that Alex. You deserve so much better" said Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex gave Harper a small smile and went to hold her hand.

" Your the only person I need Harp's. But thanks I hope Zeke treat's you good or he'll have to deal with me ." said Alex as he looked at Harper.

" I can take care of myself and I know I can beat Zeke up but thanks I already know you have my back. It's nice hearing it though" said Harper as she grinned back. Harper looked at her screen and started to type with her free hand.

" Hmm, you could take a cold shower but I think you might have to jack off" said Harper as she frowned.

" And how do I do that." asked Alex as he looked confused.

" Just stroke it like how you would pet a doggy or a kitten. I really don't want to look for more information about this Alex. " said Harper as she looked at her hand.

" Okay then how do I know I'm done." said Alex as he looked confused.

" You really didn't pay attention in Sex Ed huh. Look when you cum that will go down okay and cum is white stuff that will spite out of your dick" said Harper as she pointed to Alex's dick. Alex nodded his head and walked to the bathroom. After Five minute's Alex walked out the bathroom still with a boner. Harper was asleep.

" Harper, Harper wake up1 it didn't work" said Alex as he shook Harper's body. Harper woke up and glared at Alex.

" Look it's still there and it won't go away. Do something about it" said Alex as he pleaded with Harper.

" Like what, what can I do that you can't " said Harper as she rolled her eye's . Since Alex been a guy she was losing sleep.

" You pet it or find more info on this jacking of shit. I don't think I'm doing it right." said Alex as he looked at Harper.

" Did you try watching porn. I know I get really wet when I watch porn" said Harper as she thought of what get's her off.

" You watch porn. Wow I don't even watch porn. I just touch myself in the shower." said Alex as he looked surprise that Harper said that.

" I am a horny teenage redhead, so yes I watch porn and I masturbate what do you think I do just read book's I'm not your fucking idiot of a brother Justin." said Harper as she glared at Alex.

" So... your still kinda pissed that I woke you up huh. " said Alex as he looked at the angry redhead. Harper nodded her head and glared at Alex.

" So …... will you help me" said Alex as he gave her a weak smile.

" Alex I am not giving my best friend a hand job" said Harper threw her teeth as she glared at him harder.

" Well, then I 'll go take that cold shower then but if it's still there then will you help me" asked Alex as he looked at Harper.

" Fucking hell, give me a sec" said Harper as she looked around her room. Harper returned with a bottle of lotion.

" use this it might help and try it a little longer. Now I need sleep or I'll rip that off of you and feed it to you. Do not wake me the hell up. I don't care it the house is on fire just let me sleep." said Harper as she threw the bottle at him. Harper went back to her head and closed her eye's.

"Thanks I hope it works." said Alex as he put some lotion on his hand and started to touch himself.

" Not in my fucking room " said Harper as she threw a pillow at him.

" Hehehe, sorry" said Alex as he walked to the bathroom. Alex worked the lotion in after a while he felt something odd happening with his body. He was moaning softly, but his mind wander to Harper's body. How she had the most perfect ass in the world or how her boob's jiggled when she ran or how her eye's light up when she smiled and that smile it made his heart stop beating .Squirt's of white stuff came out and he felt better.

" Yuck, that's gross that's what cum is. Just gross" said Alex as he cleaned up the mess he made and flushed it down the toilet. He washed his hand then climbed back into bed with Harper. She was snoring load so he knew she was fast asleep. He smiled and wrap his arm's around her. Thinking of Harper help, it always did. But he wonder if thinking of Harper was what lead to that boner.

The Next Day

" Alex I got to go to school, Your Parent's said you could skip school today. Bye I'll see you later okay" said Harper as she hugged Alex. He was still in Harper's bed .

" Mmm, I better be able to skip some school because of this." said Alex as he watched Harper run off to school.

Alex got dressed in his new cloth after re awaking at noon time for lunch. He walked around it was slow at the Sub shop so his parent's didn't need him.

" Alex, Why don't you take a walk in the park or something your moping is making people leave.

" How long till school's over I want to spend time with Harper" said Alex as he frowned. He actual missed going to school today, well not the school part the Harper part really.

" I can't believe you this bored. You always whine about going to school and now you don't have to go you want to go" said Theresa as she rolled her eye's at her daughter trapped into a guy's body.

" Well can Harper not go tomorrow so I have someone to talk to." asked Alex as he looked at His mom.

" Your going to school and that's that" said Theresa as she left Alex in the dinning room of there restaurant.

" Whatever" said Alex as he stood up. He walked out and headed towards the school lunch should be soon there and he could hang with Harper a little bit. Maybe he could hug her and smell her again. This morning she smelled like cherry's. He spotted Harper sitting under a tree eating a sandwich from the shop.

" Yo, what up Harp's" said Alex as he sat down by her.

" Alex, hehe what missed school already" said Harper as she raised her eyebrow at him with a grin on her face.

" Yeah, yeah I get it I whine a lot about school but no that's not it I missed you so what happen so far any drama . Come on spill tell me everything." said Alex as he took half of Harper's sandwich .

" Not much , but someone did pull a funny prank today." said Harper as she shrugged her shoulder's.

" What kind of prank come one tell me" said Alex as he took Harper's milk from her hand and to a sip of it.

" If you promise to let me eat my lunch. I'll tell you" said Harper in a deadpan look on her face.

" Right, sorry I'm just hungry that's all. Here go eat and tell me about this prank I bet I can do better" said Alex as he gave Harper back her milk.

"Someone filled the basketball's with yogurt." said Harper as she took a bite of her sandwhic.

" What a rip off, I filled the dodge ball's with pudding. Fuck someone's trying to out prank me." said Alex as he balled his hand's into fist.

" Hi, Harper's who's your new friend" siad Zeke as he looked at his girlfriend and the guy sitting by her.

" Oh, this is umm... Alexander Russo. Alex's cousin from New Jersey. The Russo's are doing a Cousin trade. Yup the yearly Russo cousin trade. He like being called... Xander short for Alexander." said Harper as she looked at her boyfriend.

" Hi, Xander I'm a Russo and we switch . My cousin Alex is now in good old Boonton while I'm living it up bid here in New York. Harp's been really cool with showing me around and all. So umm Dude what's your name" said Alex as he stood up looking at Zeke.

" Zeke and Harper's my girlfriend so you know" said Zeke as he forced a smile on his face.

" Okay, I didn't ask about that . Well anyway Harp's are we going to the scary movie marathon." said Alex as he smirked. Maybe he will have some fun today and messing with Zeke sounded fun.

" Sure Xander I would love to. I'm going to spend the rest of lunch with Zeke but we could hang after school okay" said Harper as she grabbed Alex's arm and dragged him away from Zeke. Zeke glared at Xander and Xander smiled at him.

" Give me a hug would you" said Alex as he hugged Harper. Harper smiled and hugged him back. She did love hug's.

" Go home and I'm sorry I really don't know what got into Zeke but he will apologize to you" said Harper as she looked over at Zeke who was glaring at them.

" No prob's Harp's it's all good, But I do have to say I love the way you lie" said Alex as he smirked.

" Only for you now go home. I got a boyfriend to talk to about being rude to people.
" said Harper as she looked at Zeke.

" He's jealous he thinks I'm trying to get to you, so I kinda want to have fun and mess with him a little can I please." begged Alex as he looked at Harper.

" Go home NOW" said Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex shrugged his shoulder's and walked home. Harper walked back to Zeke .

" Zeke you where kinda rude to him. Why" said Harper as she looked at him.

" Your my girl and he was around you." stated Zeke as if it was the most ovius thing in the world.

" I'm no trophy and if I want to spend time with other guy's I can." said Harper as she started to get angry.

" Not as long as your dating me you can't look I got to go. Think about what I said then you'll understand that I was right ." said Zeke as he kissed Harper on the cheek. Zeke walked away leaving Harper standing there.

" What the hell, is he joking or is he really think I'll take being a trophy and not talk to other guy's." said Harper as she talked to herself.

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