This story contains little short snippets of what's going on behind the scenes in Between Pleasure and Pain. If you haven't read that, most of these will not make sense for you. That story focuses on Bella and Edward's growing D/s relationship; Carlisle acts as their mentor and sometimes play partner. Here, you'll see little flashes of what's going on in Carlisle's life that correspond with chapters in BP&P.

This takes place right after Carlisle and Edward part ways at the hospital in chapter 5; Edward goes home to Bella for their night of fun, and this is what happens in Carlisle's life.

As always, I do not own Twilight.

The phone rings through the stereo speakers, startling me as always. I press a button on the steering wheel to answer, and announce my standard greeting, "Carlisle Cullen."

"Emmett Cullen," my brother barks, mocking my serious tone. "What's up, fucker?"

"Hi, Emmett," I sigh. "Just getting home from work." I pull into the garage, turn off my engine and pick up my Blackberry as the call switches over.

"This late? Jesus, I thought when you got to be an attending you wouldn't have to work twelve-hour days all the time," he says. I've always been close to my younger brother, but we're night and day when it comes to our careers: I throw myself into my work with gusto, and he lives to have fun.

"I'm working on a clinical trial. Anyway, it's not that late, it's not even seven o'clock yet," I argue. I open the door and step into my kitchen, pausing to inhale the clean, lemony scent that tells me the housekeeper was here today. I walk to the refrigerator to look for dinner as Emmett talks-he's telling me a story about a baseball game he watched-and I peruse my options. A can of Diet Coke and some leftover grilled chicken with rice seems to be the best option. I put the food in the microwave and watch it spin as Emmett details a particularly stellar eighth-inning home run.

"So anyway, the reason I called is to remind you about dinner on Saturday," he says. I open my mouth to respond but he quickly adds, "I know you're not the one who forgets shit, but Rosie wanted me to call anyway. You're still coming, right?"

"Of course. Six?" I respond, pulling the warm plate from the microwave. I move it to the counter and gather some silverware and a napkin; most nights I eat here, alone. It seems like a waste to set the table for just myself.

"Yeah, six, at Sazerac. I figured we might go down to that wine bar you like afterwards, hang out and have a drink or two?" I open my soda and take a sip, carefully planning what to say. I've explained to my brother repeatedly that I'm a dedicated bachelor and I like my life the way it is, but he insists upon seeing romantic possibilities for me where there are none.

"I'm afraid I have another engagement at nine, so I won't be able to 'hang out' this time," I tell him, waiting for the inevitable teasing.

"Ooooh shit, really? I thought you weren't seeing anyone?" Emmett says, sounding disappointed. That's odd; I'd expected some lewd speculation about my evening.

"No, I'm not seeing anyone. I'm just helping out a friend," I explain, simply, hoping he'll leave it at that.

"Cool, that's perfect. Listen, Rosie may or may not have invited someone else to dinner," he says, and I sigh heavily at the prospect of another pointless setup. "A date. For you," he clarifies.

"Emmett, I've told you before-"

"Right, that you don't need my help with chicks. I get it. This is a really good friend of Rose's, though, and she just went through a shitty divorce, so she needs a night out. Just be cool and act like a gentleman, okay?" I sigh again, loudly, letting Emmett know that I'm annoyed. I can certainly be civil to Rosalie's friend for one evening.

"Fine, but make sure Rosalie understands that she isn't to do this again," I tell him, cutting into my dinner.

"Uhh, bro, I think you misunderstand who the boss is around here," he admits. I chuckle, wondering once again if Rosalie isn't a Domme in disguise. "OK, I'm gonna let you go, game starts in five. See you Saturday?" he asks.

"Saturday," I answer. Emmett ends the call, and I set my Blackberry down on the counter. As I eat dinner, I run through Edward's plan for our next session in my mind-it's definitely something different. It's never easy for me to let someone else take control in my playroom, but I thoroughly enjoy watching Edward and Bella as they grow more comfortable in their roles.

I take a mental inventory of my playroom, making sure I have everything we'll need-I know there's plenty of rope, and a few sets of nipple clamps for them to try. My cock stirs at the thought of seeing Bella experience that particular pleasure for the first time-and I laugh as I wonder how Edward will react when I tell him he has to try them first.

Oh, Dr. Feelgood... how I love you.