"I never do anything like this."

"I know."

"You do?"

"Yes, I know. You kept repeating that over and over last night."

You know, this is why I jumped on that yacht. I knew you were there, my heart knew that.

I don't know when I started to love you. It happened. And I have never felt this way before.

Before meeting you, I did not do anything like that: jumping on yatches, having sex in cars, dancing and singing in a bar...

You changed me, Kevin. Or maybe, you just woke up the wild part of me.

I was not looking for a Charming Prince, no.

I was looking for someone... like you. You know everything about me, you know how to make me smile, and even how to make me cry. You are some kind of... miracle, for me.

I was afraid of being alone. You don't understand this, because you are so... happy, and sunny. But I lost my mother when I was a child, my father was getting old and my sister lived in Italy with all her friends. I was not so happy, you know.

But then you came and... rescued me? No, you woke me up.

This is why I am walking towards you, on this beach, under this foggy sky.

You know what I need.

It's your love.